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Error, (in dsolve/numeric/process_input) received more than one indication of the dependent vars [Cr(t), chp(t), Csp(t),Cpp(t),Cl(t)]

hello how to make integration of a a matrix????????

Maple TA...

April 25 2010 Alec Mihailovs 4105

I didn't use Maple TA myself, but I used a similar program, MyMathLab (from Pearson), and the main problem (and a question) that I have is following - entering any problem in MyMathLab (and Maple TA, I guess) verbatim in Wolfram Alpha produces the correct answer. So what is the point?

Test students' copying and pasting skills?



Hello All:

I have an if statement within a function. At some point, when the statement is evaluated I get an error message saying:

Error ...  cannot determine if this expression is true or false: 0. < 59.92088005+55.46829645*ln(.4804980261)

The right hand side is obviously greater than zero, but somehow maple does not seem to recognize this. Furthermore, this appears in the middle of a while do loop, and similar if statements are successfully evaluated with a true or false conclusion up until to this particular check point.

Need a sample maple code for a CSTR with heat exchange in unsteady state (for start up).

of a code which solves coupled nonlinear ODE's (stiff)


How do I use the math tutor to plot on the same coordinate system? 

I am stuck on a problem with my homework.

It says to plot f(x)={2-x   -3(greater than or equal to) x (greater than) 1

                          e^x            x(greater than or less than)1

How do you plot them to show the e?

I am trying to solve a vibration problem with 40x40 and larger matrices. I am using "LinearAlgebra[Determinant]" function for creating the eigenvalues' equation. When the matrix is larger than 30x30 Maple gives an error "object too large". How can I avoid it?


I have an expression k:



and the two solutions of the following expression:

solve(n*p*(1-p)=(sigma)^(2), {p});

Now I want to substitute the solutions of the former for p in k.

Because there are two different expressions to account for, how may I tell Maple to return two solutions at once, without typing each of them extra?

I have this simple piece of algebra I want to factor in the term (cw-cw1) as far as possible, with a minimal remainder of terms that do not factor. sw1j*(sw*cwj+cw*swj)*(1-cw1^2)+(-(1-cw^2)*swj+cwj*(cw-cw1)*sw-swj*cw*cw1)*cw1j*sw1+cw1*sw1j*sw*(-sw*swj+cwj*cw) Is there an easy way to do it?. I only ask because while it can be done fairly trivially by hand, I am finding it non-trivial to do in maple. Thanks in advance for suggestions.


I would like to graph a piecewise parametric function:

1 < t < 2
x(t) =1.146967180*(t-1)^3-2.178399723*(2-t)^3+38.3612214*t+106.1461765

2 < t < 3

.. and so on and so forth

I have searched and tried playing with the plot command but to no avail.

I'm wanting to use maple to plot the solution curves of a system of differential equations in the form x(t)=f(x(t),y(t)) y(t)=g(x(t−h),y(t−h)) z(t)=h(y(t)) Where h is a positive constant. Is it even possible to use maple to solve/plot something like this? I've tried by best to look through the help pages and can't find useful. Many thanks :)

What does the command length( ) return when the input is a list? For example length([1,1]) returns 7, how does length arrive at this result?

I started with the following expression:

k := n*(phi+ln(-1/(-exp(phi)+exp(phi)*p-p)))/phi;


and two equations:




Afterwards I carried out two substitution steps:

1. Substitute mu/n for p in k and store the return as j.


2. Substitute -((sigma)^(2))/(p*(p-1)) for n in j.

I try to find out, whether two expressions are equvalent or identical, respectively.
E.g. I have the following expressions:

m1 := -sigma^2*n*(phi+ln(-1/(-exp(phi)+exp(phi)*mu/n-mu/n)))/(mu*(-1+mu/n)*phi);
m2 := 2*mu*n*(phi+ln(-1/(-exp(phi)+(1/2)*exp(phi)*(n+sqrt(n^2-4*n*sigma^2))/n-(1/2)*(n+sqrt(n^2-4*n*sigma^2))/n)))/((n+sqrt(n^2-4*n*sigma^2))*phi);


and I tried to just subtract one from the other and afterwards simplify:


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