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I am wondering if there is any way to set global plot parameters.

<p>Hi guys,</p>
<p>I modelled a surface, of which I'd like to have a mathematical representation. The following image is what I need to have.</p>
<p> </p>
<p><span><a href=""><img alt="" src="" /></a></span></p>
<p>I've written the parameters of both curves that are drawn on it.</p>
<p>I'm supposed to be able to find it, but I think I just didn't do enough pure mathematics in the past year ...</p>

I have the following differential equation:

(dy / dx) = (x* (1 - .5*x - .5*y) ) / (y* (-.25 + .5*x))

First, I would like to graph the solution to this equation with multiple initial conditions. For example, I would like to graph the solution with y(1) = 2, y(1) = 4, etc. Is this possible using the ODEplot command? If it is not possible using ODEplot, can you provide me with a command I can use and with sample code?

Maple 13 does not print...

May 06 2009 mma 56
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yesterday i downloaded Maple13 64 bit for Linux. (OpenSuse 11.1 64bit)

When i try to print it does not work. No dialog menü pops up where i can
select the printer or change other printer-specific things

If i try with Maple12, which i have installed parallel in a seperate directory, Maple12 does print indeed.

Does anybody have an idea ? Besides printing all is working good on Maple13

Thanks in advance


cos(x)<1 ; cos(x) >=1
I tried using solve, but it throws the "Warning, solutions may have been lost" problem, thanks in anticipation.

Maple 12.02 on a Mac running OS X.4.11.

As a first step trying to simplify a longish expression (pasted together from separate parts), I copy it to a scratch worksheet and ask it be displayed.  It shows up (2D Math mode) with the front part of it missing.  When I step through the expression with the arrow keys, the mode stays the same, so there doesn't seem to be break in it.  Here's the expression and its displayed form, pasted into the box that appears on clicking on the Maple leaf icon above this message input area:


May 04 2009 Oliver K 1116
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Hi, assume we have two large nxn-Matrices A,B and we want to know if B is a Permutation of A, so A and B would have the same Elements, just in different places.
Because of the size of A,B, it has to be effective. What ist the best way to do this ?




how do I suppress printing of output in case the colon does not do what it should? Example:

if condition then
  printf("Some info...");
  gArr[1,1]:=plot(sin,-1..1,axes=boxed,color=blue,title=`Title 1`):
  gArr[2,1]:=plot(cos,-1..1,axes=boxed,color=blue,title=`Title 2`):
  ERROR("Error message...");
end if;

1,There are four points a=[3,4], b=[-4,-16/3], c=[-1,1],
d=[8,-8]. Write a simple program to find the intersection point
of straight line segement ab and straignt line segement cd.

2, Write a procedure to convert a list L into a set S?

thank you

I've used very similar code before, this time different equations, and for some reason getting the subscript selector thing, which Maple Help claims to have never heard of before.  I've been fiddling around with the code, and NOTHING gets rid of error.  PLEASE HELP!!

invalid subsricpt selector...

May 04 2009 drbones 4
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tryint to solve a series of d.e.


How do i plot both A & B on the same set of axes where

A={z:1<=|z+2i|<=2}; & B={z:1<=|Arg(z+2i)|<Pi/3}.

I'm struggling to plot A on it's own nevermind B!

restart; g:= x^2+(y+2)^2<=2; plots[implicitplot](g,x=-5..5,y=-5..5,y=-5..5,filled = true, scaling = constrained)

I'd have thought when |z+2i|=2 my circle should should go through the origin but with the above code it does not. Am i completely wrong here?

And how do i plot it with 1<= and >=2?

Any pointers would be very much appreciated.


This is probably really simple and asked before, but a google search yielded nothing.
I just want to generate a table of results from a formula, so I can use and plot them elsewhere.

For example my graph is plotted with plot(function,x=0..0.75)
I just want 2 columns of data, one with the value of x increasing in intervals of 0.01 and one of the corresponding value of the function.

Thanks in advance

I don't even know where to start with this one:(

 Write a procedure PRIME_BRACKET that takes as input any positive real number (not just an integer) and finds the smallest prime number larger than or equal to the input.

How would I do the following?

1. Write a procedure MY_MAX to compute the maxiumum numerical number of a list L, which may contain ANY type of expressions. If there is no numerical number in L then return ERROR.

2. Write a procedure PRIME_BRACKET that takes as input any positive real number (not just an integer) and finds the smallest prime number larger than or equal to the input.

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