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Sorry for may be stupid question, but please see the following example:

a := proc() A end:

if i restrict value in matrix to 0,1  or 0,1,2 of dimension 2*2 or 3*3

how to show all combination of matrix ?

I use rk4 to solve this equation with the paramater w = 500, I want to get the numbers of steps.

And when I change the parameter w = 1000, I want to obtain the numbers ofsteps?

Here is the procedure:

Digits:= 32;
w :=  500;
ode := diff(y(t), `$`(t, 1)) = 2*I*y(t) + sin(w*t)*y(t)*y(t):
ics := y(0) = 1:

p2 := dsolve({ics, ode}, numeric, method = classical[rk4]):


Thanks for your help.

is there any way to solve this integration?






how to implement the unwrap function from Matlab?


Q = unwrap(P) corrects the radian phase angles in a vector P by adding multiples of when absolute jumps between consecutive elements of P are greater than or equal to the default jump tolerance of radians. If P is a matrix, unwrap operates columnwise. If P is a multidimensional array, unwrap operates on the first nonsingleton dimension.

One thing I think is a bit strange is the notion that the loop counter
is assigned a value after the loop is done. Why is that ?

for example:

for i to 10 do
end do;

The above code will simply print 1..10 but then if you simply run:


then 11 will be printed out. How often do you actually need i to be assigned
a value after the loop is done?

I think it would have been much better if i is unassigned when the loop is done


I have a computer of CPU Core i7. I want to use all power of CPU during implementing MAPLE software. But when I execute MAPLE, only a part of power of CPU is used. I can check it by "Windows task manager". "CPU Usage" of this is so less than 100%.

How I can apply all cores of CPU in analyses by MAPLE?



I have an expression as the following:

exp2:= A*y(r)*diff(t(r),r)^2+B*t(r)/r+C*t(r)*y(r)+D*y(r)*t(r)^3+E*diff(y(r),r,r)*diff(t(r),r)+F*diff(y(r),r)*t(r)^2/r^2;

I want to extract coefficients of some functions (or relations) which is existence in expr2 by MAPLE. Please make an attention to following examples:

The coefficients of "diff(t(r),r)^2" is "A*y(r)".

The coefficients of "t(r)^2" is "F*diff(y(r),r)/r^2".

The coefficients of "y(r...


I have an expression as the following:

exp1:=E(z)*(diff(t(r), r))/(1-nu(z)^2)+E(z)*nu(z)*t(r)/((1-nu(z)^2)*r)+(E(z)*z/(1-nu(z)^2)-(4/3)*E(z)*z^3/(h^2*(1-nu(z)^2)))*(diff(y(r), r))+(E(z)*nu(z)*z/(1-nu(z)^2)-(4/3)*E(z)*nu(z)*z^3/(h^2*(1-nu(z)^2)))*y(r)/r-(4/3)*E(z)*z^3*(diff(p(r), r, r))/(h^2*(1-nu(z)^2))-(4/3)*E(z)*nu(z)*z^3*(diff(p(r), r))/(h^2*(1-nu(z)^2)*r);

I want to replace the following parameter instead of coefficients of t(r), y(r), p(r) and their derivatives as the following:...

I'm trying to substitute a list of equations into an expression as so:


V:=ReSeq([seq(seq(u(t)^r*v(t)^s=y(r,s),r=0..w+e+1),s=0..w+e+1)]); # where ReSeq reverses the order of the sequence

for i from 1 to nops(V)-1 do
end do;

where N[0] is a polynomial in u(t) and v(t). But it keeps giving y(1,0)*y(2,0) instead of y(3,0).

what are the command of characteristic set and basic set of polynomial in maple?

google can not find, do the commands exists?

I have two system of differential equations, the first one is implicit differential equations and the second one is BVP problem.

Maple can't give answers for both of them.

Can you help me ,Numerical approach is very appreciated.

thank you in advance.

what is the command get the number of rows and columns of a matrix?

What maplesoft product is best for Mathematics in Computing? The textbook being used is Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications (6th Edition)

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