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Thanks Markiyan and Dr. Kamel.  Dr. Kamel I went through the link you gave me but couldn't find how to solve poissons equation using separation of variable method using Maple14.  I am attaching my file for your kind consideration.  Pls suggest me how to solve. 

Thanks in advance


Hi all,

I have to solve a ODE stated as follows:

PDE := expand(Laplacian(u(r, theta)) = M[r]/r)

But the problem is I don't know how to define M[r],  which is summ of "M[n]*cos(n*p*theta), where n is 1.3.5, 7...infinity

I f i write it precisely its  "summation of M[n]*cos(n*p*theta), where n =1.3.5, 7...infinity. 

Thanks in advance




Hi, I have not found a post that explains how to create a colorbar for a contour plot with or without filled regions.  At the moment, I manage to create a color bar manually as follows.

First, I plot some function like so,

plots[contourplot](i/(1-(1+i)^(-n)), n = 15 .. 30, i = 0.1e-1 .. .15, axes = frame, contours = [seq(0.1e-1*n, n = 5 .. 16)], filledregions = true, axis[1] = [location = low, gridlines = [10, majorlines = 1]], axis[2] = [location = low, gridlines = [10, majorlines = 1...

In the following worksheet I want the plot, but Maple can't generate it . I tried two ways-the first one took almost 40 minutes and gave an empty plot, the second one took almost 10 minutes and generate an incomplete plot.Also the integration is very slow,but still,it can do it.

So,can anybody help me with a better way to do things-using other numerical schemes/advanced plotting options-whatever it takes?    Or at least explain what is going on?


i use maple 12


U := diff_table(u(x,y)):



error, (in PDEtools:-declare) cannot declare objects as U

If you create a Maplet using the Maplet builder, how can you insert it into your worksheet ? ... e.g. having a hyperlink or button which when clicked runs your Maplet ?

I have found out that you can change the attributes of a style via Format/Sty;es, clicking the style in the list and then clicking the Modify button. This only seems to last for the lifetime of the current worksheet.

Was wondering if there was a way of making the change stick, i.e. so you can close down Maple, open it up again and still having the style change applied ?

This is a question about how to read standard input in UNIX (bash).

I would like to write code in an easy to use editor (BBEdit) and use maple to take input from what other systems would refer to as STDIN or $stdin. The motivation for using an external text editor is to reduce the memory burden on the Maple editor in a program that rotates hundreds, hopefully thousands, of Maple points and other objects (See:

I'm using maple 13.

The expression that I paste below is quite large and subsequent expressions are also swelling. This is causing maple to slow down and in some instances I get a message saying the kernel has disconnected (maple just times out) I want a way to programmatically reduce the size of the output. I have tried simplify(expr,size) and this has helped some. I don't want to use simplify(expr,symbolic) because of the presence of the square roots. Is there...

I am sorry for bothering you all with the asymptotic again and again. Actually I am unable to find a magic way to evaluate an asymptotic expension.  


i have a sample but i dont understand what does makes, please help me ...

best regards


my question is about the parentheses after the matrix RanNum(1,1), why is here ¿? what does makes ¿?

Given a square of unit side in the plane, is it possible to find a point in the plane whose distances to the cube's vertices are all RATIONAL? This is a very difficult problem, so maybe some of you geniuses out there would be able to answer it by writing down a program???

which package can calculate schwinger function?

Dear Maple users

Many problems in mathematicis can be traced back to solving equations. It is at the heart of a program like Maple. I know solving equations in general can be immensely difficult. As an example The Riemann hypothesis has to do with the solution of a specific equation, the Riemann zeta function, and is probably the most famous unsolved problem today. I just mention this one to emphasize how hard it can be to solve an equation. Therefore I know...

I am trying to find all the complex roots of T:


> w := 60*(2*3.14159);
> R12 := .5;
> L12 := 3/w;
> Z12 := R12+s*L12+I*w*L12;
> kp := 0.5e-3;
> kv := 0.5e-3;
> Q1 := 384;
> Q2 := 375;
> apw1 := s+kp*(-Q1+w*L12/abs(Z12)^2);
> apw2 := s+kp*(-Q2+w*L12/abs(Z12)^2);
> aqv1 := 1+kv*(Q1+w*L12/abs(Z12)^2);
> aqv2 := 1+kv*(Q2+w*L12/abs(Z12)^2);

> T := apw1*apw2*aqv1*aqv2;

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