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sorry for this funny question, but where is the "Print Preview" command, it is not under File menu anymore and the export to PDF function is also missing... What am I doing wrong?

running Maple 14 under Max OS X, SL.



Why does:

G := Heaviside(x): int(G(x)*G(t-x), x = 0 .. 3);

Produce a "Error, (in unknown) too many levels of recursion"?

Can maple produce an animation while it is still calculating?

What I mean is, if Maple is calculating an animation in a loop have the displayed animation playing slightly behind the calculations so one would not have to wait until Maple is finished the full calculations.

I'm not actually sure if that's possible in Maple.  Everything I've ever done Maple has to finish it's calculations before one can even begin to view any animation.  Same thing for...

I have a vector consisting of taylor expansions of multiple variables, i.e. each element of the vector is a multivariate polynomial in X[1], X[2], etc. Not all the polynomials are of the same order, not all contain all the X[i]s.

I want to extract the coefficients of each component of the vector and store them in a Matrix.

I thought I had done it, but sadly the order of the coefficients is not what I expected.

Here is an example of a vector:

Dear All,


I would like to make multi-variate integration over 9 variables (x11, x12, x13, x21, x22, x23, x31, x32, x33) in order to calculate the probability of a given event. 

The output of the simpleWeightedSum method is a Vector(3,t), giving the mean of the rows of the matrix X. The event which I would like to "measure" is that the first element of the output vector is higher than the two other elements.

The xij elements are iid...

Is there a way to solve the following problem?
Given a nxn A=(A_ij) matrix (for example n=3,4...) where A-ij is a
polynomial of degree one in X_1, ..., X_n, and given a n-vector
v=(B_11*X_1+...+B_1n*X_n, ..., B_n1*X_1+...+B_nn*X_n)^t where B_ij are
parameters, is it possible to find value for B_ij in such way that the
vector v belongs to the vector space spanned by the columns of A?
thank you.

How do I solve double exponential problem of the form  : 

 i = kc* ip *( e -a1*t - e -a2*t ) given that for d/dt (i) =0. tp = ( i/(a2 -a1)) *ln(a2/a1) and                                

kc = 1/(e -a1 *tp

Hi all,


I'm looking for maplets for operations research (single machine problems)...if possible for free.


Thanks for your time. 

I am trying to draw a triangle with black lines and fill it in gray. Based on the maple help code i am trying this code:

draw(T, thickness = 3, filled = [color = "Blue"])

It does draw the triangle T with the right thickness, but the triangle isn't filled. Any thoughts?


help appreciated




I am sorry if this was already mentioned in previous posts but I can not find it. I am dealing with plotting the solids of revolution. It is easy when you have explicit function form, for example 2-x^2. Then, when you want to rotate it around x axis and plot the obtained solid you could write:

> p := plot3d(2-x^2, theta = 0 .. 2*Pi, x = -sqrt(2) .. sqrt(2), axes = frame, coords = cylindrical):
> plots[display](p, orientation = [90, 0, 120]);


Just for fun last night I thought I'd try to whip up a simulation of the simple card game war.  The hoyle rulebook - evenly divide the cards up between 2 players facedown, turn over top card, highest card wins.  In the event of a tie the higher of the next overturned card wins (the more common variant is to play 3 facedown cards and turn up the 4th) - but that introduces more complexity to the programming ... I thought I'd tackle that later, but first ...

I apologize for the simpleness of this question. I have a table for example:

x = 11

y = 21

z = 65


and I want to just plot 11, 21, 65. How do I manage that? The order can just be the order from the table, ie (1,11), (2,21), (3,65).



I would like to know if it´s possible to generate a standalone .exe program based on Maplesim models, to be used out of maplesim and integrated with other tools i have.

I can use compilation in maplesim, but this just speed up the simulation, without giving to me a compiled external code.

I´m having to export maplesim modelica model to openmodelica environment, and generate an exe code there. the input and output parameters are transformed into text...

Hey guys, 

Its my first post, so please be lenient. I have done an internship at a theoretical physics department and part of my work was to plot a particular only numerically solvable integral over time (problem from Quantum Mechanics). I wrote a maple code and made it work, but it only produces results for certain values and even for those it takes more than one hour to plot one graph. Since this is my first big project written in maple, i assume, that the code...


please help me

I want to know how to determine the number of digits

which digits after comma is repeated





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