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In my Maple program results are exported to a file. But the problem is that I should write a path every time manually that complicates a work. Moreover, I often forget to change a path and correspondingly new results would often rewrite previous results stored in other directory. The reason is that the path of stored results folder have to be the same as the path of Maple code run.

How can to do it automatically? How to make that Maple knows a path from where Maple...

Hello. I'm studying engenieering mathematics at DTU and I just started working with Maple. When I tried to open my work in progress I got the following message: "
There were problems during the loading process. Your worksheet may be incomplete".

Some of my colleges are experiencing the same problem... 

I am trying to solve a differential equations with the periodic coefficients, which have the following form:



In the attached workbook I define a function that contains an if. This seems to confuse the plot function when I try to plot my function. How do I plot this function?




Is it possible to a plot,  shown in worksheet, insert vertical lines using the Builder plot ?




What is a pulse height analyzer?
What math behind the PHA? DFT FFT?


Hello everyone

Yes, im just another one with problems during loadingproces. 
Just lost my assignment in advanced engineering mathematics, and I do not know what to do.

Anyone who can help a friend in need?  


The file is attached. 


Thanks in advance

- Patrick 




Hey there in the file above, i have an equation with units, that maple dont seem to be able to solve.


Its the equation at the bottom on the box.


Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong?


Rune Eriksen :)

I have a piecewise function which I require to be transformed to a fourier series.

The function to be transformed is:

         velocity:=piecewise(t<=6, 3*sin(t*Pi/6), t>6, 0);

How can I change this to a fourier series in a simple manner.


Thanks for your advice.

Is there a way to make the x, y and z axes thicker in 3d plots?

I want to do a Monte Carlo study with the following probability distribution:

P(X=x):=(x-1)*q^(x-2)*(p^2+(2*(1-p-q))*p)+binomial(x-1, x-3)*q^(x-3)*((1-p-q)^3+(1-p-q)^2*p);

with x = 2. 3, ... infinity and parameters p and q with 0 < p+q < 1. For the Monte Carlo study I ave to generate samples with specified values of p and q. For this I have yo do something similar to:

use Statistics in T:=[1/2,0,0,0,0,0,1/2];


Hello Everyone,

I am using Maple for printing out my calculations which already look good. I wonder if there is there a way to draw a box around some important resutls or equations, something like the "\boxed" command in LaTeX?




I would like some help with this. As so many others  i get this meassage "There were problems during the loading process. Your worksheet may be incomplete." when i treid to open my, almost done, Math assignment.

so i looked the problem op and found that i could retrive alot of my work by changing some lines of code. I could not find the problem.


Any help?



ps. I realy realy realy hope you guys can help me!

By setting zeta_t:=`&zeta;&tilde;`: %; I can get ζ˜ as output.
However I don't find it satisfactory. I would like to have the tilde above the ζ without shift.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

I cannot make a worksheet function as it should in MapleNet 11. It contains a graph and a slider to adjust the graph. It looks fine, but when I try to read the value of the slider I get an error message "Error: ecslider17 not found". The worksheet works perfectly in "offline Maple".


Any suggestions how to fix this will be most welcome.

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