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I have problem with creating 3D plot of this function:



alpha, H, gamma > 0 ... independent variables,

a ... dependent variable.

3D plot should be an set of 3D points in "alpha", "H" and "gamma" range (x, y, z coord.), value of dependent variable "a" should be indicated by color of each point.

Hi, this is the first time that I post and I already buy a Maple13 student version.

 I need a guideline to work with Signals (continous and discrete), Fourier , Laplace. Is the first time that I try this kind of software. I already try wih mathlab, but I preffer something more graphic.


I have this code (see below) which calculates the probability of finding 4 aces in a 52 card deck through simulation.

My problem is however that the code is very slow and the probability is very low which means that I have to run the

simulation maybe one milion times to get an good approximation. The code can not handle this.

Is there any way to make the code faster so it can handle one million simulations ?


I mean the one that is like in the C language.

It always executes at least once, then more times if the condition holds.

In C it looks like:

do {
 // foo
} while (expression);

This is different to the regular while loop, which only executes if the condition holds initially.

while (expression) {
// foo

If I have something like x=5 and I want to get the '5' by itself, how can I do that?

Is there a way to save data that's stored in an Array and put it in a new worksheet?
This is related to my other thread gc()

I've used up all my memory as I've had to increase n to a few hundred and the loop is a few million now not a few hundred thousand. So, say A is an Array with 10 million entries (so I cant just copy and paste it), and I want to compare it to another Array with 10 million entries but I dont have enough memory left to recompute the loop.

Hello all,

I'm relatively new to Maple, and I have already found this forum to be helpful. I hope I might be able to get some additional help with the latest problem that I've been working on.

Big picture:

I'm trying to extract two parameter values of a heat transfer problem from a dataset using a reduced order model.

How I've been trying to do it:

The dataset is a vector called "Nodes"

When i cut and paste any maple function from maple input prompt like

> plot3d(x^2+y^2,x=-5..5,y=-5..5);

it takes a long time to paste. I'm using maple 12 and updated to

12.02 but the problem still persists. Using java version 6.0_12.

OS is Debian Etch Linux. Is there any option that needs to be set

that will fix this problem? What can cause delay for this simple



I was wondering why the permute function in Maple removes [1,1]  [2,2]  [3,3]  [4,4]  [5,5]  [6,6]

for example:


I have a collection of polygons in 3D that are in various colours. Some of these polygons overlap. How do I control what colour the overlapping portions are? The overlapping part may take the colour of one of the polygons. Thank you.
Hi, all, i have a question,can I call the function of Maple in my own c++/c application? I have my own program and i want to call a function of maple. Can I do that? Thanks

Is there any function that easily gives us the max value of a matrix?

Is Maple able to solve a 2nd order Hyperbolic PDE numerically, with some complex initial/boundary conditions?  what about Mathemaica?

I appreciate any help.


Dear Forum,

this is Vista related.

Maple creates a Maple folder(containing the Maple.ini file) in c:/Users/<username>/Application Data.

Ist it possible to tell Maple to create for this folder in a different place, say c:/Users/<username>/AppData ?



Is it possible to compute possible addition chains for an integer in maple ??

If not, is there ANY software that will do it ??

It looks like, choosing a public key exponent with a smaller addition chain makes  RSA decryption more efficient .. but how to know whether or not your exponent has a small addition chain!

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