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I'm using Maple 11 and pdflatex. I'm trying to export Maple code to latex.  To this end, I've exported my maple file as a latex file and included the maplestd2e package in my tex document. However, from compiling the tex file I only obtain pdf output for those parts of the original maple file that represent output. For example, the following tex-code correctly produces the word 'true':

\mapleinline{inert}{2d}{true}{\[\displaystyle {\it true}\]}


how we can design of experiment through maple?

Maple 11 did a reasonable job of breaking up long output being exported to LaTeX, but it wasn't always

perfect. I had hoped that Maple 15 would do better, but it seems to do worse.

I can't get it to split long output lines into anything reasonable. The latex command is even worse.

I've tried every "export" option I can think of, without success.

Here is an example (see below):

Does anyone know how to induce Maple 15 to export the following Maple result ...

Hey guys. Can you help me with this problem? I'm trying to plug in a snowflake equation in finding the perimeter of a snowflake on the nth step. The function is as follows:


p:=n->(3*(3/4)^k, k=1..n);
I'm trying to find the limit of this equation and it's suppose to give me infinity by using this command:
limit(pn(n), n=infinity);     but it's not quite giving me the limit. The limit is...


I have a large data series and i need to get derivative (numerical derivative) of them. how can Ido it?

Hi there, 

I want to know how I can animate a plot with more than one parameter? I can manage animating a plot with one parameter, using the 'animate' command, but this seems to be limited to a single parameter.

How could I do it? If it is not possivle in Maple 11, would such an option be implemented in Maple 15?

Also: If I would want to animate other things than plots, are there commands for that in Maple 11 / 15?

Thx :)

When I solve a certain equation I get a list of solutions t as below. I want to select some of the solutions and assign them to variables. In the program I am writing the number of items in the list of solutions will vary and so I cannot really select the list item by using t[3].t[4] etc. for example. 

I want to be able to select only the list items with say a square root sign or another term such as Pi, beta etc that appears in the list of solutions. So...

As I did not upgrade to Maple 14 when it came out, I am interested to know the differences between v15 and v13. Obviously, it is easy to get a comparison between v15 and v14, as all I need to do is study the promotional advertising. But is there a way of getting a comparison list between v15 and v13 ?



How do I standardize the size of ALL plots in a document or worksheet?

If I use


for |x|>1 I get a constant imaginary part of -sign(x) Pi/2.

Is this correct and if so can anyone help me understand why this is so?



Hi there,


I'm looking to merge the following two lists:




In the following way:


Basically so it takes alternate terms (i.e. L[1], M[1], L[2], M[2] etc.)


Any help would be appreciated!


Thanks, Sam


I am trying to solve the following differential coupled system :






I need to find the differential equation of the following situation:

There's is an epidemic in a city of a certain poupulation(P). The rate of the spread is propoptionnal to the to the number of people infected times the number of person who are not infected.

I need to find the differential equation of this situation where N(t) will represent the number of people infetected(N) bas on the time. The only information I have is the populaiont(P...



I have Maple 13 and I get the following error message "Error, (in pdsolve/numeric) unable to handle elliptic PDEs" while trying to solve a set of PDEs.

Does Maple 15 solve elliptic PDEs?




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