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I've just registered my copy of maple and I'm trying to figure out how to use it to find the arc length of a curve on a given integral. My function is: upper limit 0, lower limit -3; and after the integral sign, the square root of 1+4x^2 dx.




I have a pretty simple problem. Given the following set of responses to a "yes (y)/no (n)" question, create a pie chart and a bar chart.

y, y, n, n, n, y, y, n, n, n, y, y 

I would like solution that does not involve coding the data, say y = 1 and n = 0. I am aware of the BarChart and ColumnChart commands in the Statistics package, but I can't seem to get them to work with nonnumeric data. Is there an easy way to do this?


I downloaded the Modelica_Fluid 1.0 Library from the Modelica website. When I try to import this library into MapleSim5 I get the following error:

Duplicate class definition found for Modelica_Fluid.Pipes.BaseClasses.WallFriction.Detailed.msim/UNKNOWN

I then click "ok" and the importing stops working with the last message being:

Querying Modelica classes...

Can anybody offer help with this?


Consider a "toy system" of floating-point arithmetic where each floating-point numberis of the form
x = (-1)s × (1 + m) × 2e-σ:

The mantissa is a binary number such that
m = 0:m1m2m3 (base 2) belongs to [0; 1)

and the exponent e is a binary integer such that
1 ≤ e = e3e2e1e0 (base 2) ≤ 14:

Each m

I have a solution containing many exponentail terms, some of which are in the denominators of rational terms. I would like to be able to have the solution given to me in a manner where there are no exponentials in denominators but only in the numerators. The simplify command in maple does it, however for the shear number of terms (just shy of 400,000 terms and maple saying it's million plus) i am looking at, that particular command is just taking too long (15 hours!). Is there...


Is there any  function  in maple to compute the SVD of a matrix  using jacobi method? Or anybody has maple code to do so?

b) Define a procedure f(x, y) which returns 1 if x < y and 1 if


Hi friends,

I am running an application which consumes big memory and the result was given smoothly 

but after 5 hours I running the program again but in the middle of calculation the maple give message show  I got this error:

Execution stopped: Memory allocation failed! Please see 


I am currently writing a Python program which takes a Maple Worksheet and evaluate the commands in the terminal version of Maple. However, I have trouble figuring out how the input is formatted. As an example I have following XML code in a .mw file:

<Input><Text-field prompt="&gt; " style="Maple Input" layout="Normal">
<Equation executable="true" style="2D Input" input-equation="A := 4;"

Dear guys!

I want to solve this system:

> c := 1: RC := 0.03: h := 1: m := 0.3:

> a := H(z)^2/(1+z)-h^2*(m*(1+z)^2+2*RC/(1+z));

> ode1 := diff(H(z),z) = (H(z)^4/((1+z)^2)+m*(1+z)*h^2*H(z)^2-2*m^2*h^4*(1+z)^4)/(2*H(z)*a) - (2*H(z)*h^2*RC)/(a*(1+z)^2) + (2*RC*h^2*(1+z)/(c*H(z)^2*a))*(H(z)^2/(1+z)^2-(H(z)^2/(1+z)-m*h^2*(1+z)^2)^2/(4*RC*h^2))^(3/2):

> ode2 := diff(M(z),z)=3*M(z)/(1+z)-2*M(z)*diff(H(z),z)/H(z):

> sys := {ode1, ode2}:

Dear all! I have 2 different lists:

ch1 := [[0.1e-1, -.56], [0.25e-1, -.57], [0.35e-1, -.555], [.115, -.43], [.16, -.3], [.195, -.24], [.28, -.155], [.315, -0.25e-1], [.32, -0.85e-1], [.41, .19], [.425, .11], [.425, .425], [.425, .43], [.425, .44], [.43, .12], [.43, .265], [.43, .405], [.43, .445], [.435, .295], [.435, .38], [.465, .44], [.5, .29], [.505, .31], [.505, .395], [.51, .37]];

ch2 := [[0.3e-1, -.5], [0.5e-1, .575], [.11, .495], [.15, -.295], [.19, -.33...

I want to plot the data with some error bars. I have tried the errorbar( ) function but it doesn't work. May I know what is the problem ?



I have a quick question. I'm using OpenMaple under C and I am calling the "latex" function. I cannot get its output :( When checking the textCallback function, I get the command back as output (latex(%)). How could I solve this issue?





I need help, I have two arrays a{1,6,0,-9,13,15} and b{6,-3,10,16,6,1}. How create program, which would bring the two sorted arrays of elements of the rising and descending?

I don't know why maple can't solve this PDE

> restart;

> PDE := 4.2000*10^6*(diff(u[1](x, t), t))-.445*(diff(u[1](x, t), x, x))+4200.*u[1](x, t)+464.82-20836.*x-15.832*t+4.0442*10^5*x^2+2953.7*x*t+0.14631e-1*t^2+9.6788*10^6*x^3-2.7139*10^5*x^2*t-.99786*x*t^2+0.15902e-4*t^3-1.0085*10^9*x^4-6.3082*10^6*x^3*t-1069.3*x^2*t^2-0.15006e-1*x*t^3-3.9073*10^(-8)*t^4+2.3478*10^10*x^5+2.5874*10^8*x^4*t+1.2265*10^5*x^3*t^2+2.9028*x^2*t^3+0.17521e-4*x*t^4+1.9407*10^(-11...

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