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Hi there,

I am plotting flow diagrams of a 2-dimensional system of autonomous 1st order ODEs x'=f(x). I have some free parameters in there, and am analyzing how the flow changes qualitatively when varying these.

To visualise my results I want to do some animations. The Explore command doesn't seem to like the DEplot command, or I am doing something wrong. So I use the animate command, which works fine, although I can only vary a single parameter with it.

Hi there,

Often an expression has more than one output, for example, when simply more solutions exist: sol1, sol2, ...

Then I would get the second solution by %[2]. So far so good.

Anyway sometimes the output is splited in cases, with the { notation. How do I read out a specific case of such a solution?

thx :)

He guys!

I had Maple 11 installed on my Mac, and yesterday upgraded to Maple 15, which was installed in a separate folder. My question is if I now can uninstall Maple 11 from my computer, or will Maple 15 need the files, since it was an upgrade, and no full version?

If I can uninstall it: How do I do it properly? I'm on a Mac with OS X 10.6. Maple 11 is installed in a separate folder in the applications folder. There is no uninstall file however. Is just dragging...

Hi there, 

I want to know how I can animate a plot with more than one parameter? I can manage animating a plot with one parameter, using the 'animate' command, but this seems to be limited to a single parameter.

How could I do it? If it is not possivle in Maple 11, would such an option be implemented in Maple 15?

Also: If I would want to animate other things than plots, are there commands for that in Maple 11 / 15?

Thx :)

Hi there,

I was woundering if there is a function implemented in Maple11, where I can enter a function and it's domain, and the output is the range. For example:

Entering f(x)=x^2, and the Domain x in (-1,2), I would want Maple to tell me that f(x) is in [0,4).

Is there such a function implemented? I need this quite often, most times on functions from R->R, but also more general for functions from R^n -> R^m. I know that in some cases you could...

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