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While looking at a Maple demonstration, it appeared to me that a intricate math expression was cut and pasted or dragged somehow into the text field, or next to a text field of a plot to become part of its documenation.  The demo went so fast.  When I try that, it does not work.  I can easily annotate the plot with text and math expressions if I type the math expressions manually, but I was hoping to bring the math expression in from somewhere outside of the plot.  Is that wishful thinking, or is it possible?  Ratch

hey everybody...i need your help

we have to define monotony interval of polynomial functions

i only managed to solve roots from the first derivative

does anyone have a clue ??

Complex Question...

May 01 2009 sansar 72

Give an example of a 3x3 matrix having only two eigenvalues, one with corresponding eigenspace of dimension one and the other with corresponding eigenspace of dimension two. I need to also justify my answer by finding a basis for each eigenspace.

I need to mark the point in which x,y,z interesect on a 3-d graph.  Can anybody offer and advice as to how this can be done?



I'm using maple12 and I have a problem with a homework:

eqn := D(y) (x) = sqrt(x^2+y(x)^2);
plot1 := phaseportrait(eqn, y(x), x = -5 .. 5, [[y(0) = 0]], y = -5 .. 5, linecolor = [blue], dirgrid = [30, 30]):
plot2 := implicitplot(x^2+y^2 = 1/4, x = -5 .. 5, y = -2 .. 2, grid = [100, 100], color = green):
plot3 := seq(implicitplot(x^2+y^2 = k^2, x = -5 .. 5, y = -5 .. 5, grid = [100, 100], color = green), k = 1 .. 5);display([plot1, plot2, plot3])


i have had many troubles with maple 12 recently, and perhaps some of you could educate me on how to do things better.  although i could use different software, i've been doing this particular project on maple and figure that it should be able to work.

Write a procedure INVERSE2by2MATRIX to find the
inverse matrix of 2 by 2 matrix.


who can help me with following question?

Write a procedure MULTIPLYMATRIX to find the
multiplication product of an h x i matrix and an i x j matrix.

that is what I do. is it right?

mult := proc (A, B, C::evaln) local h, i, j; h := LinearAlgebra[rowdim](A); i := linearalgebra[coldim](A); j := linearalebra[coldim](B); A := array(1 .. h, 1 .. i); B := array(1 .. i, 1 .. j); C[h, j] := `&*`(A[h, i], B[i, j]) end proc



I want to increase the length of a slider so I can display more values .

How can this be done ?

Hi, I have written the following code in maple.. which I have to compare with the crank-nicolson scheme written in matlab.. that code is well.. but this is not working.. i need to analytically solve the heat equation PDE := diff(u(x,t),t)=1/2*diff(u(x,t),x,x) IBC := {u(x,0)=T0, u(0,t)=0, u(d,t)=0}: vals := {a=1/2, T0=0.1*sin(x), d=pi}: PDE := eval(PDE,vals); IBC := eval(IBC,vals); sol := pdsolve(PDE, IBC) i get this error Error, (in pdsolve/sys) too many arguments; some or all of the following are wrong: [{u(x, t)}, {u(0, t) = 0, u(pi, t) = 0, u(x, 0) = .1*sin(x)}]


I have this equation:

> Eq := cT*a*b*sT+cT*c+sT*d+cT*sT;

I want to substitute cT*sT by s2T. But when I try to use subs it doesn't work because (I think) in the first term it's cT*a*b*sT and not a*b*cT*sT. I can't use collect as well because not all terms have the both variables.

This is a simple example, but my equation have like 40 lines and I really want to do in a automate way, so I don't have to do this manually everytime I change the values.

Thanks in advance,

I have a large variable (an array of 3*n elements, where n may end up large) containing data from a simulation in maple. I would like to further play with this data in matlab, but cant find a way save/export the array in a way which matlab can read from, thanks for any help.

A=[0 0 60

      1 0 7

      0 1 -6]

How can I find the eigenvalues and a correspnding eigenvector for each eigenvalue for A^5.(A to fifth power)

View 1600_Polar on MapleNet or Download 1600_Polar
View file details


Please see the attached Maple 12 file. I need help in entering and solving this type of polar coordinates.

Any help will be appreciated greatly



As the title says already:
Is it possible to stop Maple when executing the entire worksheet with !!! ?

I want to check some intermediate output before the rest of the worksheet should be executed.
I searched for help on 'break', "quit', "wait', "pause', 'exit', but can't find a command that does the thing I want.

Any ideas?


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