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These are questions asked by anthonyfl

I have been having difficulty with plotting these graphs from Cartesian to Polar. I know that with double integrals there is an inclusion of r when you go from Cartesian to Polar. I think my graph of the function being integrated is correct. I am having difficulty with the command for the shaded region. I know with Cartesian, I can use inequal command to get the right shaded area. Will this command work with polar coordinates? 

I attached the Maple worksheet.

Thank you all for help in advance!

I have been stuggling with this for a few hours. I have my function 4x^2+9y^2. I have my point (2,1,25). I found my gradient to be 16i+18j. I want to plot the level curve that contains the point (2,1,25) and the gradient together. 

I know how to graph multiple level curves but not one.

Thank you in advanced!

I am so sorry for all of the questions. I am getting extremely frustrated with Maple. 

I want to plot a 3D rendering of 4x^2+9y^2 but I want the full paraboloid to show. However, all I keep getting is cut off versions.


I want the legend to be produced to look like the third to last example. 

However, mine keeps coming out like this.

I have a position vector in 3D space of  <t,0,(2/3)t^(3/2)>,0<=t<=8. I found the unit tangent vector to be <1/((1+t)^(1/2)),0,(t^1/2)/((1+t)^(1/2))>. I am not sure how to graph the unit tangent vector and the position vector together. I attached the file I am working in.

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