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Hi there,

Guess the title is already the full question. I want to write mathematical expressions in 2D math within a text segment of my Maple 15 document, but it should not be recognised as an execution group. How can I do this?


Hi there!

I like to work with output labels, since it allows me to execute a lot of code without having to make sure the respective previous calculations already ran each time I open the file.

Say my output is a list, and has label (1.3), then I can address the 2nd element of that list by (1.3)[2].

Sometimes output is organised in cases, for example when solving for the root of an equation. How can I address a specific case of that output using the output’s label?

If the case specifier is simple enough I can do that with "assuming". But when it is more complicated it is quite cumbersome to do so.

Thanks for help!

Hi there!

In order to keep the code more readable, and to spare myself some brackets, I am trying to use the function composition to write




but it doesn't work. How would I do it the right way? (I am coding in 2D math)


Thanks for help!

Hi there!

I wrote a piece of code which spits out the numerical datapoints (x,y(x)) corresponding to a function y(x). So that the result is accurate, I need quite a lot of data points - currently I am working with 5k.

In order to work with this function later, I interpolated it with a Spline. For instance, I would like to sample the function values on a fifferent grid, etc.. However the evaluation of this function really takes up hell of a lot of time, and the reason seems to be, that it, being a spline on 5k nodes, is simply a huge expression.

Is there a better way to do this? Are other fitting functions than a spline maybe better suited?

Thanks for help!



Say, I got an expression that depends on two variables, x and y. How can I tell Maple, that y is actually just a (real) constant, so y does not depend on x?

Because when I apply a differentiation with the "D" - command, it would always also write out expressions, where y is differentiated w.r.t. x.


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