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These are questions asked by Earl

This worksheet contains images scanned from a book of problems.


For example, can a worksheet display a radius vector rotating through equally spaced points on a circle at a constantly reducing angular velocity?

This website suggests that the viewer write equations containing differentials and use them to plot topographical lines.


I am basically familiar with equations containing derivatives, but not with equations containing differentials.

How can one employ these to draw the lines shown in the website's various plots of surfaces?

The uploaded worksheet contains the general definition of a pedal curve related to the curve [f(t),g(t)], and includes several example pedal curves.

Is there a comparable general definition of a pedal surface? If so, in your answer please include the Maple code for one or two simple examples e.g. relating to a sphere, to an ellipsoid.

To everyone in the Maple Forum community, Happy Holidays and a fulfilling New Year!


Please see the question posed in the opening text of the uploaded worksheet.


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