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It's actually part of a solution.  Here's the full layout.  The problem was collection the one term at the end into a more compact term for xdot.

Could it be done simply with the below?  Or am I stuck having to deal with the terms separately?  Normal command on just the xdot terms gives me the terms of what we have my original quesiton above.  Could it be done together?



Settings(typesetdot = true)


eq := l = sqrt((d-x(t))^2+h^2)+y(t)

l = ((d-x(t))^2+h^2)^(1/2)+y(t)


a := solve(eq, y(t))



a1 := diff(a, t)

(d-x(t))*(diff(x(t), t))/((d-x(t))^2+h^2)^(1/2)


a2 := diff(a1, t)

(d-x(t))^2*(diff(x(t), t))^2/((d-x(t))^2+h^2)^(3/2)-(diff(x(t), t))^2/((d-x(t))^2+h^2)^(1/2)+(d-x(t))*(diff(diff(x(t), t), t))/((d-x(t))^2+h^2)^(1/2)


collect(a2, diff(x(t), t))

((d-x(t))^2/((d-x(t))^2+h^2)^(3/2)-1/((d-x(t))^2+h^2)^(1/2))*(diff(x(t), t))^2+(d-x(t))*(diff(diff(x(t), t), t))/((d-x(t))^2+h^2)^(1/2)






You can use lprint on some of these "Black magic" operations to get a handle on what exactly the command is doing. 


change line 5 to ...  v/((diff(x(t), t))^2+(D(f))(x(t))^2*(diff(x(t), t))^2)^(1/2)

To me the animation appears unnatural.  It doesn't seem quite right.  However the timing is not a 1:1 ratio.  But I don't think just that, it appears it to travel longer than it should? 

Although with some hacks this could be done, it would be nice to have a dualaxisplot option contain x-axis options as well.  That is to say one could have 2 x-axis or 2 y-axis or both, all done within the dualaxisplot command.

Within the same plot I'm guessing.  dualaxisplot does that for the y-axis. 

Do you mean something that was done in Matlab shown here?

This might help

@acer that's a neat trick, beats deleting the output in word.

Build ID 1362973 refers to Maple 2018.2.1 Build ID 1356656 would refer to Maple 2018.2

A minor 3rd update to Maple is unexpected but quite welcome.

As for the Physics warning, I would think Dr. Edgardo Cheb-Terrab would implenent some kind of minor fixes, however the good thing is it's only an annoyance warning.

Indeed, yes, using diff that way takes advantage of diff from the Physics package while still allowing diff to work as the standard diff.

@acer ok worksheet mode, prettyprint=1 or typsetting=standard, but also as maple input.  Then it works ok. 


ps - I haven't found any setting in document mode that will allow maple to display 1-d input.

@acer yes I know restart does not reset the settings

Now I'm not sure if it's wrong or if that's the way the output is supposed to be.  I set typesetting to standard (was extended) but it doesn't seem to matter, the output contains typesetting mess in the output, for example like this:

I can attach the file if you'd like it but again I don't know if maybe this is a "normal" writeto output.  I haven't tried on M12 yet for comparisons.  Will try when I get a chance.

actually it was 3.  But it doesn't seem to matter.

So it has become apparent that I am of the minority.  I agree with you that Maple should focus on the maths than on the typesetting.

This is probably then just an excercise for a custom proc.

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