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Hello everyone

I have a cost function I would like to minimize. It is a fairly simple function that only contains multiplications and additions.

Only problem is, this function has about a hundred variables, but they can only be between the interval [0,1] so I guess it makes the problem easier.

Is it possible to write a little program in maple that can be ran as much as I want it to run and that could try to find an approximation of the actual solution? (By trying random numbers between 0 and 1)

Thank you very much


If I define two arrays in the following way:

for i from 0 to 2 do

for j from 0 to 2 do



od: od:


Then if I try to add them and look at the 0,0th component of the result:




I don't get an answer. (I've tried both the LinearAlgebra package and the linalg package.

What would I have to do to get them to add successfully ?



Download 10402_Massequ_MathCadCompare_v2.pdf
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Sorry but my question os more for mathematica users: The DSolve result is not correct. What can I do?

Thanks for your advice.




Hi i am trying to code a procedure which sorts a list such that the smallest element is the first element and the largest element is the second elemnt then the next smallest element is the third element and the next largest element is the fourth element. For example:


L:=[ 2, 3, 5, 2, 7, 9 ]:

sorted:= [ 2, 9, 2, 7, 3, 5] :

this is what i have coded so far how do i make the process continue??



I have an expression that involves an unknown function, say g:


where a, b and c are the coefficients I'm actually interested in. These coefficients are not constants but usually expressions in some constant parameters. The function g is an expression involving derivatives of some more fundamental function (in my problem).


expr:=(q/r-sqrt(2))*x[1] + x[2] - (w*r+4)*x[3] + D(G)(x[1]) - D(G)(x[3]);


I have som 2D and 3D plots where I would like to change some parameters/constants interactively so that the plot updates automaticly.

I expect that some sort of scroll bar could be used to change a constant interactivly but I need a little help for what it is called in maple and a hint for how it is programmed.

Thanks in advance

regards Brian

Hi all I'd like to construct a phase portrait of a DE system with several different solutions on one plot. To do this I've been using odeplot for each solution and then displaying each plot with display(). Now I'd like for there to be arrows on each solutions, resulting in a phase portrait which will show the direction of phase flow for each orbit, but I couldn't find a way to add arrows to each individual plot. Is there a way to do that ? If not, is there a different approach to achieve this kind of phase portrait ? Thanks LR


I want to write a loop, which can give me the appropriate roots of a long equation.

I have tired to use a very simple loop, but the problem is that there are multiple solutions of the equation.

I want a loop which use newton methods to give me the satisfactory roots.

The funtion which I am dealing with is of the form sigma(l).

Plz help me out.

I have attached the maple file.

I have been using MapleTA for some years and very occasionally a student wil do something which results in him/her not being able to login. On login an error message looking something like the one pasted below occurs. In every other respect and for all other users, TA is running fine. As an administrator, I cannot find a way of resetting this user account. I have used a workaround in the past of creating another user but this is unsatisfactory for large student numbers. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is there a common cause? Is there a way to reset the student's account?

Hi everyone,

when I use:


then maple answers with the unit [F]. but when I use:


then in the middle of a large document, Maple (Version 12) ignores [m] and still gives me [F]. On a blank (new) document the same command results in correct units [m^-3 kg^-1 s^4 A^2]. The behaviour is reproducible.

anyone knows why?

cheers :-)



I want to graph a real-valued function e.g. plot y=x^2 from x=1 to 2.  There used to be a function called "plot2D". But it does not exist any more. When I call up the glossary or Help list, I get hundreds of plot-related functions - countourplot, loglogplot, etc - but not a plot for doing a real-valued function.  It is not under with(plots): 

In Advanced Engineering Mathematics there are a lot of math symbols within the text that don't execute. They're not simply an inert math statement, like Int or Diff, but rather the symbolic math used solely as text. How is this done?


February 09 2010 frito 4
Does anyone know a way of quantizing sensor data in MapleSim?
I cant figure out how to add friction to my translating block. This is an example of what I was trying I thought I would take the Translational friction component attach it to the current force line being applied (because the direction of motion can be extracted from it) and then attach the friction force line and the original force line to the block im moving. I have tried hooking this up in series and in parrallel (the picture is with the component in parrallel) Here is a picture because this is hard to follow:

3D Matrix in Maple...

February 09 2010 marc005 3048

Can I store data in a 3D Matrix in Maple ?

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