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These are questions asked by Earl

In this worksheet, how do the several successful plot commands evaluate the complex expression being plotted, and why do the unsuccessful plot commands fail to do so?


The changecoords command in the procedure below executes the plots:-changecoords command despite the preceding unwith(plots) command.

How can I execute the non-plot version of the changecoords command in the procedure. It would be very inconvenient of all the various commented plot commands had to be preceded by plots:-

restart; with(plots):   # first command in the worksheet

  # many statements executing various plot commands

P := proc()


changecoords([x, y, z], [x, y, z], spherical):


end proc:

Error, (in plots/changecoords) changecoords does not accept plot options or other additional arguments

  # many more statements executing various plot commands


 # last command in the worksheet

This worksheet animates stereographic projection of a grid on a sphere onto the plane the sphere sits on.

Is there a way to display matching colors in corresponding cells in the two grids?




EssayTools command SpellCorrectWord("trnu") will return "run" and not return "turn".

Is there a way for Maple to only find anagrams with the same length as the given string?

Can Maple do this referencing an external dictionary located on the internet e.g. a complete Websters?

The uploaded worksheet describes a chain driven at constant speed by gears.

What math will describe its shape?


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