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These are questions asked by Earl

As an example, the second display in the web site below shows the 42 possible triangulations of a cyclic heptagon polygon.


Is there any simple way that the colored shape created in the xy plane by the uploaded code can be projected in the z direction onto the surface of the unit sphere centred at the origin?


I would like to know which of the more than 100 worksheets I have in a Windows 11 folder execute the events operation within dsolve numeric.

Is there a way to identify which of this large number of Maple worksheets contain a given phrase e.g. "events"?

Please answer the commented questions in the uploaded worksheet.


The wikipedia website below contains a general description of Doyle spirals but not the full mathematics of their construction.  


The website below apparently contains the html coding for an animated display of Doyle spirals, but I am not familiar with this coding language.


Can anyone direct me to 1) the complete mathematics describing the construction of a Doyle spiral and/or

                                        2) a Maple worksheet which codes for the display of a Doyle spiral?

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