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Hi all, I need to solve these two nonlinear equations for unknowns b and u. I have used solve command and maple is evaluating for last 5 hours. Is there any faster way to solve these equations? Also, can I somehow check if maple is not stuck in an infinite loop? equation 1: 16*Pi^2*1.5)*10^6*sqrt(Pi/(2*b^3))*((1000/3*((2/3)*exp(b*(u-4300))+3/4))*(exp(b*(u-4300)))^(3/2)/(exp(b*(u-4300))+1)+500*sqrt(exp(b*(u-4300)))^ln(exp(-b*(u-4300))+1)) = 1, equation 2:

I used seq command to get a list of numbers......seq(2*x+8,x=1..10)...for example.

How can I take the output and convert it to a table? Thanks in advance.

I have some expression given as a "RootOf": i.e.


sol := RootOf(p(_Z));


How do I grab a hold of the polynomial inside?  This should be in the RootOf help file ... am I missing it?

I have an array called plotter[1..20]; each element in the array is a set of coordinates for a point plot in 3d.



output: ARRAY([1..105],[(1)=(3,3,4), (2)=(2,3,4)....etc   ]

I am able to plot them individually, but the different array elements are dependent on each other and I want to see how they change over time.

Ideally I would like to use animate3d but I don't feel like the parameters support what I'm trying to do. Is there any other function which would work for this process?

Is it possible to define a symbol for pointplot and pointplot3d (beyond the ones listed in the options help pages)?

Specifically, can I define a character from an installed font as the plot symbol? 

who can tell me how to find distance of point p from line L by using maple

(user of Maple 12)

I'm creating a program to graph the vertices of polygons.

My general variables are xcoord[ ][ ], ycoord[ ][ ], and zcoord[ ][ ], where for example xcoord[i][j] would represent the jth x coordinate of the ith polygon.

I have all the data generated, and am wanting to plot a particular polygon of my choice, but the arrays are giving me a bit of trouble.

I'm pretty new to maple and I haven't been able to figure out the syntax for everything.

The bit of code I'm using is:


I am trying to write a program for calculating the number of ways to place k non-attacking rooks on an m x n board with restricted positions defined in B.  If i remove "option remember" the program works but it doesn't work very efficiently, and my goal is to extend this into three dimensions, so it needs to work fairly quickly in 2 dimensions.  The problem comes when I put in "option remember&q

To whom it may concern:

It appears that 'GraphTheory[Trail]' is missing from the Maple help function. Am I overlooking something? I am running Maple 12.01.



Dear all,

      I really really need a command for getting the inflection point of a expression. Thank you very much!:)

Best regards.


Dear all,

I use solve() to sove a equation group. when I typed the command and press Enter. there is no response even a error or fail. what is the reason?

BTW: the equation is complex.

Best regards!

mean of a matrix...

May 13 2009 Scimann 511

What's the standard (or a cool non-standard)  way to compute the expected value of a matrix, e.g., a covariance matrix? Using this code:

restart; with(LinearAlgebra): e1 := Statistics:-RandomVariable(Normal(0, sigma)); L := [seq(e1*cos(pi*t), t = 1 .. 3)]; convert(L, Matrix); Transpose(convert(L, Matrix)); M := Multiply(%, %%); S := map(Statistics:-Mean, M)

how do I simplify S to the matrix of +/- one's and factor out sigma^2 outside the matrix? Thanks. 


When a user drags and drops a component from the pallette, a copy of the component is copied into the subsystem library located in the lower right of the screen.  This is handy if used again so that the user does not have to drill down into the pallettes repeatedly.  But, after a while the copies accumulate in the subsystems library, and it would be nice to selectively delete them if the user knows they will not be used again.  I have not found any way to delete the built in components copyied into the subsystem library.  I suppose it is childishly simple, but the operat

Given four points in 2D, P1=(0,7), P2=(1,-12), P3=(7,0), P4=(10,-9), solve the following problems:

(1) Determine if P1, P2, P3 form a triangle;

(2) If they form a triangle T, determine if T is isosceles (two sides equal) and plot T;

Dear all,

       I am a newer for Maple. When I want to type some command in maple, I find that the default font is not very good. I try to change it, but when I type next exe group, I find  that the default font is recovered~~ How to change it forever?

Best regards,


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