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I'm having a bit of difficulty with the function "eval" I would like it to perform a full evaluation of an expression, but it does not appear to be doing this. When I try to explicitly pass it a value for the evaluation level it doesn't appear to take the integer input, the only way I can get it to work is to nest calls to eval ...[ie eval(eval(exp))]. Below is the code giving me the problem, the problem occurs on the last line...any suggestions would be appreciated

Thank you.



Doesn't seem like maple is plotting enough point for a nice smooth rounded graph.  Can I smooth them to look more realistic?


I'm straggling with Maple. The main purpose is to plot f(x,y)

I have two for loops for x and y  coordinates and I want to plot f(x,y)

for i from 1 to 5 do
for j from 1 to 5 do
here I should type yhr function that depends on x and y( how can)


and then i put the list of  points:=seq,( x,y,f(x,y) ??

and then surfdata(ponts)

is my logic right???



hello friends,

how can i find analytical solution of the

dT/dt = alpha * d^2T/dx^2


t: time, x: space


with maple for given temperature conditions and initial condition

I was told that to obtain explicit values for an expression of a RootOf expression, I should use the allvalues command. However, when I use it with RootOf(expr, index=1),RootOf(expr, index 2), and so on, I use allvalues and get no explicit solution. I even tried to use allvalues, explicit.



The world has fallen over my head this morning when I discovered that the SAME maple input file, running on the same computer, had given different results. How can that  be possible???



Could I please get help with this maple assignment? No idea where to even begin!!


November 03 2009 lserra12 20

I have the following solution with Maple 13:  RootOf((-4+4d)_Z+(4-4d)_Z-3d+2).

I understand that to obtain an explicit solution to the complex roots, I have to use evalf.

So when I write evalf(%) or evalf(RootOf((-4+4d)_Z+(4-4d)_Z-3d+2)), Maple returns the same complex root.


Hope you can assist me.



I came across a quite interesting problem as seen below  (and no it is not homework.)

I am just interested in how such a problem would be solved ?!


I started with Maple recently and so I`m not familiar with it`s concepts at all.
Browsing the help system I couldn`t find a common way to do calculations with ranges.
Maybe my approach is wrong. Give me a hint.

Conversion from relations to ranges are fairly easy.
A := {0 < x and x < 2};
a := map(solve, A);
B := {1 <= x and x <= 3};
b := map(solve, B);

Can I plot a line with plot3d using single x,y points? 

plot3d([1,2],x=-1..1,y=-1..2);  Gives me two planes at x=1 and 2.  Can plot3d instead give me a line through that point?

How do I create a list in maple. ie:  numbers from 1 to 5 and print them like this:






instead of

1 2 3 4 5


I am trying to expand a derivative using the chain rule and sitching the order of differentiation.

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