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Hi there! I am discovering the Physics:-Vectors Package a bit, and as an example i wanted to calculae the Tensor of moments of inertia I, for a continuous mass disribution. Maple Help contains an Example-Worksheet on the Physics:-Vectors Package, that also contains calculating some Inertia-Tensor I, but for a discrete mass distribution. The formular there is entered as follows: > restart; with(Physics, KroneckerDelta): with(Physics:-Vectors): Setup(mathematicalnotation = true);
Hello :) I would like to print my Maple Documents or Worksheets, or export them as a PDF. For sure i allready found the functions for that in the Drop Down Menue on top, but: The prints, as well as the PDFs convert the Font, and lots of things get converted somehow. For example a "Minus" Sign in an "l". I uploaded an example Screenshot here: First row is Screenshot of the expression in Maple 2nd row is what a convertion into PDF of this expression looks like.
Hi there :) I often need to plot datapoints, and then fit a curve in then. So far i did this with the [i]ScatterPlot[/i] command, and moddeled the function to the data with the Fit or Nonlinearfit command. In most cases this worked really great, but i would need some extras: ;) As far as i have noticed the Fit is only based on the datappoints. The Fitfunction doesn't seem to take care of x- or y-errors, drawed in with the data. So: Is there a way to take care of the x- and y-errors in the Fitting process? If yes, how?
Hi there :) As i am new here first a short Hello: Hello, my Name is Gernot, and i am Physics Student of the 6th Semester. I am a beginner in Maple, and am prety new to Calculating on the Computer in General. At the moment i need Maple primary for calculations and analyzing Measuring Data from the Exoeriments in my Physics practica. And I have some Questions on that, and hope you can Help me a bit :) As i don't want to do a Monster Posting here, i will make more Topics on ym Questions, although they all stick together ;). So my first question is: I am Having a Vector
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