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<p>Hey Folks,</p>
<p>I've got a pretty simple question here. I use maple to check my work and I'm wondering how  to get a numerical approximate of a Riemann sum containing a trig function. I don't want sin in the answer. For example:</p>
<p><maple>(1/40)*Pi*(Sum((1/40)*sin*i*Pi, i = 1 .. 10))</maple></p>
<p>A<maple>pproximates to 0.33928 sin.</maple></p>
<p><maple></maple><maple>Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.</maple></p>

evalf in the end...

January 18 2009 kpassi 203

Sometimes I realize that I need a approximate result rather than an exact answer after I enter Maple command. Is there a way to apply the evalf command at the very end of an input? Thanks in advance!!

I am using Maple 12 on Windows XP.  When I export a plot to postscript as follows


the width and height options seem to have no effect.   The graphic is always 19.579 cm by 19.579 cm.  Other options such as portrait and noborders do have an effect.  Any suggestions for why this is not working?

Java Error...

January 17 2009 lucasbee 4
Hello I have a problem with running Maple 12. Every time i try to run it i get the java virtual machine error. This must happen to alot of other people too because i did some looking around to find a solution. I found some solutions, like delete the # in front of maxheap=700m or lower the maxheap to maxheap=650m in launch.ini in the in the Maple file.


January 17 2009 MONEY 8


5x - 4 = 5 over 3 minus 7x over 5                                                            THE ANSWER IS x =85 over 96


permanent change...

January 17 2009 kpassi 203

How can I permentlly change 2D Math characteristics. (input font and size) ? Thanks!!

confusing output...

January 17 2009 kpassi 203
0 2

I used Maple 12 to calculate the volume of a shpere of radius r by using Integration technique. when I entered the first expression, Maple 12 returns the expression as it is. When I enter a different expression for the same problem I get an exact answer. This has happened before...I am not sure what's going on....

Matrices in Base 5...

January 17 2009 rwoo2 24
0 6

How do I randomly generate matrices with entries in base 5 and find the determinant in base 5?


January 16 2009 gepo 531

Hi, all

I tried the command:



the result is 0!!!!!!!!!!!


I cannot believe it.

any ideas?


thank you.


Does anyone know how to simulate a Fractional Brownian Motion. I found some stuff on the internet

but I still dont know how this should be done....any suggestions?!



I have inserted a slider into my Maple workshet and in the edit box I typed:  Do(A=%Slider1);

and now I am simply calling the variable A by typing:  A;

but the variable is not updated. I have to set the slider value and then reexecute A in order to get

a updated value of A. but I want A to be updated automaticaly without having to reexecute it......


Please help!.

How to do the following with Maple:

1. Create two power series:

  p1 = e + c1 e^2 + c2 e^3 + c4 e^4+ ....

  p2 = p1 + 1

2. Find division of power series


Solving Coefficients...

January 16 2009 das_mentary 12

Hey there,


let say I have an equation like that:

2.5665*x+3.79094*x^2+3.52723*x^3+2.1137*x^4+.76839*x^5+0.0911*x^6-0.076*x^7 = x*(a[0]*x+a[1]*x+a[2]*x^2+a[3]*x^3)^(13/9)/(c[0]+c[1]*x+c[2]*x^2+c[3]*x^3+c[4]*x^4)


what Maple iteration utility that I can use to solve for a[0], a[1], a[2], a[3], c[0], c[1],c[2],c[3] and c[4] when x--> 1.14?




This is my very first time using Maple or any program like it, so bare with me. I need to generate 50 random 4x4 matrices with entries in R and 50 more in Z. I also need to find out how many of them have the determinate of 0. Could anyone assist me in how I would go about doing this? Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you very much. Thank you, James D.
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