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for example:this equation:(1 - 2 x y[x]) y'[x] == x^2 + (y[x])^2 - 2

and how to make the solution in this form:


not the form y=f(x)




sum((1/(1+2/a[k]))^(2*k+1)/(2*k+1), k = 0 .. n)


here a[k] >0, we may also assume that a[k+1] > a[k]

Hi! is there an option in Maple that can calculate a kernel and an image of a function. e.g. f: C -> R (complex to real numbers under addition) complex numbers expressed as w = x + i*y f(x + i*y) = x+y need to find ker(f) and im(f) - kernel and image of f. many thanx!


Have a look at the following


local M,a;
M:= Matrix([a-1,a,a+1]);
end proc;




it saves in file

Matrix_1, Matrix_2,Matrix_3 .....Matrix_6



I've got a block of code that I use once in a simple form, and then a second time in a more cascaded form but the second bunch doesn't work. And it seems as though tan won't evaluate numerically for me - it's really bugging me. Maple 11. Here's the block of code that does work: > eqn := Zin = (70.71*(100+(70.71*I)*tan(2*Pi*f/(3*10^8)*0.25e-1)))/(70.71+(100*I)*tan(2*Pi*f/(3*10^8)*0.25e-1)); > eqn1 := GAMMA[i] = (Zin-50)/(Zin+50); > eqn2 := (1+abs(GAMMA[i]))/(1-abs(GAMMA[i])); > sol := subs(eqn, eqn1); > sol1 := subs(sol, eqn2); > unapply(sol1, f);

How can I prove that the product of the slopes of two perpendicular lines is -1?


I was wondering how I double underline a result? E.g. 2 + 2 = 4 where I would like to double underline 4. /Ayatollah


how to orient the long label of the vertical axis "VERTICAL" ?

I am looking at some asymptotic expansions of a PDE and need to do some differentiating with complex conjugates.  Specifically, I have a number of functions that are functions of both z and conjugate(z), they may look something like:


S -> (z,conjugate(z),xi)

I would like to take the conjugate(z) derivative,

S[conjugate(z)]  = diff(S(z,conjugate(z),xi),conjugate(z)),

but I get:

D1S(z,conjugate(z),xi) + D2S(z,conjugate(z),xi)(-\frac{conjugate(z)}{z} - \frac{abs(1,z)}{signum(z)}

Hello people, Recently I recieved some help with binomial-solutions. I will most likely come with more questions while I'm working my way through my homework. In a bag there are 4 red marbles, 5 blue balls and 6 white balls. We select randomly and simultaneously 3 balls from the bag. What is the probability for each of the following events; a) The 3 balls have different colors. I did: binomial(4, 1)*binomial(5, 1)*binomial(6, 1)/binomial(15, 3) b) The 3 balls are all the same color. I did: (binomial(4, 3)+binomial(5, 3)+binomial(6, 3))/binomial(15, 3)

Hi i'm trying to code the jacobi method but my code dosen't work. Nothing happens. What hav i done wrong

Hi, I'm having a problem with the styles I set as default reverting to factory conditions after I close and reopen Maple. For instance, if i set the font to Calibri and make it my default Text font, it will revert back to Times New Roman when I open Maple again. Thanks

And in worksheet mode,or after click the Ctrl+J,ie insert Maple Input,

I can't use ctrl+=,that generate the results at the right hand.

Pic2 is the one after creating document block

How do I solve for the Lagrange multipliers of

f(x,y,z)= xyz +x^2 + y^3 +z^4

subject to the constraints:

g(x,y,z)= x^2 + y^2 + 2z^2=4

h(x,y,z) = 3yz + 2xz + xy =6


I've never used maple before so am completely lost and need to do this for an assignment=)




let F(n) is the nth fibonacci number. what is the limit


lim(n->infinity) f(n-1) / f(n+2)



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