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My 5 year old laptop executes some commands very slowly e.g. plottools(rotate) around a line which is not a Cartesian axis. I intend to buy a new desktop. Which off-the-shelf desktops provide the fastest processing of Maple commands which do not include large data sets? Which provide the best price/performance?

What Maple15 commands will display a Rouleaux tetrahedron or a Meissner tetrahedron?

In Maple15, in spherical coordinates, what statements plot covariant vector [1,r^2*sin(theta),sin^2(theta)] and its contravariant equivalent [1,sin(theta),1/r^2] within their respective bases vectors. Assume r = 2, theta = pi/6 and phi = pi/4. I presume each plot will display the same space vector.

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