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Hey there in the file above, i have an equation with units, that maple dont seem to be able to solve.


Its the equation at the bottom on the box.


Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong?


Rune Eriksen :)

I have a piecewise function which I require to be transformed to a fourier series.

The function to be transformed is:

         velocity:=piecewise(t<=6, 3*sin(t*Pi/6), t>6, 0);

How can I change this to a fourier series in a simple manner.


Thanks for your advice.

Is there a way to make the x, y and z axes thicker in 3d plots?

I want to do a Monte Carlo study with the following probability distribution:

P(X=x):=(x-1)*q^(x-2)*(p^2+(2*(1-p-q))*p)+binomial(x-1, x-3)*q^(x-3)*((1-p-q)^3+(1-p-q)^2*p);

with x = 2. 3, ... infinity and parameters p and q with 0 < p+q < 1. For the Monte Carlo study I ave to generate samples with specified values of p and q. For this I have yo do something similar to:

use Statistics in T:=[1/2,0,0,0,0,0,1/2];


Hello Everyone,

I am using Maple for printing out my calculations which already look good. I wonder if there is there a way to draw a box around some important resutls or equations, something like the "\boxed" command in LaTeX?




I would like some help with this. As so many others  i get this meassage "There were problems during the loading process. Your worksheet may be incomplete." when i treid to open my, almost done, Math assignment.

so i looked the problem op and found that i could retrive alot of my work by changing some lines of code. I could not find the problem.


Any help?



ps. I realy realy realy hope you guys can help me!

By setting zeta_t:=`&zeta;&tilde;`: %; I can get ζ˜ as output.
However I don't find it satisfactory. I would like to have the tilde above the ζ without shift.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

I cannot make a worksheet function as it should in MapleNet 11. It contains a graph and a slider to adjust the graph. It looks fine, but when I try to read the value of the slider I get an error message "Error: ecslider17 not found". The worksheet works perfectly in "offline Maple".


Any suggestions how to fix this will be most welcome.

I have been running up against a memory limitation when running v15 from a Linux Ubuntu workstation.  The memory indicator in Maple gets up to 39.36M but will not go above that.  After I reach this limit I am still able to perform further computations but Maple gets slow and eventually crashes.  Here is one of the lines from the error message:

Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded

I have been using the DirectSearch package contributed by Dr. Sergey N. Moiseev.  It works very well for the problems I have been working on and would like to use it in Matlab.  Is anyone aware of a Matlab version, how I may convert this to a Matlab file, or call Maple from Malab? 


I would like to write some functions and algebra that work with dual numbers. 

I have not found a library that supports this.

The basis of dual numbers it is epsilon^2=0, similar to i,j,k in complex algebra where i^2=-1,i*j=-1 etc.


somehow Maple does not integrate a procedure in the correct way. And I don't know why. Could you please help?

This procedure creates a matrix of a special form


local p,i,j,m,off,eps:  

if n<6 then print("n greater 6"): return: end if:  

if (n mod 4)<>2 then print("n has to be n (mod 4) = 2 "): return: end if:  

eps:=proc(m,A,Lambda,k) (k+m*Lambda*2)^2+A/2 end proc:  



i have written the followin code that achieve Y from determinant of matric aa. but when i change digit my result changes. i dont know why? 


> restart;
> with(LinearAlgebra);
> Digits := 100;
> upsilon := .38;
> rho := 0.122e4;
> l := 0.176e-4;
> h := 2*0.176e-4;
> L := 20*h;
> E := 0.144e10;
> lambda := E*upsilon/((1+upsilon)*(1-2*upsilon));

Hiim using maple 14 and tried to apply the sum of vector's elements, y appears a error (Error, unsupported type of index, n)


a := Vector(5, {(1) = 1, (2) = 2, (3) = 3, (4) = 4, (5) = 5});
> sum(a(n), n = 1 .. 5);

Error, unsupported type of index, n


please need some help



Dear All Members;

In my research I faced with this problem and I appreciate if any of you specialists be able to help me in this issue. I brought the question here:


Please let me know that is it possible to finde this derivative of Bi-variate Normal distribution in Maple? If yes, could you please help me to do this?



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