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please in nead help in this aaplication (HydraulicsStewartPl) :

1-How  do i change the position of platform in playback mode ?

2-How do i connect this model to the out side world


I'm wondering how to substitute eval(diff(P(x, tau, p), p), p = 0) in the equation below with v[1](x, tau)


I want solve this inequations

> solve((1/4*(beta^2-6))*(-beta^2+2*alpha) > 0);
After running, maple gives an answer in four lines alpha < (1/2)*beta^2 0 < -(1/2)*beta^2+3 (1/2)*beta^2 < alpha -(1/2)*beta^2 < -3 [] beta = -sqrt(6) [] beta = sqrt(6) now I have questions: 1) In spite of knowing range of beta in thhe second parts of first two lines of answer, why maple...


I have two Sum as:



I want to get the product of f*g as


Is it possible and how to do that ?


A simple timing program

for i to 35 do
end do;

On M16 seems to display after 7 seconds, the time reads 0.010
On M12 it displays in roughly 2 seconds with the time as 0.170

It is physically longer with M16.  Do others get the same results?

**edit add**
No comments?  I should add that it is a laptop 1.4Ghz single core.  Not that it matters but maybe M16 is set up to work more efficiently...


I am trying to read some text filw with maple. But the first few lines in this file are nothing I need to read. Do you have any Idea how to skip? If I use readdata I get some lines from header too, because there are some numbers.

So text looks like:

........................................................................ ...

I simplified the real task and

the principal problem is how to assign a condition( if x < 3 then t := 0 elif x >= 3 then t := 5 end if) to a variable t which depends on x (x is a argument of function g(x))?

Is it possible at all without writing the procedure?

Here is the code:

g := proc (x) options operator, arrow; 2*x+t end proc; if x < 3 then t := 0 elif x >= 3 then t := 5 end if; plot(g(x))

Hi, may I know how do I change only the diagonal to certain values please? Thank you.


Question 1: How do I change the diagonal part to a certain value for example 'a'?
Question 2: How do I change the diagonal part to the vector G?


Hi, I have a statement and when b is greater than 3, I would like two outputs which are z and y. But I can't seem to have it working. Please help. Thanks.


this is what i wrote:
if b>3 then z:=a and y:=c elif b<3 then z:=d and y:=a end if:

Hi, may I know what is the function "ismember" in matlab called in maple please? Thanks.

With the command, subpicture,I take the portion of it that interests me.
How I manage to include this sub-image in another image (img)?


imgs := GetSubImage(correctedT, 100, 125, 20, 120)

Hey there,

i have an System in the form below.

I try to plot s over the angle t which is used in the functions (S,DS and DDS) but because maple uses t in the functions (s, v and a) as the time the calculated eigenfrequency doesnt fit to the System.

The eigenfrequency should be omega:=sqrt(c[0]/m[1])=1035 (over 360 degrees) but because of the angle time switch the eigefrequency is 1035 (over 1).

Has someone an idea how i can tell maple that t is an angle in degree? ...

Hi, here is what I have, I would like to get A[1],A[2],A[3]...A[20] which are 18x18 matrix.
Then I would like to specify certain value for example A[4](2,3), or A[5](1,8) etc.... But there seem to be something wrong with my definition of A[m], I could not write A[m](i,j).
When i type A[4], it does not give me a 18x18 matrix. Please help. Thanks. 



I’ve created a basic model of a two-lane road.

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