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I am recently new to maple software, but I was wondering if someone was able to help me with the following question.


I am trying to plot a 3D graph of some function f(x,y,z), I want a contour type-graph with normal axis, and I also have a few points that I want to plot on that graph:  [x1,y1,z1], ... [xn,yn,zn]; how do I do this on a single graph?


thanks so much;

How to change this general form to solve :

How to calculate with Maple Fourier coefficients on some numerical valued functions and how to calculate and plot the 3 partial sums :


Function B : on the interval [-phi, phi]

f(x)= NUMERICAL (x – phi/2) + NUMERICAL (x+phi/2)


Function C : on the interval [-phi, phi]

f(x) =  NUMERICAL (x+phi/2)

I enclose Maple general solution to the PDF heat equation in 1 dimention.


I need corrections of it to enable me to calculate the heat equation in certain conditions :

 du(x,t)/dt - d^2/x,t)/dx^2 = ;   t>0, x belongs to interval [0,phi[

with boundary conditions :

u(x,0) = sin(x)cos^2(x) ; x belongs to interval [0, phi)

u(0,t) = 0

u(phi,t) = 0  ;  t is still t>0

I have 3 different arrays. is there any way that I can put these 3 arrays in one table with a proper heading above each column?



I am trying to create a pointplot animation for a list can anyone tell me what is wrong with the following code:

L:=[[1],[3, 2],[3.4, 6], [5,3,7], [3,7,9,1], [2,6,8,4,5]]:

animate(PointPlot, [L[t]], t=1..5);

I am trying to animate a graph to show the progress between each suset from t = 1 to n.  I belive the problem has something to do with t not being an integer in the animate setting.


Hi all,


I get this strange (to me) behavior:





parameters:= [SourcePosition[1],SourcePosition[2]]: 
 save parameters, "./parameter.txt";

save wanted_par, "./wanted_par.txt";


I Wanted To Model a Ball Screw in MapleSim4, I should  Imply a force to the base of the ball screw while the nut is attached to a fix pint and I expect the shaft of the ball screw rotates. I would be so thankful If any one tell me an idea how to model it to use at Maplesim4 for as I could not find any component for ball screw on MapleSim.

Looking forward to hearing from you



I wanted to plot Laplace's spherical harmonics, which basicly worked. But now I wanted to add two sliders with which i want to vary m and l. This also works nearly. I can vary l and plot the new spherical harmonic. The variable m has to hold the restriction: -l<= m < = l.

So my question is, how can i synchronise the two sliders, so that when i edit silder l the range for slider m is changed?


Thanks for your help!

> restart;
> with(linalg);
> uvec := array(1 .. 2, [u_(x, y, t), v_(x, y, t)]):
> xvec := array(1 .. 2, [x, y]):
> equns := array(1 .. 3, []):
> for i to 2 do

   equns[i] := sum('uvec[j]*(diff(uvec[i], xvec[j]))', 'j' = 1 .. 2)

   end do;

the result the maple 11 gives is:

I have created a Monte Carlo simulation using maple using the following do loop for each iteration:


for count from 1 to n do


end do


I would like to show through animation (pointplot) how the model develops with changing n.


Can anyone help me with this problem?


Thanks in Advance


I have created a Monte Carlo simulation using the following do loop for each iteration:

for count from 1 to n do


end do


I would like to show through animation how the model develops with changing n.


Can anyone help me with this problem?


Thanks in Advance



I'm solving a non-linear system of equations (8 equations, 7 parameters) numerically using Fsolve.

Here's my problem: I run fsolve in a loop for different values of one specific parameter. What I would like to do however is have a matrix of parameter values and tell fsolve to pick a new row of that matrix each time as parameter values until it has run down all the rows.


I just need some general guidelines and the commands. Much appreciate the help...


I was wondering if there is a more elegant way of doing this:

SX := proc ()::set; local j, sx, SEqn; Digits := 30; SEqn := {evalf(subs(EV, Eqn(1)))}; for j from 2 to n do SEqn := `union`(SEqn, {evalf(subs(EV, Eqn(j)))}) end do; sx := SEqn end proc:

thanks :)


Please , can anybody tell me about the basical things to know about Maple that are not described in the internet . I mean about adding a new line with the sign > , joining or parting two parts , or insert a title and above all where i can find the list of the pakages wee need to perform a program .


I have this PDE:

PDE := diff(f(x, y), x, x)+diff(f(x, y), y, y) = 0

With BCs

bc := {f(0, y) = 0, f(1, y) = 0, f(x, 0) = 0, f(x, 1) = sin(Pi*x)}

which has a relatively simple exact solution.

I'm trying pdsolve and getting nowhere, either numerically or symbolically.

Any advice most welcome


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