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So I am trying to get the first 25 terms of a sequence, a(n) = (ln (n))/n, this is how I input it in maple:

> q := seq([ln(n)/n, a(n)], n = 1 .. 25);

[ln, a(1)], [ln, a(2)], [ln, a(3)], [ln, a(4)], [ln, a(5)], [ln, a(6)], 

[ln, a(7)], [ln, a(8)], [ln, a(9)], [ln, a(10)], [ln, a(11)], [ln, a(12)],

[ln, a(13)], [ln, a(14)], [ln, a(15)], [ln, a(16)], [ln, a(17)],

[ln, a(18)], [ln, a(19)], [ln, a(20)], [ln, a(21)], [ln, a(22)],

[ln, a(23)], [ln, a(24)], [ln, a(25)]

So I am trying to find the arc length of an ellipse, and we have yet to learn it in the classroom.

An example ellipse:

(x^2)/9 +(y^2)/16 =1

Hi, I am working on small number integer problems for my thesis and use Maple to do keep track of ugly equations and to do some numerical simulations to see if the results make sense quantitatively.

Now, I use with(RealDomain) and assume to tell Maple some characteristics of my models, but I cannot find a way to tell Maple that most of my variables are integers (number of different agents in small groups). Is this possible?

Related (or not): I have the following:



I would like to save the output of a plot structure (resulting graph) or a combination of multiple plots (using display[list]) into a PNG or postscript file from within a procedure. I have managed to successfully save a plot in one of the graphics format using this approach (Pseudo-Code):

I'm new with Maple, started using it about 3 weeks ago in college, and I got this problem trying to resolve this equation:


Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


April 27 2009 shharaza 16

 At a production level of x items, a company finds that the demand is p = 100/sqrt x and the cost is C(x) = x + 1000. What value of x will maximize profit?

i am new to maple. can anyone please tell me how to find the roots( i.e eigen values) of a sixth order polynomial equation using maple.


Strange thins happens when I choose m=2 and m=3.The whole PDE seems normal and when I let m=2,the maximum is only 12,but when I choose m=3,the maximum goes up to 10^14. This puzzles me.Who can tell me why? How can I get the right answer?  many thanks!

the procedure is as follows:


i am trying to figure out how to display the numerical value of a parameter somewhere on a plot, possibly, for example, in the legend.  though my only intended goal is to have the symbol of the variable as well as its numerical value appear on the plot.

from the maple help and my internet searches i cannot see how to do this. any idea would be greatly appreciated/



my apologies if this has already been asked, in which case a pointer to the thread would be much appreciated. i've had a frustrating time searching through maple help and the internet.

i am interested in outputing a series of plots in a loop.  i would like to name the files according to the value of a variable which is changing in the loop.

for example, if  J increases from 1 to N during the loop, at each iteration i would like to name the output plot file

Import Textfiles...

April 25 2009 Dirk 237

Is it possible to import the content of textfiles(*.txt) directly into Maple11?

Most analytical and simulations tools I use provide textfiles as output. To import them into Maple11 I have to import them into an Excel file first and from there finally into Maple. That is not very effective...

I am trying to solve a system of 5 equations with given initial conditions. It keeps sqwaking and I can't figure out the problem! I have included the commands below:


I am trying to solve a nonhomogenous linear system. I am first trying to first solve the corresponding homogeneous case. I have Maple12, so I first entered the 5x5 matrix and said Eigenvalues(A) and Eigenvectors(A). This yielded two complex and three real eigenvalues. However, when I typed the system of equations and used dsolve of the system, it gave me all real eigenvalues. I have tripled checked my inputs and they match... why the discrepancy? When I tried odetest it did not yield zeros, but I can't see where the problem lies.

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