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I have a function 

f:=x->(x^2 + 2*m*x + m + 1)/(x -1);
Now I want to define a function as simplify(diff(f(x),x)), i did 
g:=x->simplify(diff(f(x),x)). Then, i could not calculate g(3). Please help me. Thank you.

Which function represent phi in 3.28.1


I would like to ask, what is the way to use the Direct Search (or other similar package) to solve not a static optimization problem for, say f(x_1,x_2), but the dynamic one, say for f(x_1(t),x_2(t),t)?

I think there must be the way of adapting the algorithm for that.

Any ideas welcome.


Want create my own geometric distribution with rather only natural values i.e. without zero:

But such form is luck to calculate even Mean value:

simplify(Mean(c)) fails. How to apply to get even Mean(F(c)) for complicated enough F?

In which context runs subj? Why all time when i start debugging with 'stoperror' it stops at 'interface' call i.e. in debugger


doesn't return 3 as worksheet returns. It return interface('prettyprint') i.e. symbol.

I have a matrix with values of interest from .04<4 and I want to round all the terms that are ~10^-10 and lower to zero.  Is there an easy way to do this?  fnormal only works for lists!

Hello experts in Maple,

I'm going to solve IVP numerically by this command bellow:

dsys1 :=diff(u(t),t)=-(Gamma+AM*cos(q*t+phi))*u(t)+(Delta-AM*sin(q*t+phi))*v(t)+Omega*w(t), diff(v(t),t)=-(Delta+AM*sin(q*t+phi))*u(t)-(Gamma-AM*cos(q*t+phi))*v(t), diff(w(t),t)=-0.5-2*Gamma*w(t)-Omega*u(t):
dsol1 :=dsolve({dsys1,ini1},numeric,method=lsode,var, abserr=1e-9, relerr=1e-8,output=listprocedure):

The following example shows some typical computations with Householder- or reflextion matrices. Why are the second and third variants only slightly better than the first one? Could we get a real speedup without rtable/NAG/BLAS/etc. tricks?


$ maple15
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I'm writing a maplet and I would like to put in my MathMLViewer two equations. Each equation in different line. How can I do this using MathML[Export]() while setting the value of MathMLViewer ?

This excellent application

demonstrates the paths of light rays against various surfaces.  Can the initialization code be made more efficient and faster?  The only thing I could think of was to remove the call to plottools and replace it with just plot and adding an extra...

Okay a bit difficult to explain, hope you understand. In std. GUI Opening a Maple worksheet with document blocks that have autoexecute code, and are collapsed do not appear in the markers view if the worksheet is not allowed to autoexecute. Autoexecuting the worksheet will allow the document blocks to be visible for expanding.

As an intermediate result in a longer calculation I got the following equation:

a*(p-ps)+b*(p-ps-b*ys/a+E-ys) = 0

Isolating p, Maple delivers

isolate(a*(p-ps)+b*(p-ps-b*ys/a+E-ys) = 0,p)


Calculated manually,...

Please write a code for the prolem:

Find the all values of paramater m for which the equation

(x-2)*(x^2 - 2*m*x + 5*m - 6) = 0 (x is unknown)

has three diffenrent real solutions.

I'm working on a project that involves solving a large system of polynomial equations using 'solve', with some inequalities of the form "a<>b" or "a<>0". Initially, I was using Maple 9.5 with great success; the machine I was using was upgraded to Maple 11, and now 'solve' struggles with problems that were previously easy (<30 seconds).

Were there any major changes in 'solve' between these two versions? (No, according to the documentation; Yes, according to the source....

I'am simulating a Simple AC-DC converter withTransistor NPN. When the load is just a resistance. It work. But, when I add an inductor of 10 mH to the load. Do not work. Why ?


Thanks in advance

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