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Below, you will see a serie that I would like to obtain in Maple.  Any way I trie I am stick with Pi.  Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


Mario Lemelin
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I am trying to plot a two variable expression in single 2D plot but have been unsuccessful.

I already have an equation in two variables that is obtained through a lengthy process of calculations:

DEQ = A*D + B*Ne, where A and B are constants, and D and Ne are variables.

I can easily plot a 3D graph of this, but I'd also like to plot what are essentially slices of the 3D graph onto a 2D graph. Actually to plot several slices on a single 2D graph.

I have tried to do the following but have been unsuccessful:

Below is my attempt at a cocktail sort, there are two lines of code missing as i am unsure as what to put there. I think the rest is correct.

Please check and see if you can spot what i need to include.

Hi Maple users,

I have a license for the Global Optimization Toolbox (GOT) 12 (i.e. for Maple 12). However, it seems it cannot be installed under Maple 13. As the GOT is essentially a frontend for an external library, I find this restriction a bit artificial and annoying. I don't see a reason why I should buy a new license for something that is practically the same that I already bought...!? Do I overlook something? Is there a simple way of installing the GOT 12 under Maple 13? Thanks for any hint!


Is anyone aware of Maple code intended to do some of the floating-point stress tests like are done in Kahan's paranoia code? (See here.)

I realize that modern Maple claims to comply with IEEE 854, 754, etc. But I like to check some things for myself. Call me paranoid. ;)


How do I get a,b,c,d to the function a*b^x*c^y*d^z-x-2*y-3*z  get the minimum with {0<x<1,-1<y<1,-1<z<0}?
Thanks in advance !


I read a lot of guides, forums and etc, i've been trying to add/remove shiftenters and i've got always the same error. Every parenthesis is checked. Please tell me, where is the mistake?



I have problem with Inverse Fourier Transformation. I have an expression S, Maple can't calculate its Inverse Fourier Transform:




I have Maple 13.
Thanks for help in advance.

I have programmed a bisection procedure below, and i was just wondering how i would change this into a recursive version of the method. I don't really understand what is ment by recursive?

local a,b,c,d;
while(abs(b-a)>d) do
if sign(f(c))=sign(f(a)) then a:=c else b:=c
end proc:

Many thanks!!!

convert Arg[I*Sinh[1 + I]]to Pi - ArcTan[Cot[Abs[Tanh[1 - I]]]]



Hi All,

I am combining two problems I have with fsolve. 

1)  When fsolve finds a solution, it does not distribute the result globally.  So I have to cut 'n paste each result on another line.  Big PIA.  Is there a way to globalize the results?

If i have two lists L:=({1,2,5},{3,4,6},{1,2,3}) and G:=({2,1,3},{3,5,1},{1,5,2})

How would i write a procedure to put these two lists into one as {1,1,1,1,1,2,2,2,2,3,3,3,4,5,5,5,6} i now there is a method in maple help but it doesnt meet what i need.

Any help would be appreciated.

I am attempting to get MAPLE to generate indefinite integrals that are of the form:


from fundamental calculus principles I might set u = [r^2-a^2*cos(x)]^0.5 which then should yield du/dx = 1/2*(a*sin(x)/[r^2-a^2*cos(x)]^0.5).

Then if my math is correct the result should end up:


Hi all, I'm new to Maple T.A. 5.0 (I have about a weeks experience with it) and I'm wondering how to utilize the Keyword search function. When I go to Question Repository there seem to be 4 categories that I can search from; Groups, Type, Keyword, and Information Field. I understand how to use all these search options, save Keyword. Is there a way to assign a keyword to a question or a group so I can search by it? And if so, can someone please tell me how to do it?

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