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Dear members,

Having learnt the use of parse, I tried making a document with module. The document works fine. But I could not not take the codes inside the ComboBoxes inside module UpdateExpr().

Also initialisation does not work since parse command is not allowed by maple here as can be seen by the output in MathContainer_fplusx below.

The document works fine after executing !!!.

Can any one help me avoid all the codes inside combobox except the UpdateExpr() code, please? Thanks.



Composition of Functions



Select f(x) and g(x)















Does maple has an in-built command for levy distribution? Thank you.

Is there any packages / function I can use to ...? I've checked the Physic [Diff] about diff on function with anticommutative variables.

As i know i can introduce a proc like: theta*diff(f,x)+diff(f,theta)  where f is a super-function to represent superderivation.

Question is I want treat super-derivative as one operator not a combination, because i wanna compare the order like comparing order of diff(f,x).

Any advice on dealing super function by maple is needed. My first time dealing with super function i havent got any clues..

Dear members,

I have made a simple document with 3 components ComboBox, TextArea and MathContainer.

A selection from ComboBox gets entered into TextArea, but not in MathContainer. I tried all codes with and without quotes, expression, value, "value" etc.

Any simple code I missed, please let me know.



``This is a comboBox to select an expression for entry into TextArea0 and MathContainer0





TextArea0            This is MathContainer0






Codes in ComboBox EditSelectCode

use DocumentTools in
end use;




Hi, I want to study the Maths in a online university, And I will use Maple for my study. Can I purchase the maple student version?

Which version can maple use GPU with SageMaker in amazon P3?

i want to increase the speed of maple

do I need to upload a maple setup file or maple has this?

A=(1  1)

     (1  0)
Determine the smallest natural number n such that the matrix A^n contains

an entry greater than 2019.


(I know the answer is A^17, but I don't know how to use maple in order to determine when an entry becomes greater than 2019.)

Suppose that (x1, x2, . . . , xn) is a sequence of real numbers. The mean μ and the standard deviation σ are defined as
μ= n(x1 +x2 +...+xn);

σ=√[(1/2)n[(x1 −μ) +(x2 −μ) +...+(xn −μ) ]]

1. Suppose that n = 20 and xk = k for all k. Write for loops to determine the mean and the standard deviation of the sequence.

2. Suppose that n = 30 and xk = k3 for all k. Write for loops to determine the mean and the standard deviation of the sequence.

I use the following plot in Maple 13. I would like to have the colorbar also along with the plots. Help me to write the commands to get the colorbar.

I have made a document with mathContainer, plot component and sliders, which works fine, but needs the startup code to be run manually, everytime to remove the plot error message, popping out in the first instance.

              unrecognized function "inequal" where PLOT DAG expected

I donot know the mistake I have made. 

Thanks for any suggestion. 










I have an array which coloumns represents coordinates of the different points. Points connected should display some kind of a line. Every row represents coordinates for different time step.

I am trying to plot the animation od that line movement during the time. Any suggestions on this animation? It is easy to plot points and lines for one of the rows in the array, but I cannot make it to automaticly animate it through time steps.

Now I have new question

Is it possible to combine more than 1 list array? Like the following example

given A:= [1,5,7]



Then I have



[7,23,1] and so on.

I have tried to use combinate. But I still have problem

Dear all,

Does anyone know how to do this case?

For example, given a sets A={20,15,10,30,46,78}. Then I put the upper bound = 50
I want to add the elements and stop adding before reaching or exceed the upperbound. So, what I want to achieve is

B={20,15,10} since 20+15+10 +30 = 75. Stop in 4th element.

Thank you



I have a series of plots saved in fig0 (fig0:=rtable(1..number_of_figures);).  I had them plotted using plot:-display(fig0) but I could not figure out how to remove the frame box that separates each figure nor how to control the space between them when using size.


An exaggerated example follows

Many thanks




Hi everybody:

I have created a matrix in Maple but the Maple show it like as follow picture, How can I see the members of this matrix? 


First 405 406 407 408 409 410 411 Last Page 407 of 2119