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what do i call a homogenous  differential equation that is the linear sum of "N" differential of unique classification? ie, the implicit construction of a third homogenous differential by the summation of two known, is it the span of the solution sets of the first two or union? i prefer span because well that leaves the door open for multivariate differential basis definitions, non commutative groups like sets of square matrices and all of the other extra arousing subject content.

any assistence here will be much appreciated the website gave me a zip containing the template tex and other files, but for what ever reason its not working when i copy in output using the maple to latex conversion feature from inside the interface. literally im sick of having to work outside of the maple interface but yes believe it or not this is the one thing i use to procrastinate writting a formal publication yep i really need the first one of those to get this done and dusted.

sorry what is what dispatch and implementing what? i get these every week for a number of cases sometimes it specifies that it is an "unhandled psi case" still waiting on that built in proc u guys where gonna dispatch like u know the reasons ppl always have a whinge about evalf not working in some cases  anyway a few people have run into these error id say.

yes its just one inbuilt function i really need to study in particular, if someone can help me to do this pls.

im a huge fan of using the is boolean function maple has in my studies, and in as much as the CAS is a million times smarter than me, i just wanted to show an example of a situation where i am reluctant to use this feature. (see the uploaded worksheet)


perhaps someone with more  programming ability/experience than me can explain how it works, as so i can have a means of knowing whether or not it is appropriate to use in each

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