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Hi all,

I set the simulation end time tf=5000s,but after running the model,the result can just simulate to 2500s.I don't kown what has gone wrong.There is a power function in the model.When the power is set as 3,the end time can just as long as 2500 second.that is to say,the result show not greater than 2500 second.When the power is set as any other number,4 for example,it can simulate 5000 second.

please help me .

Hey there,

how can i solve the following ODE in degree and not in radiant... numerical solution is required... im allways getting the wrong eigenfrequency.



can you help me about multiplication :

when I type a multiplication in Maple 15, Can I skip the multiplication sign between two variable?

for example : instead of type  x*y , could I type xy ?

i want to write a program to simulate a walk of a drunken sailor who walks out of a bar at the centre of a city. the city has a regular pattern of 24\24 square blocks. the sailor doesnt know where he is going and how to exist teh city. the question is how many blocks will he have to walk to exit the city?

let him start at the centre of the city and assume that he exists the city when he reaches either north, east, south or western borders. it can happen that he wlks...

Dear members,

I would like to generate a tree (the simplest "stage tree"that I have in mind is in the attached file) ad to work with it. For that I need to  "replicate" [the stage tree which starts in O (with some value R)] after the nodes x2, y2, z2. The nodes x1, y1, z1 are terminal (with values f(R), g(R), h(R) ).

I found soemthing on the posts on mapleprimes, but it is only bor "binarytrees".

How may I proceed?.


I really...

i have a procedure like this 

>f:=x-> A*x^2 - B*x -C:
   Bisection:= proc(f,a,b)
   local c;
   if abs(evalf(b-a))<=0 then return c; end if;
   if signum(f(c))=signum(f(a)) then
   end if;
   end proc;


f:=proc(a) x->modp(a*x,256); end proc:

Determine for which values of a in Z[256] the functions f(a) are onto.

I know that I need to use evalb to check if the image and coDomain are the same. I just cannot get it to work.

How do you allow negative distances but not negative cycles.  Thanks!

I can get the tangent line by using "Tangent"  Then what about the normal plane


Tangent(t->{t, t^2, t^3}, t = 2)

I explain my problem with an example:


When I write


the answer is

      3    2        
 3 x  + x  + x + 1

 But when I write


answer is


while I want this form:

 x  + 2 x + 1

Even when I type only


into a blank page, again the answer is 




I have a big problem and I don't know how to resolve it.

I have two matrices: A and B. I want to use B[1] as an index of A ,i.e., 

B[1] := [1, 1]; Ok

A[B[1]]; But this does'nt work. 

Thanks for your help...


I need to filter a 2D Matrix based on the values in one of its columns.

Let's have a 2D Matrix like this one:

[1, 2]
[-2, 3]
[3, 18]

Now let's suppose we want to remove all rows with a negative number in the first column (second row in our example).

One possible solution would be to iterate over the whole Matrix in a for-loop removing rows one-by-one, but I was hoping for something more elegant (and hopefully faster).

I need to make a procdeure which checks whether a list L is a palindrome or not. Any help would be appreciated.

Dear Sir/Madam:

I have the following simultaneous equations to get the 4 unknow variables
by maple engine. However, the maple did not give me anything. Actually,
the exact solutions exist in the educational text. Now, I am trying to get them
on maple. Why it does not work at all?
Please let me know how to do.

Thanks in advance.

eq1:=A2*t2*exp(zt*t2*om)*sin(t2*wd)+A3*t3*sin(t3*wd)*exp(zt*t3*om) = 0:

I want to extend the Maple CodeGeneration[C] by a handler for the piecewise function (no idea why it is not included).
To this end I did:

    LanguageDefinition:-Define("NewC", extend="C",
        AddFunction("piecewise", anything::numeric,

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