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These are questions asked by Earl

This worksheet creates geodesics in the Poincare disk by transformation of a series of circles of diminishing radii in the complex plane.

The intersections of the geodesics are meant to create the first few pentagonal uniform tilings in the Poincare disk.

I do not know the mathematically correct way to create such a display, so the radii of the circles are only a trial and error approximation.

What Maple code will provide the radii of the complex circles which produce an accurate uniform pentagonal tiling?

Is there a better overall strategy for producing uniform tilings of the Poincare disk? 


This worksheet attempts to implement figures in Section 3 of the book "Indra's pearls" by Mumford, Series and Wright using the  command complexplot.

The worksheet seems to display Figure 3.1 on page 63 accurately but fails to correctly display Figure 3.4 on page 67.

Can complexplot be coded to accurately display this figure?


The worksheet below contains an example of the tiling of the hyperbolic plane.

I would like to produce this and other hyperbolic plane tilings from Maple worksheets, but I don't know the math technique for doing so.

Please direct me to a source of the requisite knowledge or an example worksheet which I can study and imitate.


I create a table of 3D points in one worksheet and would like to use these values at a later time in a separate worksheet.

What is the simplest way to do this?

This worksheet produces a very strange error.

I have examined every assignment and cannot find one which relates to the error message.

Can anyone help here?


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