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Ok i have used a diverse range of programming IDE now, but i am of course alot more comfortable the maple interface simply because of the amount of time i have spent on it, also it was my first "real" introduction to programming, but i was keen to trial and review of all the major CAS out on the market, but for a common purposed package within them they provide, for example the number theory package.


So the question is quite broad, im looking for suggestions for the most unbias way to go about this.

it would need to be a coauthored review with a representative writer for the seasoned user for each one right?

USB and or RS232 porting from inside maple console. Title explains what i need, or how to port an externally built java app into the maple console, either which will engine my dispatch tonight

i think i might have asked this before for another thing if so im sorry but anyway i think its @ or something, i would like to plot the final output here indexed against th

NrANGE := (rand(0 .. 20))()

Š := {}

Y := proc (X) local N, S1, Š; if X <> `union`(X, S1[N]) then N := (rand(1 .. NrANGE))(); S1[N] := {K[1](N+1), K[1](N)}; Š := `union`(X, S1[N]) else  end if end proc


NrANGE := (rand(0 .. 20))(); nops(Y(Y(Y(Y({}))))); nops(Y(Y(Y({})))); nops(Y(Y({}))); nops(Y({}))




e number of iterations of Y conducted besides the original performed on the empty set

Still a little unclear what this error means tho

-f(X)/(X*(ln(X)-Psi(1-f(X))-Psi(f(X)))*GAMMA(1-m))+X*(ln(X)-Psi(1-f(X))-Psi(f(X)))/(f(X)*GAMMA(1-m)) = 0



yep the errors recieved using some packages are very very specific for maple, for example, the one i got today using the ODE package was profoundly helpful:


Error, (in ODEtools/info) unable to handle derivatives as {diff(1/(ln(X)-Psi(1-f(X))-Psi(f(X))), [`$`(X, n-k[1]-k[2])]), diff(1/f(X), [`$`(X, n-k[1]-k[2])]), diff(Psi(1-f(X)), [`$`(X, k[2])]), diff(Psi(f(X)), [`$`(X, k[2])]), diff(f(X), [`$`(X, k[1])])} while solving w.r.t f(X)

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