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> f (x) =  x^3+2*x+1
> NewtonsMethod(f(x), x = -.5, output = sequence);

              -0.5, -0.4545454546, -0.4533983368, ...

I was successful @ splitting the coupled eq into the 3 constituent PDE's but have been unsuccessful to get MAPLE to generate the characteristic solutions except for the 1st one for X which is the basic solution to the Helmholtz eq.

Can someone with more savy with MAPLE verify whar I have so far & advise me how to proceed to solve for Y & Z?  I have uploaded my file.  My expereince with MAPLE vector calc package is limited.

appreciate the assistance


hi , can anyone tell me what's wrong withthis!! plzzz!thank you in advance!

Fixed point method:

> fixe := proc (p, g)

local n, nmax, e;

e := 1/100000000; nmax := 500;

while (evalb(n < nmax) and e < abs(g(p)-p) do

n := 1;

p := g(p); print(n, "             ", evalf(p, 10...

Hi, every body,

When I use the two orders stackmatrix and augment. It is ok. But, when I try to use the reslut matrix in any place no matrix appears.

Could any one help me.

Hi everybody:

I am running an application which involves solving symbolically an ODE over a three segment domain and then adjusting the constants of integration to satisfy boundary/continuity conditions. I wrote the code in document mode and noticed that it takes very long to execute. I resurrected the old worksheet-based code which does basically the same thing and it runs much faster. Of course the code in both cases (due to evolution of both software and user) is not exactly the same.

how woulud i plot this for maple 11


I tried to solve a PDE-BVP :


BC C[a](0,t)=C, (d(C[a])/dz)(z=-z0)=0;

Request to guide me how to write maple code for Boundary conditions.


I am looking for plotting a function which is the localisation of a point in space.

This vector can be write as [X(theta1,theta2,theta3),Y(theta1,theta2,theta3),Z(theta1,theta2,theta3)].

How can I plot all possible point in space when parameters theta1 theta2 theta3 vary to -Pi .. Pi without loop (for while) ?


I tried :



Maple does not find the product
product((k+a)*(k+b)/((k+c)*(k+d)), k = 1 .. infinity) assuming a > 0, b > 0, c > 0, d > 0, a+b = c+d;

                         GAMMA(c) GAMMA(d) infinity

Just curious if there are any best upgrades to a computer to improve the speed of Maple.  Here's my issue.

It could be perhaps that I am just being bogged down by my video card.  When I have many plot displays open or a large plot structure with many points Maple really bogs down.  I think it's most likely my video card but I would like to hear some thoughts on this. 

It is a fairly old computer by todays standards ( single...

Dears,  I have a system of linear equation A*X=B   where A matrix 607x400  & X vector  400x1 and B vector 400x1

where A not square matrix. To sove,  I do


Let   D= (A^T)*A        D  square matrix



the solution is

X= (D^-1)*(A^T)*B.

could any one help me to do this by maple and cut the resluts in...

How do I graph several level curves of the function f(x,y) = ln xy with maple.

I am trying to get maple to print output whilst running a procedure. This works fine with Maple 11 under Mac OS 10.4, and it also works with Maple 11 under Mac OS 10.6 when using the command-line version.  However, it does not work when running the GUI version of Maple 11 under Mac OS 10.6.  Has anyone found a way around this problem?

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