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  • The Maple 10 Help on Embedded Component provides examples for all components that I have found to be easy to follow and understand except for the example relating to the Text Area component. With this example, one should be able to perform the action of retrieving an expression entered in a text area and displaying this expression as 2-D Math in a math container upon selecting Enter. The instruction to perform this action is to enter the following in the Action When Contents Change field of the Text Area. This instruction is: SetProperty 'MathContainer0', 'value',parse(GetProperty('TextArea0', 'value')));
    At present, there seems to be no way to generate a plot and then export it under program control. One solution to this, which could be implemented in under an hour, is a new command plottools:-export. This would provide a program interface to the functionality that is currently available by right-clicking on a plot and then selecting “Export”. Relatedly, a simple way to get a plot into ImageTools (and to do this under program control) would enhance Maple's graphics capabilities. The cost/benefit ratio for this seems to be extremely strong.
    Greetings. I have a question regarding the use of the Matrix Browser. I was experimenting with the Transpose function, trying to mimic the Matlab linear algebraic transpose. For a row Vector A, defined as: A=[0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ...] in Matlab A' will give me a column vector. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 In Maple, ver. 11.02, using the Classic interface: >restart:with(LinearAlgebra): >A:=Vector[row]([0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7]); A := RTABLE(150962204,VECTOR([0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]),Vector[row]) >Transpose(A); RTABLE(151848540,MATRIX([[0], [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7]]),Vector[column])
    Can someone explain whether this is a bug or is Maple really splitting into 2 languages? In particular, for the input with(Logic); BooleanSimplify(Import(a < b and d = e and not a < bd)); in Maple's document mode or in the TTY version, quite different answers come back. I understand the [weird] reason why the TTY version returns 'false'. The question here is, why the difference?
    Hello, I have a question concerning PDEs with initial / boundary conditions. Now, I am trying to solve this PDE. The general solution to my PDE is achieved by: governing equation : the homogeneous diffusion equation is > PDE := diff(c(x,t),t)=diff(c(x,t),x,x); the boundary condition are > BC1 := c(0,t)=0; > BC2 := c(0,L)=1; the initial condition is > IC := c(x,t)=1; I want to solve above equation by using maple software(Currently I am using Maple 10). In this case I want to find the final expression. If you have any idea to lead this problem using this software, please help me help.
    Usually exporting from classic interface as HTML works quite well (ok, not all the finer things, but with good (!) graphics and it is painless). Now I want to hide input (for readers not used to Maple that might be better), but with M11.02 the input is exported anyway. Any workaround (except using an editor for the HTML result) ?
    I have realized that Firefox (v, Win XP) is not showing here the "Recent blog posts" column on the right, while it does appear in eg Opera 9.24, Internet Explorer 6.0 or Elinks 0.11.3. I am not sure at what version of Firefox this problem began. Anyone else has observed this effect?
    Why maplenet error downloading?

    Inspired by my own post The art of linking, I here bring an expanded version (I hope that it does not appear too self-centred to do so): You can link to other parts of MaplePrimes, or to external webpages, using the HTML tag a with its associated attribute href. This tag and its attribute you may enter by pressing the link-image  (please disregard the black background), which is located above the area where you enter your text, the result being <a href="http://"> The part between the two "'s is where the address of your link, the socalled URL (Uniform Resource Locator) must be inserted. Below, four typical link situations are treated:

    • Linking to a thread: Taking as an example the thread in which the above post appears, you could write (for long URL's, as this one, use copy-paste to avoid typos) <a href="">The other thread</a> which would appear on the screen as The other thread.
    • Linking to a specific post: Each post in MaplePrimes has its own unique ID. It can be found by placing the mouse over the link email this comment of the post to which you want to link, and then reading of a five-digit number at the end of the line at the lower left of your screen (in Microsoft Internet Explorer). A link to that post is then created by appending to the URL of the thread itself the following code: #comment-....., where for ..... the five-digit ID has to be inserted. It was William Spaetzel who originally told me this. Taking as an example the above post, which has the unique ID 11566, you could write <a href="">The other post</a> which would appear on the screen as The other post.
    • Linking to or showing a picture: First of all you have to upload your picture using my files under Navigation. Having done so you can copy-paste the text in the column Download Link Code. This text contains both the HTML a and image tags. You can then choose to keep the full text, thereby having a clickable image (a link to the image), or you can manually strip away all a tags (remember the ends also) thereby having a non-clickable picture, as I have above.
    • Linking to an external web page: Taking Maplesoft as an example, you could write <a href="">Maplesoft</a> which would appear on the screen as Maplesoft. The part target='_new' has been automatically inserted by the MaplePrimes system (click on Input format, which is located below the input text area, to see the various input formats), and so it need/should not be entered manually.
    Yesterday evening I decided that I would like to make a list of links to the posts of mine which I consider most valuable. Today, however, I have realized that this is no easy task because the closest I can get to these posts is the "my recent posts" where only links to complete threads can be found. Therefore, would it be possible to get a list of ones own posts, each post with a pointer to its appropiate place in some thread? I guess that it boils down to some appropiate database query.
    Hmmm. How did eTwqgQegPG manage to accumulate 246 points in less than 2 days? Without posting anything?
    Maple 11 generously introduced the option smooth=true to listdensityplot. But I am finding unexpected behavior with the option. In the code below, notice how the option smooth=true ends up triggering the transform "Scale" to produce a three-dimensional plot structure, but the option smooth=false, in conjunction with "Scale", produces (as expected) a two-dimensional plot structure. Code follows: with(plottools):with(plots): sample:=[seq([seq(i*j,i=1..40)],j=1..40)]: Grid:=listdensityplot(sample,smooth=true,colorstyle=HUE,style=patchnogrid); display(Grid); Scale:=transform((x,y)->[x*2*Pi/40,y*Pi/40]):
    My Calculus III students stumbled on this buggy thing while evaluating a line integral to calculate the flux The curve [X(t),Y(t)] is the right-half of a Lemniscate with polar equation R^2=cos(2*theta). The vector field is F(x,y)=M(x,y)i+N(x,y)j. They were integrating M*dy-N*dx around the curve. If we let a=M*dy and aa=expand(M*dy), then they find that Maple's int gives inconsistent results. As far as I can tell, a and its twin aa are well-behaved over -Pi/4..Pi/4 and equal. Maybe it is a bug in how Maple handles elliptic integrals? Or maybe it is some issue with removable discontinuities?
    We are pleased to announce the winners of the monthly Maple Mentors Awards for October and November. The winner for October is Douglas Meade and Georgios Kokovidis has won for November. Douglas Meade and Georgios Kokovidis will receive a prize of their choice to thank them for their involvement with the MaplePrimes community. We have received many emails nominating these individuals. One member had this comment concerning the help given by Douglas Meade:
    I was writing a small procedure to generate random points on the unit sphere. The details are not directly relevant here, but the procedure was as follows.
    randspherepts := proc(n::nonnegint, d::posint) 
     local i, p, r; 
     description "Returns co-ords of n random pts on the d-dimensional unit sphere [Knuth, 1998: sect. 3.4.1E]"; 
     uses ArrayTools;
     p:= Matrix(n, d, RandomTools:-Generate('distribution(Normal(0,1))', makeproc=true),datatype='hfloat',order='C_order');
     r:= ElementPower(AddAlongDimension(ElementPower(p,2),2),1/2);  
     seq(ElementDivide(p[i,1..-1],r[i]), i=1..n) 
    end proc;
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