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Hey guys i am currently attempting to do some modelling with maple, i need to solve a PDE system, i am using the following code and am confused with the error i'm getting. restart: M[Star]:=2*10^30: M[planet]:=2*10^27: q:=(M[planet])/(M[Star]): g:=sqrt((R-a)^(2)): H:=0.0333*R^(1): Delta[p]:=H: Alpha := unapply(piecewise(R <> a, 6.67*q^2*10^(-11)*M[Star]*(a/Delta[p])^4/(2*R), R = a, 1), R, a)


I defined the following functions:


Hi there,


I'm using Maple 13.02 on Windows 7 64-bit.

I get the error message Error, (in plot) type `has_unit` does not exist every time I try to make a plot.


plot(x^2,x=-1..1) gives this error.


Dou you know what's wrong?


Have a nice day!

H.C., Denmark.

With the help of maple, how could I solve this one? Determine all values of c guaranteed by the Mean Value Theorem for
f (x) = 2 x^5 + x4^ - 3 x^3 + x^2 - x - 1 on [ - 1, 1].


I have about 30 equations, let's call them Si

I want to plot them. Each Si is defined for some x between xi and xi+1

In other words, i want to plot:

S0  for x0 < x < x1

S1  for x1 < x < x2

S2  for x2 < x < x3

S for x3 < x < x4

... all the way to i=29

How do I select multiple non-contiguous lines of text (or math).  I have tried cntrl-slect, shift-select, anything I can think of -select with no success.

Thanks in advance.


I've performed the exact same calculation (using the exact same worksheet, with absolutely no changes made) last night and today and got these results:

y=[0, .4646313991, .9499094532, .5799050874, .1092604065, .4031507404, .8483735670, .6138799333, .1913933456, .3724618402, .7707837830];

y=[0, .4646313991, .9499094532, .5799050874, .1092604061, .4031507404, .8483735643, .6138799354, .1913933461, .3724618343, .7707837938];


Which are exactly the same modulo the last 3 digits.

Digits=10 in both cases.

I'm solving a differential equation in a region of appearing and disappearing potential energy, hence there is a piecewise function in the PDE w.r.t. time. The potential disappears randomly, and I need to generate a set of random times about a mean that I can put into the piecewise function to achieve this. What is the best way of generating random numbers modelled by a Poisson distribution so they can be fed into a function? Any help appreciated, Ryan

Hello everyone (new here, nice place).

I'm working through the Introductory Programming Guide in the 'Manuals' section of the online Help in Maple 13.0 and so far the soup has been at a satisfactory temperature but now I've run into a problem using the backslash as an Escape character as in the examples at 'Special Characters in Names' in '2.2 Tokens' subsection 'Names'.

Specifically I can't make the example



Does anyone know how I can shade say the top 5% of a frequency plot. Imagine the frequency plot is generated in the following way:


N := RandomVariable(Normal(0, 1)):
A := Sample(N, 500):
Q := FrequencyPlot(A, thickness = 3):

I thought


would work but no!

any good ideas??

thanks v much

Hello, I have the following problem in Matlab. I was hoping someone could tell me what I am doing wrong or why my expectations are wrong: I try to calculate a basic summation of sum(0^i, i = 0 .. 4). When calculated using Matlab 13, I get an output of 0. I was expecting this to be one, moreover because 0^0+0+0^2+0^3+0^4 equals 1. Besides, sum(p^i, i=0 .. 4), calculated by Maple gives me an outcome of 1+p+p^2+p^3+p^4. Substituting p for 1 gives an outcome of 1. So, can somebody tell me why Maple calculates sum(0^i, i = 0 .. 4) as 0 instead of 1? Thanks you!

Dear all,


I am dealling with an integral with changing lower limit:

int((k(1-x+.3*x*ln(x))+a)^2,x = s .. 1)

where k , a are constant and s<1.


When I input this in maple, I got the figure but I still can be get the integration.

Can anybody help me? Thanks.

Hi all, I need to change 'R' values in my torus given by with(plottools); with(plots); display(torus([0, 0, 0], r,R)) to one with an array of R values that are actually gaussian radius values that peak at R. I have these R values from Monte Carlo methods. I mean rather than having a strict R, I want it to peak at R with some distribution around R. Thanks

Dear MapleUsers,


I was trying to run this couple of instruction copied below, but I cannot obtain any result. Did I forget to include some package?. I am using Maple 10.

In the FIRST case I get a message:

        Error, (in simpl/min) arguments must be of type algebraic
       Plotting error, empty plot

In the SECOND case the error message is:


      Error, (in unknown) invalid argument


I have this issue


y = a theta(dot) +b theta+c


give me an error

error, Unable to compute coefficient

If anybody could solve this issue please.


Thanks in advance


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