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Greetings All

I have several equations and each have their own individual frequencies and amplitudes. I would like to sum the equations together and adjust ONLY the individual phases, phase1,phase2, and phase3 to keep the total amplitude value of eq_total under a specific value like 0.8. I know I can normalize the signal or change the vertical offset, but for my purposes I need to have the amplitude controlled by changing/finding the values for just...

Substituting Periodic Fourier series expansion equation with standing wave equation


Maple formatting cuts off some of the information/question 
I've included a link to an image of the full question
and as text file

Greetings All 
I can create/plot an egg shape waveform using the equation 

y(x) = sqrt(abs[sin(x)+0.1sin(2x)]) 

Here's a link to it below/ image of it attached 

However I would like for it to follow the 

Calculating a given total using only given specific values

Greetings All

I'm trying to figure out a way to calculate a given total
using only given specific values.

The total given is 46

The numbers I can use are 56,38,20,12,4, and 1

Greetings All

I'm trying to find repeating numbers in the golden mean like 618, 619,645 etc..

I'm getting error message because of syntax and the decimal point how do I take the decimal point out so instead the string is 618 instead .618

How do I get rid of the decimal point in a string?







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