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I have a function f(x) = x/2 on Cartesian coordinates. I want to rotate the y-axis clockwise and x-axis anticlockwise by the

same (arbitrary, acute) angle (something like the 2nd figure of,

yet I also want to retain the Cartesian grid and the function f(x) at the background. 

Could someone tell me how to do so? Thanks!

Attached file is the maple code I have been working on and I am currently struggling to do the last bit ( which is a generalisation of the previous part). Please tell me what's wrong with my code. Thanks!

I was asked to write a procedure according to the description as follow:

where means the Euler's function.

Could someone help me? I struggle from the very beginning since

1.I don't know what code is responsible for "counting" element in maple

2.I don't know how to restrict my domain to Z


Hi there,

I was given the following tasks (Only the last part of Ex 3,but Ex 2 is relevant,further explanation in my maple code:)


EDIT:Just in case if anyone is completely baffled by the lack of context,here is the original version of Lab 1.

Hi there,

I was using maple 2016 and would like to plot the following:

However,when I run the code,only the axis are shown.How should I fix it?


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