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I want to eliminate the variable u_x from the two equations attached in the document MAPLE.doc. Here u_x and delta are both functions of x. Is it possible to do it in Maple. If possible, how do I do it?

The fsolve in the attached code took 45.615 sec to execute. For Delta >= 0.15 the execution time was only about 0.5 sec. For Delta = 0.12 and Delta = 0.11 the execution times were about 400 and 600 sec, respectively. Why does the execution time increase with orders of magnitude when I decrease Delta? And how can I speed up the process? Henning

I am "playing" around with the Maplet Builder and I am having some problems:
Let say I have three separate vector columns with data loaded in maple ie A, B and C.

i) I want the user of the maplet to be able to select ie highlight a vector from the three
available vectors which are presented in a drop down box.

ii) A button when clicked on plots the data in the selected vector.

How can I do this with the Maplebuilder??  I will need step-by-step instructions.

My Maple plots contain strings like this one:


Let's call them "offending strings" or "errors", as they would most likely have been avoided by more experienced users. These errors arise while creating odeplots. I suspect that these errors are produced by the option Events of dsolve each time a halt is triggered. This is mere speculation and besides the point of my post anyhow.

Maple seems to understand...

The code below, which is a PLOT structure, seems to be one of the more efficient forms of specifying individual colors for each point in a 2D point plot.

My central question is: what plotting command will construct this?

     STYLE(POINT), AXESLABELS("", ""), VIEW(0 .. 10, 0 .. 10),

I know that I can call `plot` and pass the m-by-2 Matrix of point data, and specify style=point. But how can I pass in such a nice, efficient float[8] Array to specify the points' colors? I know that the float[8] Array is leaner than a long sequence of HFloats. But even in the simpler case of just two points: how can one pass the `color` option just once to specify the colors to be used for each of the points?

Oh, in case anyone's interested, another old-fashioned (but terser) was to get such a float[8], C_order Array is with the `hfarray` command.


I (used Maple12) tried to find the PDF(Y,y) when Y= tan(X) or Y= sin(X) but those cases give FAIL or wrong result


restart; with(Statistics):
X:= RandomVariable(Uniform(-Pi/4,Pi/4)):

PDF(2*X+1,y) ## work well


PDF(tan(X),y); # failed

Hello! I need to have two simultaneous processes: first is maplet and second .exe. I tried fork and exec but there were errors:

Error, fork (exec) not supported on this platform.

What can I do with it? OS: Windows7 x64 

Using Maple 11.

(Ls+R+1/Cs)*I(s)=V(s)  How can I solve for I(s)/V(s) Please so me steps. Thanks in advance



I'm using Maple 14 and have a function in several variables, which I want to minimize. As far as I know, to guarantee that NLPSolve (from the Optimization package) is really finding a global minimum, this function must be convex.

What is the best way to test for convexity in Maple?

Thanks in advance,

Carlos Mallen

i am plotting multiple plots in one graph using the following commands. This has been successful for a different function but it doesnt work at all for the typed function. can you pinpoint my mistake? maple sheet is attached as well.

> restart;
> w(r):=1+(S)/(2)*[(r^(2)-1)/(2)-4*ln(r)]-(b*S^(3))/(4)*[(r^(4)-1)/(4)+128*((1)/(r^(2))-1)-6*(r^(2)-1)+48*ln(r)]+(3* S^(5)*b^(2))/(8)*[80*(r^(2)-1)-5*(r^(4)-1)-640*ln(r)-640*((1)/(r^(2))-1)+(r^(6)-1)/(6)+256*((1)/(r^(4))-1)];

How do you get equation from user in middle of a procedure? I tried to use the GetEquation of Maplets[Examples] but I cannot make a function out of it. The sheet is something like:



i need help

i want calculate the sum of digits after a comma


My function is f(t)=(4bcos(t)^3,4bsin(t)^3).

I need this function's lenght of ARC and fonction of lenght of ARC.  t=0.  Maybe i need this graphic. 

Please help me. Thank you...

I want to minimze VaR (the 5th percentile for the return distribution) with LP.
However, the way I have specified the problem does not work for some reason, why?


nstock := 20:
n := 15:

R := RandomMatrix(n, nstock, generator = -15 .. 15, outputoptions = [datatype = float[8]]):
W := Matrix(nstock, 1, [seq(w[i], i = 1 .. nstock)]):
data1 := Array(Multiply(R, W));

Hi. Solving a problem of non-linear oscilations of thin string I met a PDE with unusual bcs at the right side of the string: 
((diff(xi(x, t), t))^2-a1-b1*x)*(1+(diff(phi(x), x))*(diff(xi(x, t), x)))+c1*(diff(xi(x, t), x))*(diff(xi(x, t), t))*(2*(diff(phi(x), x))-(diff(xi(x, t), x)))*sqrt(1+(diff(xi(x, t), x))^2) = 0 , where phi is known function. Can...

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