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test := proc (value)
  local a, i:
  a := [jack, john, will]:
  for i in a do
    assign('i', value):
  end do:
end proc:


outside of the proc it works like I want it to

for i in a do

I want to solve a series of differential equations, and then plot the results, but I'm having a bit of trouble with evaluating them using dsolve. My code is:





I expect the first call to Length to return a value of 63.  The backslashes are being ignored.  Is this a "feature", or is the Length command not behaving as it should?

Is there a simple way to assign a single value to multiple variables?

just as an example, instead of labouriously entering a1:=5: a2:=5: a3:=5  ... a40:=5:

This way I present here doesn't work as I thought.


for ii in a do
end do:


Any suggestions?

Hi Maple experts,

is there a way to tell Maple, that it only gives me the first 10 solutions it finds.

My problem is, that I have an equation

eq := f(x,a,b)=0

with probably millions of solution pairs

(a_0 , b_0).

I use

solve(eq, {a,b} )

Therefore, maple thinks the whole night, fills 2Gb of memory untill I have to interruped the calculation.


Indeed I need only 1 nontrivial solution (a,b)  !

I was wondering whether The Mathematics Survival Kit is now also available for Mac? When I downloaded it for version 14 it was a windows version which I was unable to use because I'm a Mac user... ;-( So I am concerned that when I buy it now for Maple 15 I might get another useless version...

Thanks for the help on my previous question.

I set up my dataset as follows:

points := [[2.612499, 16.24096], [3.437499, 14.21687], [3.437498, 11.22891], [3.437497, 8.192769], [4.262499, 6.361444], [5.224999, 7.662649], [7.974999, 7.51807], [10.175, 8.192769], [10.725, 9.59036], [12.375, 8.289155], [14.1625, 8.626504], [16.0875, 8.578312], [17.7375, 7.469878], [19.9375, 7.469878], [21.5875, 7.469878], [22.6875, 7.180721], [23.65, 8.289155], [24.0625, 9.638553...

I am new to Maple and I have not been able to figure out how to do something that should be very simple.

Using Maple to derive the conditions of a problem, I arrive at the following equation:

3*a(-1/3*b/a)^2+2*b(-1/3*b/a)+c = 0

By hand, I can simplify this equation, but I cannot figure out how to Maple to duplicate my result.

What steps do I need to go through to get the equation in the simplified form:

1/3*(3*a*c-b^2)/a = 0




I have a problem with an assigment for a Marine Construction claass:

Solving the non-dimensional vibration equation numerically (Eq. 2.1). To this end, implement the following transformation:

Z = dX/dT

Eq 2.1: diff(X(T), T, T)+a*(diff(X(T), T))+b*X(T) = C*(1-(diff(X(T), T)))*abs(1-(diff(X(T), T)))*sin(W*T)


I've tried to do the following:


> dsolve(diff(X(T), T, T)+a*(diff(X(T), T...


I'm trying to debug my module, but cannot find the problem! The problem areas are marked with red. Can you help?


I want to do numerical differentiation and integration on a large data set.

How can I do?

I'm trying to plot some expressions the contain infinite summations.  On some of them it is working, but is really slow, and on others Maple keeps thinking and consuming more memory until it reaches just under 2 gb, by which time it is pretty much hung.

Is there a way make Maple not work so hard in evaluating the summations?

It looks like for me using shift+tab does not work in linux when one selects 1D as the default input notation and is typing in a worksheet. 

Does anyone know where we should submit bug reports for things like this?



I'm trying to solve a nonlinear diff. equation numerically using (dsolve) but it gives me an

Error, (in dsolve/numeric/bvp) initial Newton iteration is not converging
my code is:
ode:= diff(f(x),x,x,x)+f(x)*diff(f(x),x,x)+B(1-(diff(f(x),x))^2=0   # f'''+f*f''+B(1-(f')2)=0
bcs:= f(0)=0,diff(f(x),x)(0)=0,diff(f(x),x)(5)=1                            # f(0)=0, f'(0)=0,f'(5)=1

I tried pairs of x and y:

> with(CurveFitting);

> points:=[[2.612499,16.24096]],[3.437499,14.21687],[3.437499,11.22891],[3.437499,8.192769],[4.262499,6.361444],[5.224999,7.662649]];

> h := PolynomialInterpolation(points, x);

I got

Error, (in CurveFitting:-PolynomialInterpolation) data points not in recognizable format

I also tried

> points := [0, 1], [1, 2], [3, -7], [4, -3];

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