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Just wondering if the Maplesoft website will be redesigned ( I hope not ) and what happens to Mapleprimes ( I believe there are some minor changes coming to the way the forums are set up ). 

Will Maplesoft personelle continue to live and work at the site in Waterloo?  or will that building be vacated and a new headquaters set up in Japan?

I use Maple 10 to calculate eigenvalues and eigenvectors:

# code to assign the non-zero elements of K and M

For n>1000 the calculation takes several minutes (on 2.4 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM). Maple calculates all eigenvalues, but I only need the ten smallest eigenvalues (and the corresponding eigenvectors). Is there a way to increase the speed of the calculation?





I have a very simple problem. How to create custum component similrar to real expresion block (this block doesn't accept piecewise function) who generates piecewice function f:=x->piecewise(x<=2,0,x>=2 and x<=6,exp(-2x),x>=6,0) on output and nothing on input. When I modificate algebraic equtation template and input piecewise function there is an eror who doesn't accept the syntax for piecewise.


I need to use a function that transform a 3 coordonates point (x,y,z) into a 2 coordonates point (x,y) on a specified projection plane, which I called fg. I have the function, but I need to apply it to over a thousand points. Is there a more efficient way than what I did below to do so?

Help creating audio file from Array tia sal22

Greetings All
I have a text file with two columns the 1st column which goes from 0 to 1 
represents time in seconds, the 2nd column which goes from 0 to 0.9 represents amplitude.

 I would like to create a wave file from the data and export it to a stereo file at 44100 (cd quality).  How can I go about doing this?  I looked up the maple audio tools and they don't have a place to use the x (time) values they only want the y (Amplitude) values. 


I am a beginner of maple.

I try to solve a series of equations sets  with 5  unknown parameters, T, x1,x2,y1,y2

I use fsolve to get the solutions(with 7000 series of solution T,x1,x2,y1,y2). But I found the sequence of the solution is totally disordered.

I am working with matrices in maple, and just have a couple questions.

a) how do you make a matrix value "symbolic", and what does this mean (ie: i have a variable "j" in one of the matrices that I need to make symbolic).

b) when I go to do simple matrix arithmatic, and it doesn't compute, I get long errors.  How should I go about cleaning up these errors for the final document that I am creating?  Also, when do you need to call on the "linear algebra" code/package, and how do you go about doing this?



I am trying to solve a polynomial function for which there should be two solutions for x (it is just a standard x^2 +ax +a type equation, but I am a complete newb to maple and can only seem to get one solution for x.  Can you please tell me exactly what I need to enter to get all solutions for x.




I am trying to make a 3D plot of the following, but when I enter it, I am only getting the option to do a 2D Implicit plot for some reason.  Can you please tell me exactly what I need to enter, so I can make a 3D plot?

G(x, y) = e^(sinx) * cos(y)sin(xy)


I have a differential equations system with initial condition which contains complex numbers, but there is an error which says "dsolve/numeric can not solve with complex number the system must be converted to real system".

What should I do? how do I solve a differential equations system with complex initial values with maple?


<p>Good Morning Everybody,</p>
<p>I'm wondering what is wrong with the Maple code below, the worksheet works but Maple could not read L[1], L[2], L[3], and L[4] from the list param to give numerical solution. Would anyone be kind to tell me what is wrong with the code.</p>
<p>n :=4</p>
<p> > n := 4;<br />
print(??); # input placeholder</p>

I am trying to build a portfolio optimization model from simulated data. I start by defining the very large

correlation matrix and then I apply Cholesky decomp to get the cross correlated simulated data. However

I systematically get the warning message:  Warning, Matrix is not positive-definite. It is extremely difficult

(if possible at all) to specify a large correlation matrix that is positive-definite.


Hi all,

I need to obtain the partial derivative of the following functional, with respect to "a" and "b":

for example, diff(p(a(t),b(t)), a) or diff(p(a(t),b(t)), b)

I am using Maple 12, but it returns 0 while using the above command. Does anybody know how to enter the correct commands?

Thank you in advance,



Hello all,


I've been trying to recreate a simulation from a textbook, and the system of equations needs starting values to solve correctly. I've supplied all of the information that another program uses, and the degrees of freedom make sense, and I can even solve it with fsolve. However, as I try to supply the starting_values to the fsolve, I get the error "fsolve cannot solve on starting_values(...". Any help appreciated. I'm attaching the file...


Thanks in advance,




I am trying to learn to love Maple's document mode... I would like to be able to display a matrix formula or equation without evaluating it. One way to do this is with the following commands:

  with(LinearAlgebra): `print/&.` := proc (l, r) l.r end proc
  pq := <<-P^2, -P*Q+c>|< P*Q+c, Q^2>>
  2*<g.P, g.Q> = pq &. <alpha, beta>

(Paste them into a worksheet in document mode and press Enter to execute one at a time.)

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