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These are questions asked by Earl

This worksheet displays an intersection between two spheres based on a test which seems unrelated to the display.

How can this be explained?


This worksheet animates part of the motion of the classic ladder sliding down a wall.

Please answer the two questions posed in the opening text.

Respondents will need to establish their own link to the DirectSearch package


The uploaded worksheet attempts to determine arc lengths of an ellipse by two methods. Why do their results differ?


For example for an ellipsoid with principal axes 3, 2 and 1 along the x, y and z coordinate axes respectively, with center at the origin and truncated at x equals 1.

What math will reveal its center of mass and its moment of inertia for an axis of revolution through the center of mass and parallel to the y axis?

This worksheet has an error when executing EulerLagrange.

How can this error be avoided?


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