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These are questions asked by Earl

Why does an attempt to solve the ODEs in the uploaded worksheet fail and how can this error be removed so they can be solved?


The computer on which I have been executing Maple worksheets for the past six years (CPU: i7 - 5820K, 6 core, 3.3 GHz, 5th generation) is now significantly slower than new machines.

I don't know how to interpret public specifications of potential replacement machines into their actual future performance with Maple.

Please give me or direct me to any advice which would enable me to knowledgeably purchase a much faster processor of Maple code.


I want to create and modify the same worksheet at different times on two different computers in two different locations.

To avoid transferring files between the two machines, it seems most convenient to reference all objects within Maple cloud.

I am a beginner at this and have several questions:

1) I have downloaded the DirectSearch package as directed in help text but the only result from issuing the command kernelopts(toolboxdir) is " ".

How can I establish a path which enables my worksheet to execute commands within this package?

2) How can my worksheet invoke procedures within my .mla file referencing only objects in Maple cloud?

 How can I update (save and delete procedures) within my .mla file? 

Two of the three Watt's curves plotted in this worksheet display with gaps.

Why is this and how can these curves be displayed without gaps?


The uploaded worksheet is a failed attempt at this proof.

Please either refer me to or show me a valid proof.

  *** I have tried to upload my worksheet using the green arrow but the insert link operation of the upload failed ***



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