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I'am simulating a Simple AC-DC converter withTransistor NPN. When the load is just a resistance. It work. But, when I add an inductor of 10 mH to the load. Do not work. Why ?


Thanks in advance

So I have something like this:

> with(student);
> with(plots);
> with(plottools);
> with(DEtools);

with the information in the page

what should do?

i guess to use Hn directly and use sum(Hn*z^m/m!)

is it possible in Maple?


Solve the equation (x-2)(25-x^2)=1


I have a third order system with nonconstant coefficients I would like to solve in Maple.  I have found a solution  but, I need a general solution.  I have attached the worksheet.  In the worksheet I have commented the system and the known solution.

Is there some way to construct the general solution from known solutions like a variation of parameters?

Today I found that login does not work on MaplePrimes.  I changed my password, but still not.

There is no error, I am just returned to the provious page, still not logged in.

Safari 5.1.2, Mac OS 10.6.8

I had to log in using Firefox to post this!

How to patch library maple functions locally if there any method?

Found that in


in 195-196

instead of

j := evalf(j[-1][2]-1);
k := evalf(j[1][1]+1)


should be

j := evalf(t1[-1][2]-1);
k := evalf(t1[1][1]+1)

How to update maple?

if the tolerance can only accept gamma function, rational function

How to convert Kummer expression into other simple formula?

i have calculated a generating function, but the actual answer is much simpler than this

Gen := {p(z) = exp(-I*z/sqrt(c))*KummerM(-(-(1/2)*sqrt(c)*beta+(1/2*I)*beta*c+I*(-1/2+c)*x)/sqrt(c),
beta, 0)*_C1+1)+exp(-I*z/sqrt(c))*KummerU(-(-(1/2...


Sorry for this noobish question but I have problems solving this 2-dimensional Integral:

int(x*y(x^2-y^2)/(3*(x^2+y^2)^3), [x = 0 .. 2, y = 0 .. 1])

Maple 14 does not solve it. Mathematica did solve it but I was hoping for Maples Integration tutor (great thing) to help me solve this on my own.





Im not sure if anyone can help but whenever I plot a graph maple freezes. It looks like the program just refuses to plot it and repeats the command until i get to past where the graph should be at which time it goes back to working fine.


Another way of describing the error is, whenever i...

rsolve({c*(n+beta)*P(n+1)/(-1+c)+(c*(x+beta)/(1-c)-x)*P(n)+n*P(n-1)/(-1+c)=0,P(0)=1}, P(n));
return rsolve({c*(n+beta)*P(n+1)/(-1+c)+(c*(x+beta)/(1-c)-x)*P(n)+n*P(n-1)/(-1+c)=0,P(0)=1}, P(n));

Any other method besides rsolve to solve genfun?

i discover it can solve variable coefficient and n coefficient too.

but sometimes n*P(n+1) make it can not solve, i have to remove n to P(n+1)

any paper describing the mechanism of rsolve, where it store the maple code of rsolve in maple 15?

Please write for me another code for the following problem:
Write the equation of the plane (P) passing through the line (d): x = -t -1, y = t + 3, z = 2*t + 2, (P) cuts the axis Ox at A and the axis Oy at B (A, B different form origin O) so that OA = 2OB.

This is my code






When one equation has no exact solution. I use rkf45 to solve it.

How can I plot the error figures. Can I use the order:s1 := seq([tt[p], Xrre[p] - Xrre[p - 1]], p = 2..N):

w := 500:
k1 := 1:
k2 := sqrt(2):
k3 := -1-sqrt(2):
u1(t):= t/(t + 1)*exp(I * k1 * w * t) + cos(t) * exp(I * k2 * w * t) + exp(I * k3 * w * t):
u2(t):= exp(I * k1 * w * t) + exp(I * k2 * w * t) + t * exp(I * k3 * w * t):

That's the question... 'cause I've tried to open it using

./maple14/bin/maple -cw

like a thousand times and nothing happens...

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