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There are few ways to determine the day of the year.  The first way I show here is a bug.


it was described on the help page that the options can be of the form of any described in StringTools[ParseTime] of which %j did not work.  Fortunately there's other ways.

ParseTime("%m-%d-%Y", "8-4-2015"):-yearDay

DayCount("jan-1-2015", "aug-4-2015")+1






Why hasn't mapleprimes yet been able to solve the spam problem.  There was never this long a problem with Mapleprimes 1, every morning I find spam for the last few weeks. 

Also the timing still has yet to be fixed.  After 1 hour the times for when a post was made goes back to 0 minutes ago.



Bryon, since you are the programmer I am requesting that you add replies to the users list.  They are not brought up under users answers.

We have see all posts by... see all questions by... and see all answers by... however those categories miss every reply posted by the user.

I happen to just have a look at mathematica's imagedeconvolve function .  I had a look at the Examples and saw how a very blurred image of Neil Armstrong standing on the moon with the lunar lander was deconvolved into some really amazing detail. 

I don't believe that image could deconvolve into what they show on that page, It's somewhat misleading.

The only way that deconvolved image could have such great detail is the blurred image used was most likely convolved from the detailed image.  

Looks like mapleprimes was just updated.  I'm finding links broken and pictures missing.

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