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These are questions asked by C_R

I have seen that this is possible (for example in the example:  2-D Flexible Spin-up Beam).

When I copy an image to the Windows10 clipboard it does paste to other applications but not to MapleSim. Instead, I get an audio notification from the system that is played on other instances when an action cannot be performed.

Within MapleSim copy and paste works (also between models). However, copying an image from a Maplesim Model to another Windows App does not work.

Can someone confirm that pasting images works in recent verions?

(Clearing the Clipboard removes images copied with MapleSim.

Observed on 2 Windows 10 installations with the version 2022 and 2021.)

I have not found anything in the corresponding help page and mouse over does not work.


In a video (watch from 7 min onwards) I have seen the definition of solution types in custom components. Is this possible in newer versions of MapleSim using the custom component app? If yes, how?

When defining 2 frames as shown here

only one additional port is shown in the workspace. Mouse over indictes an array of 2 ports.

I could not find any examples or explanations how to connect to an array of frames.

Can someone connect two ridig body frames to it?


I am searching for high level commands or techniques to show equality of expressions containing square roots that can be complex as here

In an ideal world is() with the right assumptions should show equality. However, in the attached example, I failed already with my manual skills.

What did I miss here?


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