Announcements about MaplePrimes and Maplesoft

As most users of MaplePrimes are aware, we currently reward participation with a number that indicates Maple Rank. So every time someone posts a forum comment, for example, they are awarded 1 point. This number gets appended to user names and it has become a way to immediately recognize a person’s ‘prestige’ within MaplePrimes.

We’ve just released a new version of the Maplesoft-MAA Placement Test Suite (PTS). PTS 5.0 includes high school prognostic tests from the MAA. The idea is that colleges/universities can offer early feedback to high school students about how they are likely to do on the institution’s math placement tests. With early feedback and time to make changes, students will be better prepared, which means they are less likely to have to take (and pay for!) remedial classes that don’t even count towards their degree.

Maplesoft has just released a collection of new engineering products, including MapleSim 3, the latest version of our physical modeling tool. It includes a new hydraulics library, more electrical machines and improved solvers which expand the scope of models it can handle. It also comes with a new project manager, more diagnostic tools, a 3-D visualization preview feature, and other improvements to the interface which reduce the development time. See What’s New in MapleSim 3 for details.

Maplesoft has just released the Maple 13.02 update. This update includes:

  • Platform support: Windows® 7 is officially supported with Maple 13.02
  • MATLAB® Connectivity: Improved performance, connectivity extended to MATLAB R2009b, and support for the MATLAB Link on 64-bit Macintosh® Intel® platforms
  • Language packs: Expanded support for Traditional Chinese and improved Spanish translation
  • Plotting: Improvements to EPS and PDF export and improvements to plotting on Macintosh
  • Other enhancements: Improved event handling in dsolve/numeric, better handling of read-only documents on  Mac OS® X 10.6 (Intel), and improved support for multithreading

I just published an update to the script that inserts automatic links to the online help. This fixes several issues with the regular expression used to determine when and where to place the links. So now ?PDEtools[diff_table] ?sum,details and ?implicitplot3d all will be linked correctly.

As promised, we have launched MaplePrimes on a brand new web server. This server will greatly increase the performance and reliability of the site. Along with moving to the new server, we’ve made a number of small feature updates and bug fixes:

  • The typesetting for math entered with the <maple> tag and toolbar button is improved
  • When you enter a word prefaced by the question mark (?), it will automatically link to the Online Help, example: ?abs
  • Replaced the “Web” option from the MaplePrimes search with “Help”, this searches the Online Help.
  • Fixed a number of bad hyperlinks and markup generated by the file manager.
  • Allow MapleSim file uploads with the file manager.

One feature that did not make it over to the new server is conversion of plots when uploading worksheets via the file manager. We haven’t seen too much usage of this feature, so we hope it won’t be missed for now. The feature will come back along with greatly improved HTML conversion (the same as the HTML generated by Maple 13) when the brand new MaplePrimes launches.

If you see any problems with the site, please let us know through a comment on this post.

We hope the new server and the fixes help to improve your MaplePrimes experience; and we look forward to sharing the brand new MaplePrimes with you as well!

Some of you may “know” me already, but I wanted to let you all know that as part of the ongoing changes to MaplePrimes, I will now be acting as the community manager. My thanks to Tim for his excellent work over the past year, and also to Will and Bryon who will continue to support the site’s technical aspects.

On September 4, I wrote a blog post asking for some suggestions regarding what we should do to update MaplePrimes.  The responses that we got back were varied and very valuable.  Using those suggestions as a foundation, we have mapped out a list of features that we will address in this project.

The Maple 13.01 update is now available.  It includes:

  • 3D visualization: Increased speed and memory efficiency
  • Language packs: Improved French translations and expanded support for Greek
  • JRE Update: Updated JRE corrects many Java-related issues, and results in improvements in printing on Linux, printing international characters, redrawing components, and plotting
  • Other enhancements: Areas of improvement include the performance of plots with a large number of data points, curve colors used in drag-and-drop plotting, the display of mathematics in embedded components, and PDF export.

 As usual, single-user customers will automatically be prompted to update to Maple 13.01 though Maple's automatic "check for updates" mechanism, while network users will be notified by email and directed to the download site. An update CD will be available soon for customers who cannot get the update electronically. More information can be found on the Maple 13.01 download page.

So I'm a bit behind on announcing this...but better late than never.  The recipient of the Maple Mentor Award for the first quarter is gulliet.

I apologize for my tardiness, but I will announce the next recipient on time next quarter.


We are conducting a survey about Maple's user interface, and we want to hear from you.  There are 25 questions and it should take no more then 10-15 minutes to complete.  As a thank you for taking the survey, 5 lucky participants will be chosen at random and will receive a Maplesoft shirt (to be eligible for the shirt, you must fill in the optional contact information).

You can find the survey here.

Thanks in advance!

While marketing material naturally talks about new features in a release, we of course also put considerable effort into investigating and correcting problems with the product. Many of these fixes are in direct response to problems reported on MaplePrimes.  Thank-you. We recognize that reporting these issues takes time, and we really appreciate your help in making our products better.

As a follow up to the original announcement, I thought I’d include a few more details on some of the new features in Maple 13 designed for engineers. For more information, visit the What’s New pages for professionals and for engineering education.

As a follow-up to the original post, I thought I’d mention a few of the additional new features particular to math education. For more information, visit the What’s New section of the website.

Concept Learning Tools: Maple 13 includes new and improved concept learning tools:

With the release of Maple 13, we have also released a major new feature to, Online Help:

Maple Online Help

Every one of Maple's help pages is now available online. With this new feature, you will be able to view the help pages right in your browser and download the source Maple worksheet to interact with in Maple.

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