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Maple 10 does not have intersectplots.


The first surface is x^2+y^2+z^2=9 and the second one is x^2+y^2+(z-3)^2=9

Is there a way to protect a variable or procedure from restart?

I thought we could use protect to save a variable /procedure from resetting.  I wanted to use restart in a procedure.

I'm pretty sure the answer is no, dream on and do something else.  But on the slight chance, is it possible?

Hi, could someone please help with this problem that i'm facing please?

This is that I have :

b2:=zeta->[-y(zeta)      -x(zeta)]%T

N0:=zeta->[(1-zeta)     (zeta)]

Basically, the first one a 1x2 matrix, second one a 2x1 matrix. I'm trying to do a dot product on it expecting a scalar answer.

I need to find : B2:=zeta->be(zeta).N0(zeta)

It takes like 5 minutes before this statement comes out : "error, ...

Let A(1, -1, 3) is a point; (P): x + y + 5z = 0 be a plane; (l): x= 2t, y = -5t, z = 6t be a line. Write the equation of a line Delta parallel to the plane (P) and has a distance to (l) equal to 1.

I was thinking about this problem many times but i can not 

How can we design a wind turbine and simulate it?

Problem. Let A(-1,5) and B(-2, -2) be two points and l: 3*x - 4*y -27 = 0. Write the equation of the circle passing through points A, B and tangent to the line l.

This is my code.

Restart: with(geometry):






tangentpc(l, ABC,C):


point(T,a,b):sys:=solve([distance(T,A) = distance(T,B), distance(T,A)=distance(T,l)],[a,b]):

Hello, with "logplot", if I use "scale" or change the minimum vertical range to some smaller values, the plot mechanism will automatically print "0., 0.5*0.0001, 0.0001, 0.5*0.001, 0.001, .... " at the y-axis numeric mark.

However, I want the 10^(-n) numeric format and alwasy keep the format.

How could I always get the 10^(-n) numeric format for y-axis ?

Thanks a lot!

a long equation has many Ei

how to convert into Gamma function using below identity

Ei(a, z) = z^(a-1)*GAMMA(1-a, z);

Please I need to adjust this expression (Physics) help me to find at least one other solution and thank you very much, since

Hi all,

A while ago, I had asked a question relating to calling to an MapleSim .msim simulation within maple .mw worksheet. (Thank you Acer! :) I got it working but then another issue just popped up...The basic structure is as follows:


A := MapleSim:-LinkModel('filename' = "TriplePendulum_WORKS_v2.msim")

for z from 1 to 50 do


How can i specify the ground field C= complex numbers and calculate a primary decomposition for an ideal defined over C? For example

J:= <x^2 +1 >;

should return x+I, x-I, but instead returns x^2+1


how can i install the DirectSearch optimization package for mac version (MAPLE 15)?


Dear all,
Some time ago I asked a question on maple primes concerning handling the numeric solutions of dsolve procedure.

They sent me to the discussion on option remember and indeed this helped a lot.
However there is another issue.

The method I am trying to implement requires iterative calls to dsolve/numeric with one of the functions defined from the previous...

Hi everyone,

My question is as following:

Given the numeric solution to the dsolve call as a procedure, I define a function of this procedure, say

u(x(t),t), where x(t)=proc(t)..proc - output from dsolve/numeric

Is there a way to have u as a function of t only and not of procedure x(t) and t?

Thanks in advance for any help


I need a procedure to unjumble a series of 9 letters into discernable 4 to 9 letter words. each letter can only be used once and it needs to include a given letter in each word. eg IOCMRELAE, and include R in each word

Acer did a similar thing a while back, but in this case it needs to tell it to permute 9 letters, then 8,....,then 4 (each including letter R).

 >with(StringTools): with(PatternDictionary):
>bid:= Create(`builtin`):

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