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That's exactly what I wanted..

Thank you very much!!

Just letting you know that I decided to format and Maple works fine with the new installation, so please consider the thread closed..
Btw sorry for not being able to make the hyperlinks clickable, not sure how to do it..

I think I wasn't very clear when I said " in respect to some of the terms of the sublists."

I meant I want to be able to sort the list with respect to the nth term of the sublists.

Thanks a lot! That's exactly what I wanted..

Thanks again!! You have helped me a lot today! :)
Well actually I do need some help here. I saved a file with my procedures and I named it "procedures.m". Now, when I open a new worksheet in the same folder and type read "procedures.m"; I get this error: Error, could not open `procedures.m` for reading Any ideas?! Thanks a lot in advance..
Please ignore my thread; it's all ther in the page "Reading and Saving Procedures and Modules from Files" of the Maple help. Thanks
Oh, of course... I'm stupid! Thanks again!
Thanks a lot, that worked! But what's with e;! :-/ Just from curiosity..
I don't know why my previous post appears so messy.. No new lines appear.. I will try to write that again more clearly, sorry for the double posting: Hello everybody, I am a bit stuck here because I have the problem above, any help would be really appreciated.. E1:={{0,2},{0,7},{0,a},{0,b},{1,3},{1,8},{1,9},{1,a},{1,e},{2,3},{2,a},{2,d},{2,e},{3,4},{3,6},{4,8},{5,7},{5,a}, {5,e},{6,c},{6,e},{7,8},{7,a},{7,e},{8,b},{9,a},{a,c},{c,d},{c,e},{e,f}}: for e in E1 do e; end do; {0, 2} {0, 7} {0, a} {0, b} {1, 3} {1, 8} {1, 9} {1, a} Error, too many levels of recursion Then if I try to run the same loop or any other loop in the form "for e in E1", then not even a few iterations happen; the same error message appears immediately.. Any ideas? I am sure the pc is not running out of memory! Thanks in advance..
Thanks a lot!!
Just tried this example: 1+sqrt(-5) is an integer in Z(sqrt(-5)). Consider the ideal <1+sqrt(-5)>. I know that <1+sqrt(-5)> = <2 , 1+sqrt(-5)><3 , 1-sqrt(-5) > is the prime factorization of <1 + sqrt(-5)> I wonder how one could see that using maple.. If I put >factorEQ(1+sqrt(-5),-5); I will get the message Error, (in numtheory:-factorEQ) wrong type of arguments
That's exactly what I wanted. Thanks a lot!
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