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Dear all,

I was wondering if there is any simple way in maple which could do the following:

given a polynomial (over the reals), return a list or set with all its (maybe monic) factors.

That's not exacly what the 'factor' command does.


As an example, given the polynomial (x+1)*(x+2)^2, I would like to get something like:

{1, x+1, x+2, (x+2)^2, (x+1)*(x+2), (x+1)*(x+2)^2}


Do you know if this is possible in a somewhat straightforward way?


Many thanks in advance for your time..

First of all, let me apologize if this is not the correct place to post this, I couldn't find any place for technical help requests.. So I just installed Maple 13. I used to have version 12 already installed. From the moment I installed 13, I had problems running both versions. I guess I shouldn't install them both together. So I deleted the installation folders (/opt/maple12 and /opt/maple13) as well as any configuration files (~/.maple). I couldn't find anything else containing the word

Dear all,

I am using version 12. I would like to sort a list of lists of  integers in respect to some of the terms of the sublists.

For example, the list

[  [3,5], [2,10], [9,1], [4,2], [7,3]  ]

would be sorted as:

[  [9,1], [4,2], [7,3], [3,5], [2,10]  ]

in respect to the second variable.

Actually, I found that the sort command with  the 'lexorder'[n] option would exactly this, except that it

seems that it doesn't work with numbers, but only with letters.

Any ideas?


Dear all,

I am using the linux version of Maple 12. I am currently working on something that needs a lot of observation by eye, and it would be extremely helpful if I could color some of the output in a different color (red for example). To be more precise, my output is series of numbers, so I would like if some of them satisfy a certain condition, they should be colored red.


Is something like that possible with maple? When it comes to color, the help pages only talk about plots, which is not what I need now.


Thanks a lot in advance.

Hello everybody, I was wondering, is there a way to call procedures from a different worksheet? I am writing a big procedure which calls many smaller ones and that would be really clearer if I keep them in a different worksheet.. Thanks a lot in advance..
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