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Hi there, I don't find the right command that let's me plot parametrized curves in 3D. So lets say i wanna plot a srew fether, that is parametrized as follows: g: [0,10π] -> R³ : t -> g(t) = [cos(t),sin(t),] How do i do this? -.^
Hi there, I calculated an Integral today, and earned a term with B(2/3,5/3) in the result: > f(x):=(1-x^(3/(2)))^(2/(3)); > 2*Pi*(int(f(x), x = 0 .. 1)); what does it mean??
Title allready says it all. I want to create a 2D plot in the xy-plane of e.g. x^(3/2) + y^(3/2) = 1 How do I do that? -.^
hey there! I was woundering.. What is the command for an ordinary plot, to lable the points on the x-Axes at points, like π, 2π, 3π and so forth. It would be very usefull for plots of trigonometric functions. I didn't find the option in the Help page. What i found, is the option by right clicking on the plot - but it is greyed out most time, and i would like to know the command anyway, so it would allways plot right, when i re-execute the Maple document. cheers!
Hi there, I have some .txt files with a large ammount of measuring Data, which i would want to draw in a XY-Graph. It is structured as follows: 1 15.0000 1.120000E+02 2 15.0003 1.460000E+02 3 15.0006 1.140000E+02 4 15.0008 1.340000E+02 5 15.0011 6.600000E+01 6 15.0014 1.100000E+02 7 15.0017 1.370000E+02 8 15.0019 6.000000E+01 9 15.0022 9.200000E+01 10 15.0025 5.200000E+01 and so on, till:
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