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@dharr Sorry for the delay in replying, somehow your email to me went to spam. 

@acer My table is a table data structure. Save and read work perfectly and seem to be the simplest way to share the table between worksheets.

@Joe Riel I fixed the unmarked comment and also applied Acer's fix to geom3d[point] and my worksheet executes properly.

@acer After applying your fixes my worksheet executes properly.

I'm glad you are available to help.

@mmcdara I'm out of town for a few days and then I will chase down the references you have mentioned and let you know what I find. 

Here is a worksheet showing an inellipsoid lying obliquely in a tetrahedron. It requires a link to the DirectSearch package.


I also have worksheets showing inellipsoids lying vertically and horizontally in a tetrahedron.

@vv Maple's own solve command produces a correct inellipse within about one second.

@vv Thank you, vv. Does this mean that an inellipse exists for any two points of tangency, each on a different side, in any shape of triangle?

@Pepini You might be interested in this.


@Kitonum Thank you for advancing my understanding.

@acer Thanks for this info, I didn't realize the effect abs would have on the plotted expression.

Does Maple Learn have a 3D capability?

@Carl Love Just before I uploaded my worksheet I made a last second change that omitted a colon. This is fixed in the worksheet below. Interestingly this error only caused a "Cannot parse..." error message on my machine under Maple 2020.

I just executed this worksheet and it consumed just under one gigabyte and 230 seconds. I hope it now works for you.

I'm afraid I could not understand how to apply the color technique you kindly explained to individual cells, so I tried one I was familiar with.


@Carl Love Here is an effort at displaying stereographic projections of a grid on a sphere onto the plane on which the sphere rests, colored in three ways: a gradient of color, colored bands, and individual colored cells.

The worksheet defines two new coordinate systems, as you have suggested.

One of them is used to "reverse" project a grid on the plane onto the sphere.

The other projects the uncolored grid from the sphere to the plane.

However I could not find a way of projecting a colored grid from the sphere to the plane, so the colors are then applied directly to the plane grid.



@acer Thanks for this very useful information

@Carl Love You have provided a more universally applicable answer than I expected and it will take me some time and effort to digest.

I am grateful to you for the time and effort which you have put into this.

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