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Dear friends,

I am stuck with this question.

X, Y AND Z are the angles of a triangle and f is a function defined as

f = sin X sin Y sin Z

1) Express f in term of X and Y only
2) Prove that f is a maximum if the triangle is equilateral

Hope someone is able to help me through.
Thank you.

Bug in Histogram?...

January 28 2009 Vitro Zhu 64

Try this out:
dt:=[2.5, 3.9, 2.9, 2.4, 2.9, .8, 9.1, .8, .7, .6, 7.9, 1.5, 1.8, 1.9, .8, 6.5, 1.6, 5.8, 1.3, 1.2, 2.7];

You can see the tickmark for frequency/vertical axis is wrong. The leftmost bin hits somewhere more than 0.8. Option "frequencyscale=relative " does no help. But option "discrete=true" or change some setting about bin, such as bincount ..., can help. It seems a bug? Or my understanding about histogram is not right?


I have multiple XY pairs from multiple sensor data which I would like to display on the same plot.  I can easily do this in MATLAB, but referencing Chapt 5 of the User's Manual indicates ways to plot multiple plots when plotting relations, but nothing I found pertains to actual numeric data sets.  The only plot command I found was "PointPlot" & it appears it can only plot a single data set at a time.


Any suggestions?

Removing lines...

January 27 2009 ndattani 554
0 1

When I press shift+enter, I get a new line, but how do I remove the line ? (highlighting it does not always work, so I can't seem to manually delete it)

I´m writing the following code in maple:

> with(plots):
> inequal(y>x^2,x=-1..1,y=0..1);

But The "Inequal Command" doesn´t run with non-linear inequalities.

How do I do that graph with maple?

Hi, I am trying to make the solutions for a class that I am the TA for using Maple in Document Mode. Is there a way to show the steps for Gaussian Elimination easily? (I know I could copy the intermediate matrices from the Tutor, but I am trying to avoid doing that.) Thanks, Laura

Last week I asked about manipulating a Matrix into the form:

pts := [[x1,y1],[x2,y2]...[xn,yn]]

I was directed to use the zip function, which after some trial and error I have "successfully" done. The problem I am having (I think) is that I am using Maple9. Using the zip function as in the example:


I need to solve the heat diffusion equation in a system with two enclosed walls.  The first wall (made of a material called fr4) goes from x=0 o x=d1, and the second wall (made of copper, that is cu)from x=d1 to x=d2. 

u(x,t) is my unknown (change of temperature with time and space) for the first wall, and v(x,t) the unknown for the second wall.

So the system of PDEs to solve is:

>PDE:=[ diff(u(x,t),t) = afr4*diff(diff(u(x,t),t) ,


January 26 2009 Lagrange 12


I have a function in 2 variables - lets make it easy, the function is:

f(beta,c_0) = beta-6*beta*c_0+3*beta*c_0^2

I want to know in which regions this function has positive values and where it is negative. Tried it with the command contourplot, but this is not telling me anything :(.

Hope somebody can help



is there any way to solve a system like (d denotes the derivates):







Hi there, could someone help me plot zeta(0.5 + it) as seen here -


I assume I need to import some complex plot package?

This may have an annoyingly simple answer but I cannot seem to plot the prime counting function

plot(pi(x), x=0..100);


This just gives me an empty plot.  Any ideas?

I am very, very new to Maple and I know practically nothing. I have to create a number line, which I realize I use the plot command and x-axis, but that's about all I know. As an example, my professor gave "plot([[1,0],[5,0]],color=black,thickness=5);

Is it possible to export a Maple animation as a movie that can be inserted elsewhere like a PowerPoint presentation?  I know that I can export a "still frame" from an animation but I would like to export the entire movie.   Thanks.   David

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