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Each line in my data file reads

[elm1, elm2, elm3, elm4]

I have the following lines to tally column 1:

> data:= map2(op, 1, datafile);

> Statistics[Tally](data);

I would like to tally the 3-tuples, [elm1,elm2,elm3], and it doesn't seem that Tally is able to handle a 3-tuple. 

I appreciate any help you can offer.


Collect Terms...

September 27 2008 marc005 3048
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I have an equation given by

( 15.3*r_1 - 0.6 + 5.7 * r_2 ) / ( 21.0*r_1 - 3.1 + 84.8*r_2 )

what command do I use to collect r_1 and r_2 so i get

(r_1 + r_2 ) * ...... -.....    /   (r_1 + r_2) *....... - ......

Simple Solution...

September 27 2008 marc005 3048
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if I have a equation

( 15,3440 * r_1 - 0.6329 + 5.7540 * r_2  )   / 

( 21.0981 * r_1 - 3.1780 + 84.8348 *r_2 )

How do I solve for r_1 and r_2 ?

The solutions should be r_1=0.175 and r_2=0.055

Hi all! I have such an issue: I have a set of non-linear expressions with two variables, right now I am trying to create a plot: {0 = -(1/345)*(-28704*b*a-11224*b*a^2)/a, 0

I've got a really serious problem about maple 12.It happened after I installed maple 12 software. The installation was successful,i activated the software successfully as well,but when i want to run the program.. the error message pop up... it said that "could not create java virtual machine".
I've tried everything i can to deal with this problem like restart the system,re-download and re-install the software,even re-install the java... which all turned out to be failed.I'm really looking forward to your help.

Dear all,

 I want to plot  one figure,  the codes in Maple 11 is as follows

I'm using a Mac Pro with Leopard, Maple12, and try to

use "define_external" to use a shared library I created (just a simple trial for now) but get the error:

> define_external('try_it', 'FORTRAN' , 'x'::float[8] , 'y'::float[8] , LIB="try/");
Error, external linking: error loading external library try/ dlopen(try/, 129): no suitable image found.  Did find:
    try/ mach-o, but wrong architecture

I compiled the library with:

solving for infinity...

September 25 2008 xiaofan 4

Hey guys,

I have a quick question about solving for variables = infinity.  When I code in


the output returns as blank.  Does anyone know why this is?  When I do

the output returns x=infinity and y=infinity.  But when I do



I'm trying to solve a system of 3 equations with 3 unknowns using fsolve(). The (very long) equations depend on a parameter d. For some values of d, fsolve finds a solution, for other values of d it doesn't, although I can specify a quite narrow range in which there should be a solution. Is there any way to force fsolve() to try harder? It returns unevaluated after about 5 min and I wouldn't mind if it searched for several hours...

Since I've been helped so many times on this forum, I wanted to "give back" something to the forum.  I remember several months ago someone on this forum had a coupled system of differential equations to solve: an autonomous systems of ODEs that looked like it came from chemical kinetics, something like:

dx/dt = (5*x + y)/(2*x+3*y+5)

dy/dt = 2*x*y/(7*x+6*y+1)


Dear all,

A few months ago I posed a question on drying of moist particles. Since then my study continued but has never finished.

In short:

Can someone help me with figuring out what the following error means:

"Error, (in F) final value in for loop must be numeric or character"

I've obviously done something wrong but have no clue where to start!!

This comes up when i'm trying to plot a graph using the following code:

Hey Everyone,

I'm a Calculus III student and first let me say i love maple because it really helps to visualize things, however, i'm having trouble plotting an equation.  I'm doing a 2nd degree taylor function for sin(x*y) which is:

z = 1 - (pi/8)(x-1)-(pi/2)(x-1)(y-(pi/2))-(1/2)(y-(pi/2))

And it says that it cannot plot the equation.


I've also noticed that the plot of sin(x*y) is different from the plot of sin(x(y)).




I have a function when expressed in polar coordinates such that a trig function resides inside a trig function.  In calculus 101 we all learned that integrating the product or quotient of 2 or more trig functions requires integration by parts but I have never run across the case where a trig function is a function of another trig function.  Any one have any references I should consult on to learn how to handle this?


September 23 2008 bongiman 128

I want to plot a graph of the following sequence

x[n]=p*x[n-1]+q*x[n-2] where x[0]=0 and x[1]=1. Also p & q are independ random variables with values +1 or -1.

This is what i've done so far

> with(Statistics):
> x[0]:=0: x[1]:= 1:
> for n from 2 to 10 do
> S:=Sample(Bernoulli(0.5),2):
> p:=S[1]: q:=S[2]:
> x[n]:=p*x[k-1]+q*x[k-2]: od;

But the output is not tallying up the x[n]'s. Also i just realised my code selects +1 or 0 for p & q......

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