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Can someone help me with figuring out what the following error means:

"Error, (in F) final value in for loop must be numeric or character"

I've obviously done something wrong but have no clue where to start!!

This comes up when i'm trying to plot a graph using the following code:

Hey Everyone,

I'm a Calculus III student and first let me say i love maple because it really helps to visualize things, however, i'm having trouble plotting an equation.  I'm doing a 2nd degree taylor function for sin(x*y) which is:

z = 1 - (pi/8)(x-1)-(pi/2)(x-1)(y-(pi/2))-(1/2)(y-(pi/2))

And it says that it cannot plot the equation.


I've also noticed that the plot of sin(x*y) is different from the plot of sin(x(y)).




I have a function when expressed in polar coordinates such that a trig function resides inside a trig function.  In calculus 101 we all learned that integrating the product or quotient of 2 or more trig functions requires integration by parts but I have never run across the case where a trig function is a function of another trig function.  Any one have any references I should consult on to learn how to handle this?


September 23 2008 bongiman 128

I want to plot a graph of the following sequence

x[n]=p*x[n-1]+q*x[n-2] where x[0]=0 and x[1]=1. Also p & q are independ random variables with values +1 or -1.

This is what i've done so far

> with(Statistics):
> x[0]:=0: x[1]:= 1:
> for n from 2 to 10 do
> S:=Sample(Bernoulli(0.5),2):
> p:=S[1]: q:=S[2]:
> x[n]:=p*x[k-1]+q*x[k-2]: od;

But the output is not tallying up the x[n]'s. Also i just realised my code selects +1 or 0 for p & q......

Hi everyone!

Say I have a simple expression in command line Maple that would become a float as soon as it is executed, e.g., 2^(.5). Is there any way I can keep this in symbolic representation by somehow suppressing the seemingly-automatic conversion to a full float? What I'm really looking for is something that would allow me to do this:

input: u := 2^(.5): convert(u,rational);

output: 2^(1/2)

Thanks for your time!

Is there any way to show the page limits in my document!?!? simple question

I would really need it!!!


Thanks a lot!

Can somebody please help me with this. I cannot figure out how to make this work? I keep getting the following error: Error, (in treach) cannot determine if this expression is true or false: 17

in maple 11, i have two problems with simplification of powers of "negative" variables.


problem i: A^(1/2) *A^2 <> A^(-3/2)*A^4

the two following expressions should be equal but differ by a minus sign:


f:=proc ()
local s;
s := time();
FileTools[Text][WriteString]('default', "a");
while time() < s+20 do  end do
end proc;


In the codes above, I intended that the string "a" is outputed immediately after the function FileTools[Text][WriteString] is called.  But in execution, the output does not appear until 20 seconds elapse.

How can I force the output appear immediately?

evaluating limits......

September 22 2008 william2 4

hi im a new user to maple 12 and i am having some trouble evaluating limits.

The forum is on "How do I ...", and my question is

"How do I get MapleTA to be reliable in marking symbolic answers?"


It is OK at marking wrong answers wrong. The difficulty I'm having is that too many equivalent correct answers are also marked wrong.

The class sizes are around 500 students, and it is very tedious checking their grumbles about mismarking.




I had an instance, using MapleSoft's IntroToCalcUnit1 questions, where

Cycling Simulation...

September 22 2008 simplesimon 24
Hi i'm working on a simulation and have got stuck. The simulation is for cyclists cycling on a circular track. There is a section of track which is treacherous and all cyclists who pass through this point must observe a certain maximum speed until they have cleared this area and can continue round the track as fast as they can although keeping a safe distance behind the cyclist in front. It is assumed for simplicity that cyclists cannot overtake each other. These are my workings so far: >bicycle := (pl,sl,len) -> (pl+sl) mod len: > >vel:= proc(pl,len,vmax) > local n;

For the set of functions
   compiletable - create lookup table
   tablelook - perform table lookup
   insertpattern - append to lookup table

I observe these behaviors:
1. The function tablelook( ) only seems to work when the table has been been intiailized with compiletable( ).
2. The function insertpattern( )  nevers seems to work.


I'm trying to write the following lines in a more "decent" way, but I don'tknow how to

I don't know how to start or what should I use, can someone give me a tip????

Thanks a lot!!

x and xbar...

September 21 2008 MrAtheist 20
So today I'm trying to play around with matrix norm until I've come across this "bug" (I assume)... with(LinearAlgebra): r:=Matrix([2*x,x^2,x^3/3]); dr:=Matrix(map(diff, r, x)); MatrixNorm(r,2); MatrixNorm(dr,2); My question is that why does Maple spit out "x" and "xbar" while obviously, it should all be "x". And what's the command to make it just in terms of "x"
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