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I am a bit missing orientation, but that may come, hopefully.

Where can I find my own blog posts? And in the old board it was easy to track my postings or threads ... And in some cases the blog was used as reference by others ... Is it gone?

Then: I do not want to automatically subscribe to each thread where I write a comment - is there a personal setting to switch that off again?

Writing these comment a capital letter T has a size of 2 mm in height,...

I had some problems using CodeGeneration and Compiler on a particular code.

Partially there are some bugs - and things, which need proper handling (not so obvious in advance, at least for me).
Details with comments are in the attached worksheet (or its pdf version)

Download 102_Some problems using CodeGeneration and Compiler.mws

To judge results of functions coded in double precision against precise results (as they may be given by Maple) one has to respect decimal presentations on one side and IEEE on the other side.

For that one can use routines developed by Florent de Dinechin, which are worth to be better known.

Here is a Maple sheet showing how one can do it (looking at the complex valued power function using evalhf versus using MS VC2005 as an example).

Using Maple 12 I have the following behaviour, which I find odd:

1. 'evalb' is correct, 'is' turns out to be false (by example):

  eq:=1/2*I*(-z+ln(exp(z)))/Pi = -1/2*I*(z+ln(exp(-z)))/Pi;


How do I get a description for all the  _Env... , their usage and impacts setting them?

I am lost with the help pages (in classic mode) and do not even find that in the guides
for programming (neither 'Intro' nor 'Advanced')?

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