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For a given galois field, suppose there is such a polynomial function mapping from GF(q) to GF(q):
I can use x^q-x=0 to "reduce" it to such the following form:

now, the problem is whether this is the only method (x^q-x=0) to reduce a polynomial function mapping from GF(q) to GF(q)?

Thanks a lot.

Maple and Solidworks...

March 20 2009 Oliver K 1116
0 7

Hi, what are possible ways to exchange data between Maple and solidworks ? Assume i have a Matrix -created in Maple- that contains 3d data for a CAD model. Is it possible to pass this data to solidworks ?



# I want to maximize the following function:

# under this constraints:
b-a >= c-d:
c-d-b+a <= (2*b-a-2*c+d)*delta:
(2*b-a-2*c+d)*delta <= 2*b-2*a-2*c+2*d:
a = x[min] .. b:
c = d .. y[max]:

# and I have the following values:
x[max] := 10:
x[min] := 0:
y[max] := 10:
y[min] := 0:
delta := 1:

# I have tried to find the maximum with NLPSolve and the option 'maximize':


March 20 2009 SandorSzabo 597

I have 5 matrices, Hmatrix[1], and so on.

I can test


Maple gives the 5 answers.

How can I test using map the negative_semidefinite property?


improper integral question...

March 20 2009 GustavHj 88
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Hi how to calculate improper integrals with the tutors and (if possible) showing the procedure step by step? Let’s take my homework as an example. Calculate: > int(1/((1+x^2)*(1+4*x^2)), x = 0 .. infinity);  

Hi, is there a detailed list of differences between those 3 product lines of Maple ? Maybe additional packages for the pro version  ? Are worksheets, created with one version, completely compatible to other ?





I am kind of new with using maple, and I am hoping that someone can give me some help on nonlinear curve fitting.  I checked out the help topics, and I thought that I had put everything in correctly, as per the help file.  However when I try to do a fit to data, nothing is returned.  Here is what I have input:


So, I have r^3=1/64. I need help finding r

Nonlinear DE...

March 18 2009 tridran 4

Hi all, I'm not good at maple, so need a help from experts. I'm using Maple v.12. -part of the code- ... de2:= # Nonlinear DE is here # ics:= X(0) = 1, (D(X))(0) = 1; sol:= dsolve({de2, ics}, numeric, method = rkf45); (or sol := dsolve({de2, ics}, x(t), numeric, stiff = true, range = 0 .. 200);) Error, (in f) unable to store '1.0000000024691*{1.}^2+2000010000.' when datatype=float[8] -end of the code- As you see above, It's a simple process to solve DE. so most of the DE, like (1) below, is solved very well through the code. But my case is (2). I could see error msg as you see above.

cannot run this maple...

March 18 2009 witri 64

Good day, I cannot run this maple, why?

I need help!

I'm trying to plot a sphere, and then shade-in the bottom one-third of it.  Is that possible?

Also, I then need to plot a sphere with 8 approximating disks.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to do these?

3D Plot...

March 17 2009 tbasket 476
I have a Matrix O[n,m]:=Value with n:=1..10 and m:=1..10 How can I present the values in a 3D plot with x->n Y->m and Z->Value. One time I want to make a histogramm out of it and in a second case just connect them to a surface How can I do that Thank you very much in advance!

plot problem...

March 17 2009 Oliver K 1116


have a look at this plot, i'm using standard worksheet (in classic this problem doesn't exist). 


Instead of -for example- 0,5 i want decimal points 0.5

Playing with the tickmarks option would do the trick, but a "global switch" would be better.

What to do ?




Hello everybody, I was wondering, is there a way to call procedures from a different worksheet? I am writing a big procedure which calls many smaller ones and that would be really clearer if I keep them in a different worksheet.. Thanks a lot in advance..
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