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I have a rather burly system of PDE that I need solved in maple.  It's a little complicated to explain the set-up, but I am solving for some coefficients of a function expansion where each coefficient is solved in terms of some other known functions. 

Basically the problem is the technique and code works perfectly for another application, but it fails me here.  For one, when I try rifsimp(%,[a[0](x,y,t),b[0](x,y,t),c[0](x,y,t)]), it runs for...

How do you make a straight line defined over an x interval?

Plase write for me a code for the following problem:

Let (d): (x-1)/2 = (y+2)/1 = z/1 be a line and

(P): x + 2y -z - 3 = 0 be a plane.

Write the equation of the line (Delta) lies in the plane (P), perpendicular to the line (d) and the distance between (d) and (Delta) equal to sqrt(2).

Hi..I need to plot the slope field for a diffEQ and having problems. I have a Maple 14 program that I just had to reinstall due to a virus and hoping that isn't the problem.  I'm very new to Maple and I'm not a good programmer, so any light you can shed on my problems would be much appreciated.  When I enter the problem, I don't get any error message or anything...just a blank return!  This is what I tried:


DEplot (diff (y(x...

Hi All,

I am trying to solve a simple problem but don't know how to do it in MAPLE 14.


B:= [3,4]

is there any possible way to write 

C:= [1,2,3,4]

C should have both value of A and B Matrixes.    I want to generalize so any command in MAPLE 14 which can do this operation.

Thanks in advance




Dear Maple Primes


I need to plot two functions but I need one of them to only be defined over a certain range. Here's the example:


I'm entering many 1 row x 2 column tables mixed with text in a document.  In all cases I don't want the lines around the cells and I want the text in the cells to centered rather than left justified.  

Is it possible to change the default properties of tables rather than having to change the properties of each one after I enter it?  This is Maple 14

I just purchased Maple 15 student edition. I am attemping to create a plot. When I type the command I encounter a problem. The following keys will not work, ()[]{}. When I enter the ( the curser disapears and I am unable to enter any more keystrokes.  If I enter to many keystrokes Maple freezes and I can must close the program.

I better understand now.

Given that I know my polynomial, is it possible to rotate the the paraboloid around another z axis passing through the minimum of the paraboloid, while keeping the same representation?

I'm really sorry to bother you all, I really need this for a presentation.


Please write for me a code with following problem:

Write the equation of the plane wich passes through the two points A(2, -1, 0), B(0, 1, -2) and makes an angle 60 degrees with the plane x + 2y +z + 4 = 0.

Thank you very much.

Pease write for me a code with problem:

Find the equation of the plane (P1) which passes through the point M(1; 2; 3), perpendicular to the plane (P2): 5x -2y +5z + 10 = 0 and make an angle 45 degrees with the plane (P3): x - 4y -8z = 0.

Thank you very much.

After loong time calculations i obtained results and manually fitted them. Of course, as usually happens, kernel broke and all i have is output (output in rtable form). So i decided simply export-import them and continue my manipulations.

All i see is "export to ml form". So i did it. And after that i tried to reimport them via


I want to connect Maple to a database with around 10 000 time series.
I have played around with Microsoft Access, SQL Server and MySQL.
However, none of them seems to be up to the task.

One of the problems that I had was that the connection (tcp-ip) between
Maple and the database was very slow also the databases them self did not
handle the large amount of data very well. Maples database
examples are not very helpful either. They only show "cute" examples

How to change "Scaling" in order to during "zoom in" coordinates x and y zoomed in user defined way?

Problem. Write the equation of the line Delta which parallel to the planes 

(P): 3x +12y -3z -5 = 0, (Q): 3x -4y +9z + 7 = 0

and cuts two the lines

(d1): x = 2t -5, y = -4t + 3, z = 3t -1

(d2): x = -2m + 3,  y = 3m  - 1, z = 4m + 2.

This is my idea.

1) Put A(2t -5, -4t + 3, 3t -1) and B(-2m + 3, 3m  - 1, 4m + 2).

2) Find coordinates of vector AB.

3) Because Delta parallel to the planes (P...

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