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when a term in the evaluation of some calculus functions particularly, i sometimes arrive at output in the general form as follows:


Algebraic expression + undefined


i am just wondering if there is a function i can call that will return the specific details as to what error the term "undefined" placeholder has stored im assuming such information is held, ie is it undefined as a consequence of the limits either side not being equal to one another or is it a 0/0 evaluation.

i was wondering anyone had any advice for interpreting conformal plots vs standard plots in the context of symmetry exhibited in the conformal plot like the one attached.

Sorry when referencing something written in  explianatory notes in the function advisor / help pages, who do i quote as being  the author?

suppose one has a solution to a system of equations that returns results as RootOf(X) expressions. I would like to know if there is a procedure for extracting the "X" from the RootOf for the purpose of further algebraic analysis.

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