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  restart; interface(version);
  Classic Worksheet Interface, Maple 12.02, Windows, Dec 10 2008 Build ID 377066

                             Digits := 14

  %=convert(%, Sum); # compare the FunctionAdvisor as well ...

Scrolling through the search results on tags - like "bug" or "mapleprimes" gives an error "file not found", if trying to go beyond page 1

The old subsciptions are trashed, unfortunately.

But how about new ones? It seems I only can subscribe to my own replies, but not to a thread I want to follow or look at it later (for example when this board allows to save threads locally in a convenient way).

Do I miss the solution or is it true?

It seems that links to files in the old forum do not work,

for example

This is the link as seen in


Or otherway asked: where do I find my files (as former user no. 102)?

I can save it as one html, but would miss graphics etc (but do not want to save the full web page).

That's why I usually print as pdf (using pdfcreator) or as postscript (properly installed ps-printer, filing outputs) to a file.

That needs some space on the disk, but so what ...

However for the new board only the first page is 'printed' into that  documents.

Is there a way to get them completely?

One inconvenient work around is: opening the page in Winword ...

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