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I have a recurrence function that is defined as:

f2m+1(r) = (2m+1)*f2m(r)/a - r2m+1*exp(-a*r)/a
f1( r) = -(1+a*r)*exp(-a*r)/a2

I tried to solve this...

This first example command

solve({(x-1)/(2*(x-2)) = 2/(x^2-4)+2*(1/2)}, {x})

will be x=-1.

The second example command

solve({(x-1)/(2*(x-2)) = 2/(x^2-4)+1/2}, {x})

won't give me any answer. I know that there is no solution (in sense x=2 for example) for the second math problem.

How can I tell mapple to show me that x=2 ? (even if it's not inside the definition sum R)

Or, if the simplyfication of the equation would be something like x = x + 2 ...

Hi, all,

I am wondering whether Maple have the capacity to compute boolean operations containing variables. 

For example, I want to compute (a1*b0)xor(a0*b1), is there a way to do that. I know Maple has "Xor" command to compute the xor of two given numbers. Is there a way to do that over variables?


thanks a lot 


Hello, I am solving an ODE numerically with maple. The output is an array of the form, for example: sol(0) = [t = 0., z(t) = 0., diff(z(t), t) = 0.] Now, I can access the three sections like: sol(0)[2] = z(t) = 0. But I just want the number. How do I access just the 0, in this case?


I've recently started creating questions using MapleTA, and at the moment I've hit a stumbling block.

For a particular question, the students need to enter a formula. When I input the answer in decimal form, the question is graded correctly; when I put it in fractional form, it's not. I've used the simplify command in every perturbation I know, but I can't get it to work.

More details:


I have a function (procedure) of one real variable that returns a list of 2 real numberssay f(x)=[y1,y2].  The procedure involves a lot of looping, so it's a little slow.  My questions regards efficiently plotting this function.  y1 and y2 typically differ widely, so plotting both outputs on the same plot renders the smaller one useless (essentially looks like the zero function).  (I.e. plot(f(x),x=0..10)).  But if I use 2 distinct plot commands, the...

I used to know.  But I can't find it with google and I can't remember how to do it. 

In animate how do I blank out the numbers at the top of an animation plot?

I am trying to learn more about certain maple functions using:

readlib(fsolve); #for example

This works well, but sometimes the function calls something else that I don't quite understand. An example for fsolve is when it has decided to use Newton's method:

#this is taken somewhere from inside the fsolve procedure



I can't figure out how to view the code for this...

Hello all,

How to plot a complex solution of a differential equation ( used numeric method ) ? i tryed odeplot but its only for real valued fuctions...

Someone can help me please ?


Hi all,

How can I write a vertical etiquette (title) in parallel with y axis ?

How can I give a legende inside the plot (inside Figure) ?

How can I make symboles for different curves ?

Thanks in advance


Since a few weeks i use Mac OS X, I downloaded the accordingly maple version from my campus server and installed it. I can start the program, but when I enter a simple instruction like plotting x^2, I get a little progress window with the headline "Kernel Connection Not Available", in the window there is: "Waiting for kernel connection" with a status bar and a Cancel-Button. The status bar runs through until about 60% and then it doesn't go on.

Can you...

Hi all,

I've just added a reply to an old thread I opened some month ago, but I don't see the thread at the top of the recent questions. Where is it gone????

Should I re-open a thread?



ps the thread was this one:

I'm trying to solve the following ode:

[-5*e4(r)*E+3*r*e5(r)*dE-5/3*r*e8(r)*dE+2*e7(r)*E+3*e1(r)*E-4/3*r*e2(r)*dE = 0, 1/3*1/r*(3*r^2*e5(r)*dE-6*r*e4(r)*E-12*M*e7(r)*E+10*M*r*e8(r)*dE-3*r^2*e1(r)*dE+6*M*e4(r)*E-3*M*r*e5(r)*dE+6*r^2*e4(r)*dE+8*M*r*e2(r)*dE-18*M*e1(r)*E-r^2*e2(r)*dE+6*r*e7(r)*E-5*r^2*e8(r)*dE) = 0, 1/3*r*(4*e7(r)*E-5*r*e8(r)*dE-4*e4(r)*E+5*r*e5(r)*dE) = 0, r^2*e2(r)*dE-2*r*e1(r)*E+1/3*r^2*e4(r)*dE+2/3*r^2*e7(r)*dE-8/3*M*e7(r)*E+10/3*M*r*e8(r)*dE+2/3*r*e4(r...

I am trying to determine whether there is a particular order to how Maple displays complex and real solutions to equations. for example if I input


There are obviously complex and real solutions to this, and the output displays both but does Maple always display the real solutions first?



I am trying to solve the following optimization problem:

max ∑ij cijxij

st.: xij ≤ indic(∑uvxuv>0), u≠i, v>j, for all i & j,

      xij=0..1, for all i & j, where "indic()" is the indicator function.

My problem lies in evaluation of the inequality constraint. It gives back an error about the non-numeric type of the expression.

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