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Suppose I have the following expression:


Now I want to determine a and b using the conditions:

at x=h, u=4;

at x=6, du/dx=4.

Can I do the same using MAPLE? If possible how can I do it. Where to look for it?

Thanks in advance.

Hi I teach in a high school. Basically I have found that if I ask a question like: Factorize fully (x4-y4), and use a MathContainer for both the question and the answer (to be filled by students), I can't find a way to see whether the students have fully factorized the expression. Suppose (x4-y4) is in MathContainer1 and MathContainer2 is to be filled in by students. Using the code:

if GetProperty('MathContainer1','expression'...

I used dsolve to obtain the solution of the attached two systems of ODEs, where the second system depends on the solution of the first one. The obtained results for the first system is accurate, where the obtaind solution of the second one is not accurate. I think the problem is using cubic spline approximation. I would appreciate any advice on how to  obtain accurate results for the second system

Dear guys! I have an equation as

> eq := z-> H*(1-m*h^2*H^(-2)*(1+z)^(3))-2*e*sqrt(1-c^2)*sqrt(r)*h=0:


> m := 0.211: h := 0.741: c := 0.80: r := 0.338: e := 1:

At this equation H is an unknown function of z, h is the value of H at z=0 and I want to obtain H(z) actually(for example the graph of H(z) for z=-1..5). So I did as following

> Y := z-> fsolve(eq(z), H=h):    **

plot(eval(H, H='Y(z)'), z=-1 .. 5);


I need to plot the phase portrait of a hamiltonian of 4-dimensional phase-space, and I have an adiabatic invariant, i.e. one of the momenta is conserverd. 

I don't know how to replace a constant for the conserved momentum and plot the 2-dimensional phase space.

I am writiing 

sys := {diff(Y1(t), t) = -(diff(K, y1)), diff(Y2(t), t) = -(diff(K, y2)), diff(y1(t), t) = diff(K, Y1), diff(y2(t), t) = diff(K, Y2)}

and using the DEplot tool as 

Why does fsolve miss some solutions?  For instance fsolve(sqrt(x2+4x-3)=-1+2x,x) only finds solution x=2, whereas x=2/3 is also a solution.


f(t)=(cost^3(t), sin^3(t));


how do you solve the [tangent T, normal, N, and binormal, B,
 from the curvature k and torsion t of the curve osculating plane] 
above drawn curve? Could you help me

How can I display an array in a Mathcontainer Component ?

Thank you very much!

In Igor's "Multivariate Distributions in Maple"
he shows how to calculate the Multivariate Normal Distribution. Below I have provided some data
for expected values, covariances etc for a 3 random variable distribution.

Now I try to find the Quantile (with probability 0.05) for such a distribution however Maple fails.
How can I find the Quantile (with probability 0.05...

I decided to graph the 649 as a set of single numbers just for fun.  However with my code at 4 numbers Maple 12 stops responding the memory is at 1426 M and 337 sec.   Most likely better with Maple 15, but probably a memory issue after all plotting 49*48*47*46*45*44 = 10068347520 points is a lot of points.

Here is what I have for the first three numbers.

for i from 1 to 49 do
  for j from 1 to 49 do
   for k from 1 to 49 do


I want to eliminate the variable u_x from the two equations attached in the document MAPLE.doc. Here u_x and delta are both functions of x. Is it possible to do it in Maple. If possible, how do I do it?

The fsolve in the attached code took 45.615 sec to execute. For Delta >= 0.15 the execution time was only about 0.5 sec. For Delta = 0.12 and Delta = 0.11 the execution times were about 400 and 600 sec, respectively. Why does the execution time increase with orders of magnitude when I decrease Delta? And how can I speed up the process? Henning

I am "playing" around with the Maplet Builder and I am having some problems:
Let say I have three separate vector columns with data loaded in maple ie A, B and C.

i) I want the user of the maplet to be able to select ie highlight a vector from the three
available vectors which are presented in a drop down box.

ii) A button when clicked on plots the data in the selected vector.

How can I do this with the Maplebuilder??  I will need step-by-step instructions.

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