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Have a problem with MaplePrimes? Want to suggest a possible improvement to the site? Please post it here.

Earlier this afternoon we made an update to MaplePrimes to introduce some new features and to squash a few bugs.

The primary purpose of the update was to improve the context around how replies and answers are entered on MaplePrimes. The most significant change you will notice here is that submission/edit boxes now appear inline  under the specific message you are replying to, instead of at the bottom of each page.

Other improvements include:

For reference this question was posted exactly 9:05

Dear friends,

I have recently been calculating a sum from this link.

The problem here is to calculate the sum sum_{n>=1} (-1)^(n+1)/(n^2+a) with a some positive real number. You probably all agree that it is preferable to express it using elementary functions from basic calculus as opposed to the Gamma, Zeta and Digamma...

I just posted and then clicked 'logout' (upper right on the page).

After going back I recognize I am still logged in. Strange. Does
the page not clear the data (= cookies?) for that demand?

Hello all,

I recently helped someone with a contour integration problem, you may find my calculation at the following link. It occurred to me to test this integral with Maple and Mathematica.

For example,

int(1/x^(1/3)/(x^2+2*x*cos(Pi/7)+1), x=0..infinity);

produces an unusable output from Mathematica. Maple is a little better,...

Stop ordering posts by votes! ... For two reasons.

1 - Someone who comes up with the idea first should be ordered as such.

2 - Conversations can get mixed up

**edit change** I have changed the title from Stop ordering posts by votes to Mapleprimes wish list. 

A lot of spam coming in is from the same users.  It seems automated.  These are some repeating offenders


Those are to name a few. 

Higher power mapleprime users can delete posts,...

Hello. It World be greate if you could ad a maple file viewer to the Maple Player for the IPad and similar products. It is a greate tool when you are on the move and do not have you pc with you to do the calculations on. I use Maple a lot at my studies at the university of southern denmark, at when I talk to my study mates about a problem, it would be greate to be able to open maple files from you pc on the ipad. I save my documents to my Dropbox, so I always have then nearby....

Saying 'logout' through the menu bar does not log me out.

I am still logged in (even after leaving the pages).

And I guess, that the according cookie is not properly cleared.
But it should.

After making a search for applications in the applications center, they are ordered in some crazy unknown way. 

They do not appear to be ordered alphabetically by author, nor by title and also they have no date published attached to the searched list. 

Searching for all titles by product Maple 16, we find that TEST APPLICATION created July 31 is actually listed behind Robert Lopez's Classroom Tips and Techniques: Slider-Control of Parameters in Numeric...

This is a problem I've had with the new mapleprimes. Contributions listed as "answers" to a question are listed according to the number of votes they receive. This is a system used on forums like mathoverflow, for instance, websites designed to provide answers to specific questions, websites where "discussions" are discouraged. But, in my opinion, mapleprimes is both a discussion and question/answer forum and the "rank by vote" is not suited to it.

In the example I...

I am finding, if you add to an old question directed towards someone at maplesoft before the weekend but after a maplesoft business day has ended, your question may not be answered or addressed. This is because your new question in the thread has been swamped by newer questions and yours has trickled down the list and essentially becomes buried or lost. 

I also find too much information related to posted questions are being summarized in the top level making it...

There is no option to change your original email address and save in mapleprimes. 

**edit add**  Sorry the option is there but the option to save the new email is not.

Half of posts under firefox look cut. For example:

It depends on minimal font size. If set to 15 error can be seen.

Please reconsider order of messages in posts acorrding to option reply. I don't understand why my answer

( Moments ago by to Axel Vogt) appears at the end of list instead to be in that branch where it should be.

I also know that branch menu is completly for other purposes, not for this.

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