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Hello there, I can plot a set of data into a boxplot, but I am unable to plot a boxplot directly from a set of descriptors including quartiles, minimum and maximum. Say I have these data: 3, 12, 13, 16, 20 - 3 being the minimum, 20 the max, and 12,13,16 are my quartiles (lower, median, and upper). Is there a way to plot these into a boxplot? a) Make a box plot of the results for each of the two classes and describe the difference between the two classes of performance test. Loading Statistics with(stats);

I would like to declare spin states; spin up (alpha) and spin down (beta)

such that they form an orthogonal basis not necessarily using Dirac Ket notaion.  I am using the Physics package and Linear Algebra

When I try to use the Dirac Ket notation, I have noncommuting issues with the Cartesian basis

Cart := Vector[column](3, [Ket(X), Ket(Y), Ket(Z)]);

Spin := Vector[column](2, [Ket(alpha), Ket(beta)]);

Hi pro, I have some problem with Maple.

Now I use Maple 12.


I want transfer this mathematical formula

> sin(q[1])*(sin(q[2])*cos(q[3])+cos(q[2])*sin(q[3]))


> sin(q[1])*sin(q[2]+q[3]);

how to do that. Can i use any command ?


When I type this command

> A:=diff(sin(q[1](t)+q[2](t)),t);

and now I want derive with variable dq[1](t)/dt then how do i ?


I have done a lot of research and simulation when it comes to trailing stop losses.

I have managed to get very nice results but only through theoretical reasoning

and simulation. However simulation is not as "pure" as manipulating equations.

What I have not managed to do so far is to manipulate the PDF to get an probability

that the trail stop is going to be triggered for a specified normal distribution (mean, volatility)

and trailing distance.


I have a rather simple equation describing a predator prey model  p=900+c*e^(t/2)

I want to plot the equation for various values of c.  How do I set maple to plot it? 

am try to integrat the following

int((z-x)f(x), x=L...z-1)

where f(x) is an undefined PDF, L is the lower bound H is the upper
bound.  The results should look like this

(z-1)F(z-1)+int(F(x), x=L..(z-1))  using integration by parts

Similarly  I want to integrat

int(xf(x), x=z..H) again, using integration by parts the result I am
lookig for should be

xF(x) - int(1-F(x), x=z..H).

Could any one see what maybe the problems pls?


Could any one have a look at my results pls, don't know why I couldn't get the right results!?

I have several plots need to be dislayed together. They are not assigned color property before hand. I knew that I can use display command to plot them together. But I wondered if I can plot them in different colors.

So I'm new to Maple and I have a homework problem that says:

"Write x^3+x^2+x+1 in terms of powers of x-1 using the taylor command."

Honestly I have no idea where to even start, any help would be awesome.



Help with Plot()...

September 12 2009 mdc 228

Newbie question, please help.  I'm getting a little frustrated with Maple 13; read on-line help but don't seem to find the pattern for my problem.


Type: exp(-t) + t

Highlight on the expression, right click on Plot. I got a plot.

Type: plot ([exp(-t)+ t, t=-2..2]);

Maple 13 gives me back the expression, but no plot. 

Please help.  Thanks in adance.


I stumbled upon some maple:isms when trying to rewrite some rather simple but tedious (and long) expressions in some filter design I'm working on that it is easy enough (but error prone..)  to do by hand.

Let's illustrate with a trivial example. How can I force maple to do roughly the following simplification

I'm using maple 11. I found today a wield thing happened when I assigning values to a list.

When Maple was just started, everything is working well. But after several operations, error messages shown bellow appeared. If restart the Maple, everything went well again.


I'm a newbie with Maple 13, Student edition. 



plot ( [ 1 + sqrt(t)] );

Maple 13 gives me a graph. 

<p>sys := [diff(v(s, n), n)+diff(u(s, n), s)+diff(xi(s, n), s)+A*n*(diff(c(s), s)) = 0, A1*(diff(xi(s, n), n))+diff(v(s, n), s)-c(s)+A2*v(s, n)+A3*c(s) = 0, diff(u(s, n), s)+2*A2*u(s, n) = A2*(xi(s, n)+A*n*c(s))-A1*(diff(xi(s, n), s))-A2*n*c(s)] The dependent variables are v,u and xi and the boundary conditions are: bc := {u(0, n) = 0, v(s, -1) = 0, v(s, 1)} other things: -1<=n<=1. I tried ans := pdsolve(sys, bc, xi(s, n), u(s, n), v(s, n)) i also tried ans := pdsolve(sys, bc) I keep getting error messages about the dependent variables.
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