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> with(DifferentialAlgebra:-Tools);
Error, `DifferentialAlgebra` does not evaluate to a module
> with(DifferentialAlgebra);
Error, invalid input: with expects its 1st argument, pname, to be of type {`module`, package}, but received DifferentialAlgebra

don't know why maple 12 give these error, how to import differentialalgebra package?

In an attempt to get better resolution I experience an error when I change to grid=[150,150]  Can we get better resolution? 


complexplot3d(f, z = -.7-.7*I .. .7+.7*I, style = patchnogrid, orientation = [-90, 0], grid = [100, 100])

**edit - image not uploaded properly but shown a couple posts down

** Answer to zaxis range error part - The reason I couldn't increase the grid in Maple12 here is because...

I was warming by Maple that:

Warning, Exception in unload function 'free': Error, (in _free) invalid dictionary ID

What is it? I have no information about this warning.

I would like to calculate the power series solution of a set of ODEs. However, I know that this power series will contain non-integer coefficients, which are dependent on a (rational) parameter of the system, α. I'm solving the ODE by power series in the usual way, that is, by defining each of the solution variables as a function with the first few terms of their power series (with unknown coefficients), substituting these into the ODEs, and finding a series of the ODE which should be of the form:

Hi All,

I am trying to solve set of equations after applying boundary conditions.  There are 4 coefficients which I have to find by solving following 4 equations;

I tried to solve using the command solve({A, B,C,D},[E,F,G,H]), but it just returns [],  does anyone know which command to use for backward substitution of coefficients.  Also if I try to solve it separately, it says "recursive error"

Your help will be appreciated


How to get n th term of an equation and total number of terms in equation?

for example if f := 2*x+3*y+2


any function can extract term from equation such as second term is 3*y


total number of terms is 3

I opened one of my worksheets this morning and started executing it using the ! tool. When it came to the first plot command, it replaced the previous plotted output by the following:

1 ************
+ **********
+ ******
+ *****A...
I tried to solve the system of odinary differential equations. But system was not able to solve it. As a result i've obtained a error message displayed on the last line of my program. Give me advise please how to overcome this problem.
restart; unprotect(gamma); 
gamma := 1.322;
m0 := 0.759e-22*0.1e-2;
d[1] := 0.1e-2; d[2] := 0.2e-1;
A[1] := (1/4)*Pi*d[1]^2; A[2] := (1/4)*Pi*d[2]^2;
k[B] := 0.138e-22;
T[res] := 300;
kp := 0.1e6*(1/760);

Hello everybody

I need to simplify (or even approximate ) a huge expression which is a two-variable function of x and t,

including  SinCos and Exp. ( it's length is like 10 pages ! )

I tried everything but nothing worked.


Please HELP !


it starts like this:



I am just starting to learn about maple.
I have a graph of two functions and would like to find the range that they agree within
 a certain percentage using fsolve() and format the interval as a list. 
The part that is throwing me off is the within a certain value part.  Thanks in advance!

testerror := proc(b)
if b > 3 then
end if;
b = b+1;
end proc;

where is wrong?

illegal use of a formal parameter


evolf := proc(z, f, terminal_counter)
h1 := z + f;
h2 := z - f;
h3 := z*f;
h4 := z+diff(f,x);
h5 := z-diff(f,x);
h6 := z*diff(f,x);
h7 := subs(x=z, f);
N := 7;
test := [h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, h7];
fitness := [0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0];

if terminal_counter > 5 then
    return fitness;
end if;

total_fitness := 0;
for i from 1 to N do

How to find the index of a number in an array?

if a := [11 12 13 14 15];

which function output  number 12's index is 2


when write

indexarray := proc(f, target)

N = 7;

for i from 1 to N do

    if f[i] = target then

           return i;

    end if


end proc;


error final...

I've been using LagrangeMultipliers to solve a problem. Solutions returned involve RootOf.

What I want to do is extract the expression within RootOf() so that I can do fsolve() on that.

The expr from RootOf is a 6th order polynomial in _Z.

I've tried convert(RootOf(...), radical), but it doesn't work very well on polyhnomials of order greater than or equal 5.

Any suggestion(s) for this extraction that I want ?

A := C/H/k*Q/R1/R2/(-1+R1)*(Q*R2*R1-R1*R2+1)-2*C*Q*(R1*R2+1)/H/k/(-1+R1)/R1/R2;

plot14:= plot(subs({Q=6,R2=8.75,k=4,C=1.96,H=7},A),R1=0..1,color=blue):




Error, (in writedata) Bad data found undefined


Any one there?

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