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I just posted and then clicked 'logout' (upper right on the page).

After going back I recognize I am still logged in. Strange. Does
the page not clear the data (= cookies?) for that demand?

      v = -2 .. -2/3)

Then J = -8/3*EllipticK(1/3) + 8/3*EllipticPi(-1/3,1/3) + 3*EllipticE(1/3)

That integral caught my attention through a private discussion. Both MMA and Maple
only succeded up to a limit in the lower boundary, which could not be determined.

Re-writing the integrand as A/(polynomial of degree 4) using the command 'rationalize'

All that looks like what many may have expected to be provided by Maple.

But personally I do not need advertising towards that every second day.
Not really.

Saying 'logout' through the menu bar does not log me out.

I am still logged in (even after leaving the pages).

And I guess, that the according cookie is not properly cleared.
But it should.

restart; interface(version); # Maple 15
# symbolic expression
  -0.3; # <--- does that give the trouble ?
simplify(t); # makes it a float ...

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