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hi everyone,

how do I tell maple that an undefined constant e.g. K is positive and real, so that the command abs(K) results in K and not |K|?

Is there a general way of applying rules and bounds on constants without defining them directly?


I would like to construct a Matrix containing the output of a function f(x,y) for different values of x and y, with the x-values varying (say) along the column and the y-values varying along the row.

Assume we have several impedance connected in parallel.

R1, L1, C1, R2

In Mathematics,

R_total = R1 || sL1 || 1/sC1 || R2

Is there possible to calculate the R_total using one of Maple function??





Assume I have a transfer function in "s" term and symbolic parameters (A, B, C, and D).

TF := (1+s*D)/(A*s^2 + B*s + C)



How can I convert the above TF in generic form in term of damping ratio?

The generic form can be written as (1+sD)/(s^2 + 2*damp*wn*s + wn^2)

Should I use a "collrect" or "simpligy" function to re-write original TF in generic form?

Let's say we re-write TF in generic form.

I'm trying to plot two "inequal" using "display". I wrote the following code:

how do I solve for y' in the following equation? (diff(y(t),t,t) + (t*(diff(y(t),t) + (4*y) = 0);



I have the following matrix and I have to find it's nilpotent index...

0 0 0 0 0

6 0 0 0 0

0 2 0 0 0

0 0 8 0 0

0 0 0 3 0

I've tried various things like assigning the matrix to variable A then do a solve(A^X = 0) but I only get "warning solutions may have been lost"

Thanks for any help!


I am working on a Maplet which among other things plots a graph of a solution to an equation. I am wondering if there is some way I can dynamically change the size of the plotter object in the Maplet depending on the imput function. I can handle measuring the function if you will, I just don't know if Maple 13 has the capability to dynamically resize maplet objects at run time.

It would be a nice feature to have for the Maplet but I don't know if it is at all possible.

Thank you in advance

Why does the equality fail to hold in case of a positive geometric density (with the location parameter v=1,2,... if in general)? What's wrong: symbolical result or numerical evaluation? Thanks.
X := RandomVariable(Geometric(p))+1; M := Mean(X); A := simplify((X-M)/M, size);
Mean(1-A+A^2/(1+A))/M = (Mean(1)-Mean(A)+Mean(A^2/(1+A)))/M; is(%); subs(p = 1/3, `%%`); simplify(%, size); evalf(%)


I would like to pass a string array to an external FORTRAN function, can this be done without generating wrapper code...I don't have a FORTRAN compiler...

The Fortran datatype is

  character*255 hf(20)

In FORTRAN I would pass say "hf(1)='nitrogen.fld'", but I'm not sure what datatype to use in the maple define_external function or how to pass the data in?


Here are four differential equations that I need to plot with respect to time. Our teacher wants us to use Euler's method in maple 13 to do this but we have no prior experience and I have no idea where to begin. Any help would be appreciated. The step needs to be relativley small. Below are the numerical values for the constants, the four equations and the intial values for the equations.


I have a system of PDE's - 14 equations.  I am trying to solve for 9 functions in terms of other functions.  I thought I was doing this correctly.  I have:


This is a follow up to my previous post. I have a set of equations I need to solve namely: x1''(t) - 3/85 * sin(wt) = -2k1 + k2 x2''(t) = 12/85 * sin(wt)*(k1 - 2k2 + k3) x3''(t) = 12/85 * sin(wt)*(k2 - 2k3 + k4) x4''(t) =12/85 * sin(wt)* (k3 - 2k4 + k5) x5''(t) =12/85 * sin(wt)* (k4 - k5) I tried using the code: eq1 := diff(x1(t), t, t)-(3/85)*sin(w*t) = -2*k1+k2; eq2 := diff(x2(t), t, t) = (12/85)*sin(w*t)*(k1-2*k2+k3); eq3 := diff(x3(t), t, t) = (12/85)*sin(w*t)*(k2-2*k3+k4); eq4 := diff(x4(t), t, t) = (12/85)*sin(w*t)*(k3-2*k4+k5);


December 02 2009 mhk 12

Hi all,

How can I persuade Maple to move a constant factor outside the summation so that

sum(k*x[i], i = 1 .. n)


simplifies to:

k*(sum(x[i], i = 1 .. n))


And how do I persuade Maple to reorder the summation from this:

sum(x[i]+y[i], i = k .. n)

to this:

sum(x[i], i = k .. n)+sum(y[i], i = k .. n)


The reason I am asking is that I am trying to use Maple to show that:

I need help solving a set of linear equations in terms of the variables. I have:

x1''(t) - 3/85 * sin(wt) = -2k1 + k2

x2''(t) = k1 - 2k2 + k3

x3''(t) = k2 - 2k3 + k4

x4''(t) = k3 - 2k4 + k5

x5''(t) = k4 - k5


I want to solve this system for k1..k5 in terms of x''(t) and sin(wt). How do I do this? I am so lost!

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