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I actually have no idea how much overhead it would entail.  However I think I do have a valid point, and this is where CAS designers and pen & paper ideas clash.  Actually more of a case where Maple needs to walk the talk.  Not to butt heads, but perhaps output is exempt from this?  In 2-d math you enter equations as you would on paper as Maple explicitly points out, I would also expect the output to be the same as on paper as well, or at least as close to possible as it can.  If someone were to hand in a paper and the answer they wrote (on paper) was I am 100% sure the professor/teacher would mark it incomplete.  

I'm not trying to butt heads, all I'm trying to say is that someone wouldn't write down a calculation like that on paper, and Maple touts being able to enter equations as you would on paper, I would also like to see that in the output.   

Please elaborate, you should show the formula you entered which produced the error. 

@Daniel Skoog ok thanks. 

@Daniel Skoog oh, on the maplecloud overview, because it's nowhere else, and the information is a little cryptic. 

For instance without your example I thought the number 5137472255164416 belonged to the build # and not specific to all Maple 2018 versions which you address with the version = #

Now for the true manual installation.  How would I get version 123 installed in a computer not hooked up to the internet?


How will that work if one wanted to manually install package 123?  Where does one find version 123 and what steps do they take to manually install it?

Sorry for opening this old post but I happened to come across this post and have found the gendefget procedure here

I didn't mean it as a derived constant as in the direct sense that the constant was derived but rather only referring to it's descriptor "derive" (as given by maplesoft) as a name only. 

I was meaning the fine structure constant value is represented by other constants and was wondering why that representation is not in the properties of the Fine Structure Constant. 

And thanks Acer and Carl for the eval, I knew there was a way but couldn't recall.  Of the positioning is not great but that's all I could think of at that moment.

@acer .. was that code ever posted on mapleprimes?  Maybe we could do a search?

Point probe functionality in 3d plots.

From what maple version did you upgrade from?

Don't copy and paste the code.  Download the code and load it into Maple.  If you copy and paste, it doesn't always work and you will often get parse errors.  Many a time, I have copy and pasted only to get parse errors but when transcribe the code by manually typing it in, it's fine.  It's probably the > that you've copied over that's giving you the problems.

ps goto can be used but it's very inefficient.  Actually using goto is not recomended in C and C++ programming.  It used to be common in the old basic programming days.


@acer for sure, yes.

I am not currently using this convention but .. the issue occurs when typing the variable in, the dot gets converted to multiplication



I thought maybe the backslash would solve that however you get the error..


So we have to resort to using the single quotes to call the value as we initially entered it.


Not a big deal but I was thinking I could type a variable in with the . in the name.


Improve and update the constants and elements in the ScientificConstants package, for example
M[Sun]=1.99 x 10^30  -> 1.989 x 10^30

add moon mass and diameter

Update the elements in the Elements list.  On Nov 27, 2016 IUPAC approved the new formal names for elements 113, 115, 117 and 118.

Perhaps have an update feature/function for the elements?



There used to be a sort by original posted date.  I don't know what happened to that.  There should also be options to sort by last action AND most recent post in the thread. 

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