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I need to create an ellipse and an ellipsoid (ellipse in 3D) through code. How would I be able to do this? Can someone please give me an example for each?


Also, I will need to create a line for an ellipse and a plane for an ellipsoid that intersect. Would I be able to find the intersecting points? Would I be able to find the function for the curve line that is created when a plane intersects an ellipsoid? Also, how would I find the surface area and volume...

I am tring to solve a PDE system with four equations that its unknowns have three independent variable.

Is it possible to solve this system numerically?

I currently need to cut a sphere into equal parts becuase I am carrying out an investigation for a school assignment. However, I do not know how I can cut the sphere into pieces in Maple, which I have been told it needs to be done through code. I will need to know how I can cut it so I can carry out my investigation by cutting it into different number of pieces. For example, cutting a sphere into half, so one piece would be a hemisphere.


Also, I will...


Please see the solution output in blue color, there are 7 answers seperated by commas

Can you please help me:

1 - What "0.0000591392596494206" stands for?

2 - What "the matrix 4 rows by 1 column" stands for?


3 - What "460" stands for?



I'm looking for information on the x3d format, with a view to converting x3d to 3d-pdf.

  1. x3d formats are available from standard gui by right-clicking to "export".  How can you use plotsetup to access the "Extensible 3D" format with a line of code?
  2. what x3d viewer do you recommend?
  3. do you have any tips on converting x3d to pdf?

Let me elaborate to provide context to my questions. In a previous post (



I am trying to solve for fourier coefficients but can't figure out the error in the code. Need help to debug the code.

Also if possible how to find the harmonics in the curve defined in the code.

following is the website from where i got this code

Here is a simple version of the code:


I am trying to write a quaternion package, I also want it to be able to multiply quaternion polynomials where the unknown "x" remains on the right of the coefficient. the I,J,K rules are standard quaternion rules.

define(M, 'flat', 'multilinear', 'identity' = 1,
M(I,I)=-1, M(J,J)=-1, M(K,K)=-1, M(I,J)=K, M(J,I)=-K, M(J,K)=I, M(K,J)=-I, M(I,K)=-J, M(K,I)=J,

Hi everyone,

 Is there any possibility to add two plots together and have the wave shape which will be combination of the two.


Equation for two plots is attached.


Thanks in advance


Dear Maple Users

I am looking for specific answer, please see the following code,

by trial and error I estimated proper values for 4 parameters, and corresponding equations become close to zero.

However I need to make it automatically via maple, what can I do?

If I give ranges for parameters, there is no answer existed.

Thank you.

you can download worksheet from the below:



i write following code that solve ordinary differential equation. but its not good enough. because when in loop it want to integrate equation it takes too long for many problems. i wants you to help me to solve this problem. i think maybe its better to solve with numerical but i cant. its really important for me and thancks for your help. I bold that section.


Hello, I need some help on how to solve this eq: diff(y(x),x,x)-y^2=0; y(0)=100,y(2)=1 When I tried to do this by solve command, I get a blank list. I really need help on this. thanks a lot

I wrote a quaternion package, defined my own `*` and etc.

now I multiply two matrices using MatrixMatrixMultiply.

and I obtain something like this, notice it's not simplified, with terms like (2+K)(4+I):

however, if i simply highlight what's shown above(the output) and copy and paste it and then press enter, i get a simplified version (it still doesn't simplify `^` but that can wait)


I am struggling with simple multiplication shown in the attached file:

Is there any specific multiplication command I should use. 

Pls guide me in respect of how to make plot after multiplying A and B

Thanks in advance




Both Interactive stock quote importer applications in the application center are for Maple 13 and Maple 15.

Can anyone help to get it to work in Maple 12?  Does the Maple 13 code still work today?

The error I recieve running it in Maple 12 is, Error in Component Button0 with caption "Get finance Data from Yahoo" (in assign) invalid arguments.


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