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Hi !
(Scuse me for my English, I'm French...)

How can I solve a system of 3 nonlinear differential equations of the second order  with Maple ?

(Like this one :  where Z, X and teta are the variables). So the variables are dependent.

I've started trying with Maple Help to solve the system composed of the first two equations and making teta a constant, but it gives me back :

ok, I have the following code but I want the Maplet to remain when I click on Ok (I only want it to plot and not shut down so I can

select more options from the list and plot more) so this Shutdown(['D1']) command should be removed but I dont know

what I should have there instead ?


I want to list all the permutations of the numbers 1 through 5 as lists so that I can call on a member of this set ie. a permutation, then be able to call on a specific number in this permutation.

how do i find the singular value decoposition of a matrix in maple 12
i need the left and right singular vectors as well as the singular values


May 08 2009 devi 12



I have an equation
y = b*sech(b*acosh(1/x))*tanh(b*acosh(1/x))/(sqrt((1/x)-1)*sqrt(1+(1/x))*(x^2));

where b varies from 2 to 101,as b = M+1 ; M varies from 1 : 100
x = 1.001:0.001:1.01

The problem is I am simulating a chain network with M routers.For M =1 and 2 that is b = 2 and 3 the analytical and simulated results are almost concordant with 4 and 9 respectively which are the limits.But when I increase the b values they tend to hit numerical stability issues and lose accuracy.

Hi, I'm supposed to find the center and radius of the circle given by the equation: 2x^2+2y^2-6x+10y=1. I know I'm supposed to complete the square first but i'm not sure of the process

Plot Hyperbolas...

May 08 2009 mathguy 8

Hello, I've been having trouble plotting multiple hyperbolas of the for xy=c on the same plot. Basically I'm supposed to plot several hyperbolas of that equation when c=+-1,+-2,+-3 on the same plot. If anyone can help i'd really appreciate it. ^^;;

how do I use maple 12 to solve this equation

I need help please

y"  + y = f(t) , where f(t) =        0,    0<= t < pi

                                                   1,   pi <= t < 2pi, y(0)  = 0 , y ' (0)  1

hi everybody.

i want to know what command convert "exp" to "hyperbolic functions".

for ex :    e^(x)+e^(-x)  -->  2cosh(x)

please help me.

Hi everyone,

does anyone know how to use the LagrangianMultipliers function so that the solutions obtained will be the closest integer smaller than whatever the output is for each entry in the list.


LagrangeMultipliers(x1*x2*x3*x4*x5*x6*x7, [x1+x2+x3+x4+x5+x6+x7-32, x1^2+x2^2+x3^2+x4^2+x5^2+x6^2+x7^2-160],[x1,x2,x3,x4,x5,x6,x7]);

will give us entries which are not integers, and if i use other conditions I will sometimes not receive any integer solutions - which is to be expected.

Any help would be warmly received.




Maple 12

Windows XP



Looking to get help figuring out why Maple 12 won't launch.

I click on the icon and nothing. (not even a splash screen)

I have tried to change the launch.ini file maxheap command, but it still won't launch.

The fact that it doesn't even show the spash screen makes me think it is unrelated to the maxheap command.


I have tried to launch in a cmd window but when i type "maplew" all I get is a new command propmt.



some time ago I have developed a procedure for nonlinear regression in Maple 9 that worked perfectly. Upgrading to Maple 12, the code still works well, except for the part in which I plotted the experimental datapoints and the calculated curve:


I have two functions:



with values I'd like to add


and plot new function

I use






But it doesnt work. Then when I displaed

By the way, Hxi are correction, in function of x.


The second problem with I have is with ploting.

Hi, Can someone please tell me how to plot the region


I am wondering if there is any way to set global plot parameters.

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