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Sorry I am just having difficulties understanding what this error means exactly, normally maple returns an error message stating the procedure that was being executed when the error was encountered, but in this situation it says (in unknown) which doesnt really make sense, i mean how can a procedure unknown to maple be being executed in the first place, or is this a procedure name itself?

I am getting this error for pretty much everything now, i am using maple 16, and there literally is no way i will be able to buy a newer version considering


latex(alpha, beta)

Error, (in latex) permission denied: no write access (C:\Users\the_r\Desktop\MAPLE_DOCS\NUMBER_THEORY\IDENTITY_INVESTIGATION_ARCHIVE_SYSTEM\beta)





Hi i wanted to see how this function is generated so i entered:

numtheory:-ithrational := proc(i::nonnegint)
   1   if i = 0 then
   2     return 0
       end if;
   3   return numtheory:-ithratB(i-1)/numtheory:-ithratB(i)
end proc

showstat(ithratb)  returns the error that this function is not in the number theory package, which is the complete opposite of what is implied by the above.

I have noticed that sometimes maple decides to spontaeous stop writing particular symbols in itallic or begin doing so for numerical symbols.


How can i stop this before I hurt my computer? I've just put up with it for around 2 years now and it's getting pretty close to danger zone material.


And sometimes the font colour changes from black to red, and its not in a block, and no i am not pressing anything or anything. It's like someone is intentionally trying to make things hard for me to not get angry in a really subtle way which i can totally appreciate the art of but like, ok it's obviously a bug in the software so if someone can run me through where to download a patch or whatever so this doesnt escalate to the point of concern about skynet initiating mutually assured destruction id really appreciate it.

like just now a particular bullet point i mada was in red where as all the others remain black as per the settings, so yeah laugh all you want it's just a slight uncomfortable feeling if i were to low ball it

Now, I'm not the professional here, you guys are, since this is how the software has been built to produce this code automatically as i can only assume to be educational purposes for the user, concerning the analytic extension of the factorial on C, the gamma function. 

I feel that doing this is in no way helping or promoting your product, clearly despite the idea indeed having merit, it is not applicable to the extent it has been written into your convert function, and look, show me the mathematics of why it makes sense to have things designed this way. 


I am not saying i know anything important or am trying to be insulting, I just feel like this is some kind of joke to be honest, i mean how can for the most part the software be an exceptional in terms of computational power, and then this garbage is thrown at me? yeah just silly.



product(n/k^2-1/(k*n), k = 1 .. n-3)



seq(product(n/k^2-1/(k*n), k = 1 .. n-3), n = 3 .. 10)

1, 15/4, 138/25, 6545/1296, 16215/4802, 2342949/1310720, 7512505/9565938, 29537761/100000000


seq(convert(-(-1)^(n-2)*GAMMA(-n^2+n-2)*(1/n)^(n-2)*n/(GAMMA(n-2)^2*GAMMA(-n^2+1)), 'factorial'), n = 3 .. 10)

Error, (in GAMMA) numeric exception: division by zero


Um there is no gamma it was converted to a factorial.....? but ok....

convert(-(-1)^(n-2)*GAMMA(-n^2+n-2)*(1/n)^(n-2)*n/(GAMMA(n-2)^2*GAMMA(-n^2+1)), 'factorial')



seq(-(-1)^(n-2)*factorial(-n^2+n-3)*(1/n)^(n-2)*n/(factorial(n-3)^2*factorial(n^2)), n = 100 .. 100)

Error, numeric exception: division by zero





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