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Hi, there were already some topics about labeling plots but I have still a question:

I would like to label my axis with e.g.: rho [kg/m^3]. roh should be displayed symbolic (2D output) as well as m^3. On the other hand I would like to avoid that Maple builds a (2D) fraction with kg/m^2. Does anybody know how to do this?

The other thing: Is it possible to add an legend to a 3D plot?


I have calculated data in form of a matrix. The corresponding x- and y-values are given in two lists (see attached file).

Now I would like to export the data to a textfile to use it in another program. The problem is, that I need the following format (name_listA[i]_listB[j]= is a text string where the corresponding x- and y-values are integrated)(values[i,j] is the number out of the matrix):

name_listA[1]_listB[1]= values [1,1]

name_listA[1]_listB[2]= values [1,2]


Is it possible to import the content of textfiles(*.txt) directly into Maple11?

Most analytical and simulations tools I use provide textfiles as output. To import them into Maple11 I have to import them into an Excel file first and from there finally into Maple. That is not very effective...

Does anybody know how to solve the attached quation analytically for rho? The solve command fails.

(Solving numerically and plotting with implicitplot3d works well.)

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For certain points I have determined values: z depending on x and y. I look for a method to get extrapolated values for any x-y combination in this area.

To fit a 3D curve is not feasible because the fitted curve would not deliver the exact z values for a given data set (=essential condition). For a 2D data set I would do something like a linear regression between two data points but I have no approach to do something similar with data points depending on two variables. I hope somebody can help me to solve this problem. Thanks!


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