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I'm using Maple 15.  It seems to me this worked in some previous version...

Consider the Lambert W function, y=LambertW(0,x) ... I want Maple to tell me the asymptotics for it,

something like this:


But I don't get that now.  Is my memory faulty that I got it in the past?

Maple 15:



not very useful...





Hi everyone,

I am facing a very complicated system of nonlinear equation. This cannot be solve by using normal fsolve in Maple. Anyone can help me?

Thanks a lot

Dear all,

The results I get from calcultion are usually not in compact forms, so I want to do some simplifying work. And I come up with some questions.

If I write the following expression, the factor command works:
> beta[c]^3/exp(I*omega[c]*tau)-beta[c]^2/(exp(I*omega[c]*tau))^2-2*beta[c]^2+2*beta[c]/exp(I*omega[c]*tau)+beta[c]*exp(I*omega[c]*tau)-1;
> factor(%);
However,when I write the above expressoin as following,  factor doesn't work

Hello everybody,

I would like to assign 349 different variable not already existing (w[i], i from 1 to 349) to 349 expressions from a list. Unfortunately I do not know how to write it. When I try anything like a:=w[33]->listevnouveau[33], it does not work.

With this a, I want to solve this : solve(listedd[33]*w[33]=a,w[33]); which is only possible by assigning variable to the expression.

Regard, Charbo

Is there a direct command to give the (first) index in a list,
for which the entry coincides with some given value (without
coding a loop, to run through the list)?


PS: when I enter that question I automatically get an info,
that similar questions exists. But clicking on those links do
not give usefull infos, they just lead to a page of old threads
(Page 529 of 569 for the first link ...)

Hi all

I am trying to draw a 3d plot from the data that I have created in excel, how do I import from excel to maple and then draw the 3d plot using array?


below is the link to my dataset in excel




your help is appreciated

What Should I do to get the correct result-which is obviously not something like my answer. 
> assume(a::(AndProp(NonZero, constant, real)));
> about(a);
Originally a, renamed a~:
is assumed to be: AndProp(real,constant,Non(0))

> is(a, constant);
> is(a = 0);
> is(a^2 > 0);
> assume(p::real, 0 < p and p < infinity...

How I can say that an object,say k, is a constant(it may be positive or negative) inside assume()?

assume(k::??should I say)

pls also tell me what kind of help pages I should see for this kind of "type inside assume()" problems. 


I'm working on a mecanic's problem and I need to solve a differential equation:

I want to determine x(t) and plot it... 

This is the way I do it: 

comn := choose([u, v, mu, nu], 2):

def := seq(seq(seq(Physics[`.`](Dagger(Ket(aa, k)), Ket(bb, m)) = Physics[`.`](Ket(bb, m), Dagger(Ket(aa, k))), `in`(aa, comn[i][1])), `in`(bb, comn[i][2])), i = 1 .. nops(comn)), seq(seq(seq(Dagger(Physics[`.`](Dagger(Ket(aa, k)), Ket(bb, m)) = Physics[`.`](Ket(bb, m), Dagger(Ket(aa, k)))), `in`(aa, comn[i][1])), `in`(bb, comn[i][2])), i = 1 .. nops(comn));

d1 := Physics[`.`...

I was recently browsing the Wolfram website, in particular the Online Integrator, and was very impressed that they are exposing a part of their product for free public use. I also noticed that they offer the option of submitting previously unknown anti-derivatives to them:

(From the FAQ page,
“If you think you have a...

I have three different matrices, say A(3x6),B(3x6) and C(3x12) with the size of each matrix mentioned within parenthesis. I want to define a fourth matrix D (6x12) so that D=[A,B;C] (in Matlab notation). Can anyone please tell me how to define this D in Maple? Maple help seems not that helpful at least for beginners like me. Thank you in advance.

what is the command to change transfer matrix to state space?

When I enter the Greek Capital letter "Xi" (looking like three uneven horizontal lines) it comes up fine on screen but in print preview there is a space?  Lower case "xi" is fine.  Same thing happens in both Maple 14 and 15.

Hi everyone,

Is there a way that Maple can return a list of variables in a function? For example, if I have something like:
I would like Maple to return:

I found the indets command, but it does not seem to work for functions. For example:
f:=x^2+y^2; indets(f);  returns {x,y} but     f:=(x,y)->x^2+y^2; indets(f);    returns {f}

Any help would be appreciated.

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