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With this feature, it requires the worksheet from which to import a result from executing it from the worksheet with the Run worksheet command to have section titles as Input  and Calculation respectively.


This is a really helpful feature, but what i need is to "fetch" the content from a number of worksheets in a folder from a specified particular section name, for a number of different section names.

As the title states, i would like to have collection of the "last stored output and input" datatable that is globally stored ie happens whenever an exception occurs in a maple worksheet i am working on.


For example, suppose the following execution causes a fatal exception and the interface tells me to save and exit the worksheet then reopen it:

ExchangeRATE(MaplePrimes-Reputation-Points, Stack-Exchange-Reputation-Points)




I would like the data [ExchangeRate, [MaplePrimes-Reputation-Points, Stack-Exchange-Reputation-Points]] to be automatically stored in a csv or excel spreadsheet or even a .txt file will be fine

Basically i need incorparate a bit of code that tells maple to "give up" once the amount of computation time has reached a certain amount, because when i started using maple i got into this habit of just waiting for the output no matter what, and it has taken me a bit of time to realize that sane people are not happy to leave a dozen worksheets evaluating executions overnight while they sleep, and also this of course is related to the habits formed that result in my code often being sluggish.

I am guessing that i would just enclose the code intended to be executed in a "while" loop of some sort and will probably work out how to do it on my own, but i think because of the importance of this particular "behavioral habit" in the development of people younger than me using maple, i should post a question about it.

I need to know how to change file and folder permissions from within maple, using the system commands to launch a cmd.exe window to run a batch file has proven very buggy and freezy in my first consideration of how to to do this, and because we can save files and create folders from the the clicking menu it can only mean it is indeed possible from the command line interface directly

Lamba is meant to be reserved for liouville function plotting some data i just realized it isn't that, so if the people that make the numtheory package please unprotec lamba in the future, or protec it but changed its proc assignment to the liouville function
function that would really sweet thanks

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