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my apologies if this has already been asked, in which case a pointer to the thread would be much appreciated. i've had a frustrating time searching through maple help and the internet.

i am interested in outputing a series of plots in a loop.  i would like to name the files according to the value of a variable which is changing in the loop.

for example, if  J increases from 1 to N during the loop, at each iteration i would like to name the output plot file

Import Textfiles...

April 25 2009 Dirk 237

Is it possible to import the content of textfiles(*.txt) directly into Maple11?

Most analytical and simulations tools I use provide textfiles as output. To import them into Maple11 I have to import them into an Excel file first and from there finally into Maple. That is not very effective...

I am trying to solve a system of 5 equations with given initial conditions. It keeps sqwaking and I can't figure out the problem! I have included the commands below:


I am trying to solve a nonhomogenous linear system. I am first trying to first solve the corresponding homogeneous case. I have Maple12, so I first entered the 5x5 matrix and said Eigenvalues(A) and Eigenvectors(A). This yielded two complex and three real eigenvalues. However, when I typed the system of equations and used dsolve of the system, it gave me all real eigenvalues. I have tripled checked my inputs and they match... why the discrepancy? When I tried odetest it did not yield zeros, but I can't see where the problem lies.

I am modelling a particle in a 2D square well as such; K_op:= psi -> diff(psi, x$2)+diff(psi, y$2)+(2*m*E/(hbar^2))*psi=0; But when I try to view the K_op maple only displays the 2mE/hbar^2 part equals zero.

I would like to know how I can calculate the minimum of a function that  is the solution of a differential equation in a (time)-efficient way

Parameters:L := 0.5e-2; Zs := (2/3*180)*10^(-6); Za := (4/3*180)*10^(-6); ss := (2/3*14)*10^4; sa := (4/3*14)*10^4; a := 1.35; N1 := 600; N2 := 300;

Solution of the differential equation:

It seems that Sample  works with only posints as the number of samples (Maple 12):




# it gives an error

xs:=Sample(X,1000000); # it is ok.


So my professor gave me a sheet of Arc Length eqautions, but wasnt helpful in how to input it into Maple.

I found something about using is with (VectorCalculus), but I have not had much luck.

The problem I am starting off with, is "Find the arc length of the curve y^2+y =x from x=1..x=6 in two different ways, and plot the curve with Maple.

Any help on getting started would be great.




April 24 2009 asfn 272

how can i use the name of an assignment in a proc block instead of writing a big equation that i've calcuated before proc?

actually i want plot 2 equ. with an if , by use of some assignments before the proc. pls help me!

I was using Maple to solve some basic algebraic equations for my chemistry course, and came across a quirky behavior that has me baffled. When I type: (-5.05)(23.83-100)c = (4.186)(10)(23.83-22) I can right click on that input and solve for the variable c. If instead, however, I type: (-5.05)(c)(23.83-100) = (4.186)(10)(23.83-22) then Maple only gives me the option to isolate the expression for "c(-76". Can someone explain to me why Maple is doing this so I can better understand what is happening "behind the scenes?" Also, if it helps, I'm using Maple 11. Thank you!

How do I get expressions 2.3 to 2.5 from this old paper: with maple? What is the standard (or otherwise) way to compute (symbolically)  this sort of thing with Maple, e.g., using intersect, assuming?  Nothing seems to work for me. Thanks.

To evaluate some real integrals I use the 'assume' instruction to make sure all the quantities are real.  But Maple 12 can't seem to deduce the obvious inequalities from this - testing for them gives a FAIL result.  Here is a minimal example:

    assume(X,real, Y,real, w>0);

    is( (X+w)^2 + Y^2 >= 0);

If I have g:=x^2 , and I want to plot it against x^2 I should get a straight line,

but If I do plot(g,x^2) it says "Error, (in plot) unexpected option: x^2"

Can I plot arbitrary functions against arbitrary functions ??

Hello, i would like to use the animate function to simulate the drawing of a "rose curve" ( ): the effect i would like to achieve is like this

c := 3;

animate(plot, [[cos(d*t), sin(d*t), t = 0 .. 2*Pi], -c .. c, -c .. c], d = 0 .. 1);


the fact is that here i'm using cartesian coordinates (though parametric, not cartesian equations), while the rose curve is given by the equation

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