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Hi maplers

I was wondering if it is possible to change default document template and startup code?


Hi maplers

I am using maple 14 on windows 7 and every time maple have to evaluate anything a progressbar pops up. It frezes at about 60%. I have read other post that suggest to turn off my firewall, but without any luck.

Then i tried to manually upgrade to the newest verion(14.01). I then get a "Invalid Purchase Code" msg. with the argument: "system clock has been set back". i then re-activate and maple pulls the same stunt after a restart(it askes for a restart after activasion).


Hi all,

I was just wondering about a smart way to diff a vectorfunction.  Lets say i want to diff this vector:

v:=<5*t+1, (1/2*(-10))*t^2+50>

When i try to diff v it says:

"Error, non-algebraic expressions cannot be differentiated"

I know it's possible do do by:


But is there a better way?

/Simon Johansen

Hi all

I was just wondering if it was possible to add extra expressions to the expression palette?


Hi all,

since i found a way to replace a function like sin i was wondering about it's behavior. I replaced it with:

sin := proc(x):-sin(x*Pi/180);end proc:

The main problem is when i use the proc it execute like a normal proc, and not like the actual sin function. here is some exsamples:

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