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On the help page updates,Maple17,SignalProcessing

If I open the current help page in a worksheet window and enter through each line individually I get an error on executing 2.1.8

The !!! will execute the whole page no problem although it brings up the second issue which is using the stop hand, it won't stop the calculation of the entire worksheet part way through. 


I have located a claimed webpage that shows Advanpix doing sparse matricies much faster than Maple.

The slowness is usually the result of poor coding or someone not well versed in Maple software. 

Anyone care to comment on the times?  I am sure the presented code there can be improved.

Prior to the Finance package being updated to include holidays there was no easy way to have Maple generate when holidays occurred.  Hence for newer Maple users there would be no need for such a thing but I had an interest to create one for earlier versions.  The idea is quite simple enough and this is one solution I came up with.

I ran into trouble mathematically calculating easter (the first Sunday after the full moon after March 21st) I...

the seperate physics package update is a great welcome.  i wonder if the scientific constants paxkage could incorporate the same idea.  i can see why the elements properties were put there but it might have made more sense in the physics package.  anyways, the element proprties are continually being updated so it would make sense for small updates to occurr.  any thoughts.

The latest Maple 17 bashing from Mathematica appears on their comparison webpage.

The first thing that paid my attention in their "comparison" was their comparison of the Mobius project to the Mathematica demonstrations project.  To my knowledge the Mobius project is an extension to application center which I thought was the same as Mathematica demonstration project anyways ???

Anyways anyone have thoughts on this recent comparison?

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