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I cant remember how to find the intersection of two functions.

I know to first enter in the two functions (f(x) and g(x)).

Then I need to plot them...

But whats the command to find the point of intersection?

Hello Guys, I have this homework assignment which requires me to use Maple. Unfortunately, I'm new to this program, and frankly, have no clue how to use it. So I've been following this worksheet step-by-step and now it's telling me to plot inequalities using the plot assistant. May anyone please help me? It will be very much appreciated. Sample equation to graph: y>2 Thank you very much!

Hi to everybody. I have to derive in "x" a few times an expression that contains the term signum(Q), where Q =Q(x). The problem is that maple derive also signum and gives as results signum(1,Q) so in my long expression there are a lot of signum(1,Q) . The problem is that when I create a fortran subroutine that compute this expression i get the warning

"the function "signum"  is not recognized in the target language".

So the problem is duplex:


The following two equations are given:

x^2 + y^2 = z

1/2 ( x + y ) + 5 = z

I have tried to obtain the intersection curve of the two planes but I haven't succeeded. I'm wonderering if someone could provide some help on this problem.


I am having a difficult time understanding the solution that Maple 10 returns for the DE that I am telling it to solve.

 Could you explain this solution and help me to know what to do with it.

  Download 4125_Mapleprimesexample.mws
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I have a set of 3D data points that I'm trying to fit to a f(x,y) mocel and I do not know how to fit the data to the model. I am using the statement

g:=Fit(a+b.x+c.y+d.x^2+e.x.y+f.y^2, x,y,z,[x,y]);

where x,y are the independent vairables and z the dependent variable that I'm trying to fit.

My problem is that I have the error message

Following hyperlinks...

September 09 2008 Adnan Zuberi 6
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Hi everyone,

If you want to paste a link, click on the globe beside the maple leaf.

To follow a link like 

put your cursor on it, press Ctrl and click and a new tab will open!


September 09 2008 Adnan Zuberi 6
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The attached file reviews optimization problem solving and also shows you to solve hard problems though Maple's Optimization Assistant.

Hi all,


ApproximateInt legend...

September 09 2008 jatollef 20

It looks as though ApproximateInt has replaced Leftbox, Rightbox, ... in Maple 12. Using ApproximateInt (w/ the command output=plot) gives extra info such as Title, area, partitions, and a legend. How do I remove the legend completely from the plot?

Hi, I have a code that generate a fortran subroutine that calculate the high order derivatives of the unknowns of a partial differential system. it  works well but when the list of local variables is too long (it happen for some kind of complex(but not too much) differential equations) i get the following error from the "codegeneration" command:

"assigning to a long list, please use Arrays"


can you put maple programming into flash document? and i f you can how?

thanx before

Thorny ODE...

September 08 2008 JacquesC 2296

Someone asked me with some help with an ODE, and I was able to reduce the problem to the following rather pretty sub-problem:


Of course, since this ODE is missing a term in y(x), one can immediately reduce it further by one integration, but I find the resulting ODE less aesthetically pleasing.  However, I can't seem to get much out of this ODE.  Anyone have a clever idea?



I just installed wicd, a network manager for linux on my laptop (ubuntu 8.04). However, there appears to be a conflict between Maple 12 (which worked fine before I installed wicd) and wicd. Every time I type something in Maple, a window pops up:

Flash in Maple T.A....

September 08 2008 Harry Garst 94

Did someone already try to integrate Adobe Flash into Maple T.A. ?


However, Maple's support is rather limited (only a Word doc, neither a fla/swf file nor a questionbank is provided).

It would be nice to share our work (uploading fla's and questionbank integrating Flash and Maple T.A.)

I believe there is a whole range of nice possibilties using Flash.


kind regards,

Harry Garst

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