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i'm trying to write some code that will output an angle phi when a null event is reached.

see worksheet


is there a way to activate the "undo" command after executing the entire worksheet? 
Before executing every change can be undone, but since I press the execute button 
often, I loose my chance to undo.


Does anyone know the release date of Maple 16?

I want to assign the output of a function that has been passed to timelimit. Currently I have to pass, say, X in by reference (as a single element list) and do  timelimit( 0.5, F(X,args) ); where F := proc( X::list ); X[1] := f(args); end proc; --- which is not really desireable. 

More generally I want my proceudre to skip loop iterations that are taking too long. 

Hi Everyone:

As far as I know maple has no way to define key bindings for it's actions. 

I would however like to be able to navigate around the worksheet using hjkl keys - namely alt+j would be equivalent to down_arrow, and so on. I find that I spend more time reaching for the arrow keys or the mouse than writing useful code (I might be exaggerating slightly here ;) ). I can implement this behavior easily using my window manager (FVWM) - meaning the window...

Dear all,


I am trying to simulate the penetration of the wavefunction into a potential barrier consisting of two barrier steps of different heights, V1 and V2.

My code looks like that:

> restart;
> m := 0.91e-30;h := 0.1055e-33; V1 := 10*0.16e-18; V2 := .8*V1;a := 0.10e-9;En := .6*V1; w := En/h;

Hi experts,

I would like to ask what is the defult method's name for the numerical integration?


Hey guys,


How do I find a max in a 3d plot? I've tried plottools[getdatat] but keep getting the error of


"Error, index must evaluate to a name when indexing a module"





I am trying to solve the following system of quasilinear PDEs for dependent variables pA(z,t), pB(z,t), pC(z,t) using Maple 14:

> system:= [

.15e-3*diff(pA(z,t),t)+.83e-1*diff(pA(z,t),z)+.47e-3/(1+.11e-6*pA(z,t)+.14e-4*pB(z,t)+.73e-4*pC(z,t))^2*((1+.14e-4*pB(z,t)+.73e-4*pC(z,t))*diff(pA(z,t),t)-.14e-4*pA(z,t)*diff(pB(z,t),t)-.73e-4*pA(z,t)*diff(pC(z,t),t)) = 0,


Hello everyone,

I have a problem with the Brownian Motion (I'm using Maple 15).

Here is the code:


X1:=SamplePath(X(t),t=0..T,timesteps =T/d):



The last line give me a number different from zero, which is not true for a Brownian Motion as defined.

Could you please tell me where is the problem?


PS: I have the same problem with WienerProcess(sigma). to plot a equation include two complex variables?

e.g.,0.1501071588582623569e-19 * s1 ^ 2 - 0.1770422954406499377e-11 * s1 ^ 2 * s2 ^ 2 + 0.1526369514180028298e-19 * s2 ^ 2 - 0.8979700309848614490e-12 * s1 ^ 4 - 0.9507487955845430138e-12 * s2 ^ 4 + 0.4941234607542336257e-4 * s1 ^ 4 * s2 ^ 2 + 0.5029096170369867504e-4 * s1 ^ 2 * s2 ^ 4 + 0.1631266049971375518e-4 * s1 ^ 6 + 0.1557291987414385136e-4 * s2 ^ 6 - 0.3925287034197085366e3 * s1 ^ 6 * s2 ^ 2 - 0.5855115617172747465e3...

how to write a procedure in which the in put is any number and out put is odd or even integer? 


I would be thankful if someone help me to generate primitive polynomials (of deferent degree if possible) defined over GF(2^16), i.e., the coefficients of the polynomials are in GF(2^16). Thanks in advance.



I have to  solve following ODE set as a part of my MsC thesisr^2*Hr[r, r]+(r+(1/2)*r^3)*Hr[r]+(r^2-4)*Hr+2*R*(1-exp(-(1/4)*r^2))*Hi-(1/2)*R*r^2*exp(-(1/4)*r^2)*Sii-(1/8)*R*r^4*exp(-(1/4)*r^2) = 0


I would like download Maple 15.1. Please Help.

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