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"Frame your math" does not work on a new iPhone XS; however, surprisingly, it work just fine on an old iPad (4th gen).

I am logged in. The app has access to the camera. The companion app does allow manual entry of equation to upload to the Maple cloud.

I expect it's something simple--like some sort of permissions setting, but I cannot find it . . .


BTW: The error is "The request timed out. Check your Internet connection."

In a plot command, how do I indicate not to show the legend ?

(I know about unchecking "show legend" with a right click, and I have searched mapleprimes.)


Thanks, all !

Is it possible to have Maple display square brackets, instead of a subscript ? (Seperately, I would still like to use subscripts. So, I don't want everything in square-bracket notation.)





Evaluates to:



But I have not found how to do it.

I'd like to tell a new worksheet to use assignments created in another document. This is to save time retyping equations.

And, is this something that others like to do ?



Cheers !

Just wonder if there is a way to have maplesoft.com not think I'm in Germany. On my computer, iPad, and iPhone the website reverts to German language. My locale is west coast US. And I often search the website to learn more about using Maple. 

It's not a big issue, but if there is a way to have it remember English, I'd like to know.


Cheers, all !

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