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yeah, I did realize that. 

He could use the layout pallete for that, I think but it's still math format.  Otherwise the only way I do it in text is by toggling in and out of math formats using f5.  I don't think you can get out of just using a text format for subscripts and superscripts - you have to use the math format.  (and if you don't need Maple for the document just use Microsoft Word)

@digerdiga , it also doesn't work with anyone elses solution, but acer has the key :)

Yes I know he's still around.  I'm just hoping his valueable contributions weren't erased when (it appears) he removed his account.

In this case, would it be ideal if Maple just calculated to a few digits beyond the setting by the user?  Something like having internal guard digits.

This way calculations that come up would only have 1 digit possibly changing when more Digits are added rather than say 5 or so digits changing. 

Wether it's right or wrong or it is the way it is.  I'd rather see only one digit changing. 

It works in Maple 2018.  Since Carl Love was unable to duplicate your error, then it is most likely there is something wrong with your Maple version. 

@Konstantin@ Upload the worksheet and we can execute to see if the same error appears from your generated worksheet. 

Also try your code in worksheet mode and see if you get the same result. 

It's possible there are errors being generated in your worksheets.

Sorry, how was the y coordinate of the tangent circles found?

@tomleslie thanks for showing how to do it using the geometry package.

Turns out I needed to anchor some constraints in Geometry Expressions.  I am getting proper results now.  The output Geometry Expressions gives

@mmcdara thanks. 

I actually entered this into Geometry Expressions but it sometimes spit out some monstrous equation.  And depending on how I initially set everything up, it would just sit there calculating an output with no response. 

Thanks for the answers vv and tomleslie

Very interesting Samir.  Thanks for the insight Maple can give.

It would be interesting to see how one would start from scratch, take any book, and have Maple do everything from the start - find the characters and create the data.

An example epic novel would be the Malazan book of the Fallen which has over 700 characters.  The world of Malazan makes the Game of Thrones pale in comparison.



adding apikey="your api key" to the GoogleMaps commands will continue have the worksheet work normally. 

However FindLonLat doesn't appear to work - the underlying commands do not work.

According to this table

it appears that it is not a free service.  Or am I missing something?  is it only pay for commercial uses and not individual?

However, google gives you a $200 credit per month to play with.  For an individual just playing around, it will most likely end up free anyways.  However, just have to get the application working first.

@acer the opaquemodule=false doesn't seem to work.  But also I'm not sure if any part of the Geocoding is free. 

After setting opaquemodule=false the command just returns the DownloadMap( some content) but it could be the wrong api value. 

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