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These are questions asked by Earl

Please answer the commented questions in the uploaded worksheet.


The wikipedia website below contains a general description of Doyle spirals but not the full mathematics of their construction.  


The website below apparently contains the html coding for an animated display of Doyle spirals, but I am not familiar with this coding language.


Can anyone direct me to 1) the complete mathematics describing the construction of a Doyle spiral and/or

                                        2) a Maple worksheet which codes for the display of a Doyle spiral?

In the website https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geodesic there is an animation of an insect tracing a path on a torus while walking "forward". The caption to the animation says that the path is then by definition a geodesic.

I would like to duplicate this animation in Maple (and other "walking forward" geodesics on other surfaces) which seems to require an exact definition of walking forward but I cannot find such a definition on this or any other website.

Also, I thought that a geodesic is the shortest distance between two points in space, but no such end points are shown in the website's animation. Then how can the word geodesic apply to the insect's path?

The worksheet below displays a sphere with a surface patch defined by the arcs of three intersecting circles on the sphere's surface.

How can the patch be colored differently from the non-patch sphere's surface?


Why does an attempt to solve the ODEs in the uploaded worksheet fail and how can this error be removed so they can be solved?


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